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Beluga Handcannon v2

By dfacto
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Refined and finished.
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Reminds me of something out of the James McAvoy Wanted movie

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aka "Orca Mk.2" :D (Big Grin)
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Dual stage shells...? *Boom*WHOOMPH*Splat!*
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Hello I love this weapon!! Is this a 3D rendering or Photoshop illustration? I'm actually a 3D artist wondering if it would be ok to replicate this as a 3D model and provide credit back to you.
Spatan98's avatar
Am I looking at a rpg launching shotgun?
guny666's avatar
dual or single
coolclaytony's avatar
Based on that disclaimer, I venture to guess the Beluga's got some recoil on her.
LordKaniche's avatar
weapons are bad ! but this is so beautiful LOL

really love it.
there's an old school grenade launcher in the game killing floor that looks like this.
but this one is even better.
incredible job, very nice polish.
IggyHazard's avatar
The Orca. I favor the M-79 for outdoor use, Orca for indoor use due to the bouncing effect. Also, those Orca bombs don't make effective mortars (for high-angle outdoor use) due to the timing fuse.
MattHunX's avatar
It's beautiful. Slightly steampunk, too. If I may say so.
JESzasz's avatar
 That is really fantastic. It has such a curvy, fluid shape, that you'd expect it to be some futuristic energy weapon, and not a primitive projectile weapon.

 And the disclaimer at the bottom is a very nice touch. Sound like you're better off letting your enemy fire it instead, and just dodging it!
CannibalMastiff's avatar
damn thats fucking stunning!
Ohnhai's avatar
That is just pure sex!!!!
gummy-gundam's avatar
Excellent old world style
Epistellar's avatar
The warning at the bottom killed me. As firing the gun probably would :D
Stargazzer811's avatar
"This is garrenteed to solve all problems, foreign, domestic, and extrasolar. The only drawback is the price of each round, which is more then your averge joe's sallery, for 5 years."
B1G-CR1ME's avatar
"It fires 200$ custom-tooled cartridges at 5 rounds per minute. It costs four hundred dollars to fire this weapon... for twelve seconds."
GreekGadgetGuru's avatar
so i make this kind of stuff in real life! Looks like I could modify a flare gun for this! Thanks for the inspiration!
ManwiththeStreak's avatar
I call this gun , the "terminator"
DerpNerp67's avatar
Sexiest sawnoff EVER
Cookiesaurus-Rex's avatar
The handle looks like it would be VERY difficult to hold - its shape puts the trigger in an awkward place too, and the kick from firing such a huge shell would surely be gigantic....

But screw it, steampunk. I love it!
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