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so, this is going to be short, i don't like to make commissions, i never liked it but i open them 'cause i needed the points
i'm NOT going to finish the commissions so:……

i'll give you back your points 
if you need more points, go to dAhub you can earn points really easy!
Full Body 10 Points Points No Color 6 Points  Background +2Points 

Weird Doodles 3: ??? by DezuLeaves

Weird Doodles 2: Human! Dan by DezuLeaves

Half Body 7 Points  No Color 4 Points 

My New Baby! by DezuLeaves

Chibis 5 Points  No Color 2 Points 

Weird Doodles 1: Gemsona by DezuLeaves

I Don't Know by DezuLeaves

i will NOT draw: Rule34, Gore with so much details, Fetishes like big bellies or something like that and really hard Furries
i have 1,000 pageviews!? oh god i'm so happy TTvTT <3
today it's the birthday of Jay Kay the vocalist of Jamiroquai, my favorite band
hoy es el cumpleaños de Jay Kay el vocalista de Jamiroquai, my banda favorita