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BFG (in this case FMG) for Darkest of Days.

Basically a radiation gun that sets people on fire. :D
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This looks awesome. :D

There's another weapon in the Doom mod, Trailblazer, that is also called the "F.M.G."  A Freakin' Machine Gun. :)
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This is by far the most cruel, yet funny weapon i've used in a game. But you made a really good job Sir, the Facemelter is indeed hot.
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Indeed, a breathtaking gun! I really like when the designs are made without those basics and commons weapon shapes...and as someone said, i liked too the organic form!
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good name :D
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So it's a gun that fires super sonic waves that sound exactly like metal guitar rifts?

*reads actual weapon description*

Eh that works too :3
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Face melting gun is full of win...
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When civilization breaks down I want one of these!
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Roman Centurions+Futuristic Soldiers+Maniac with microwave gun=LOVE
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This is a reason why we can't have nice things.
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How'd ya figure it was a radiation type gun that lit people up? I assumed it was a futuristic flamethrower.
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Those were the design specs, and that's what I drew. The image I had of it firing was completely different from what ended up in game though, mostly because I was just a freelancer doing some concepts, and particles were done in-house. I was imagining a semi-transparent and diffuse spray/beam with some rainbow elements sprinkled in, but instead it just spit fire.
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Ah, well that's cool still. :D
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Puts the flamethrower to shame then.
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And where could i buy one of these?

I promise that i will only use it to roast marshmellows...
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Cool yet quite simple design.
Nice work. :clap:

Faved. :)
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Awesome!, love the organic shape!
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you are great at this gun malarky!
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Looks menace, great design
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I always loved this concept of yours :).
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