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Dishonored: Corvo Attano



Drew this a little while ago, fixed it up a bit now. Dishonored is honestly the best game I've played in a long, long time. It's ... beautiful, to say the least. And unlike many of today's games it makes you think and use your creativity to reach your goals, I adore that. I got super high chaos and therefore the bad ending on my first playthrough (couldn't resist using all my AMAZING TOOLS hah), doing a second one where I'm trying to not kill anyone.

I really wanted to draw this guy, he's just badass. Listened to the ending song on repeat while drawing this cause it's gorgeous as fuck. Don't really know how to feel about the outcome of this, didn't really plan anything ahead so it's full of derpiness. Could also use some more refining in some areas. But whatever, since I haven't posted any art in forever I figured I should give ya'll something.

It's almost 3 AM, I think I'll go waste some time on youtube and then sleep.

And yes, I'll continue working on my owed art as soon as possible.

Do not use this in any way without my permission!
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Corvo/Dishonored belongs to Bethesda/Arkane Studios
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AMAZING you are so talented! :D