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:star: A give away for when I reach 20,000 PageViews and earn 200 DA :points: :star:
But then, I thought... not only 20k page-view screenshot will be 200 DA :points:...  
as well, I will continue to give similar ahead in future .. as below mentioned ..

:points: 300 @ 30,000
:points: 400 @ 40,000
:points: 500 @ 50,000
:points: 600 @ 60,000
:points: 666 @ 66,666
:points: 700 @ 70,000
:points: 800 @ 80,000
:points: 900 @ 90,000
:points: 1000 @ 100,000

What do you say? are you game ? Share the love, share this journal and watch.

All above sounds good ? 
But here's a twist.

with 30,000 pageviews, the minimum watchers must be 300.
for 40,000 pageviews, the minimum watchers must be 400.
and so on... 

This requires sharing and caring. 
waiting for the 20k @ 200 (already at 300 watchers now) and earn 200 DA :points: 

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:police: Only for those who can't edit or do not have an editing software. :police:

Providing these services for FREE.
:bulletred: Image Cropping, Rotating, Skewing, and Resizing.
  - I have seen many times fellow deviants just upload their deviations without rotating or resizing their artworks, and it looks ugly, especially when their work is so good, that all it needs to have is a good alignment and cropping. So this would mean a much neater way to showcase their works. 

:bulletred: Creating PNG Icons with Transparent/No background.
  - This one is for those who have trouble creating GIFs or PNGs when they do not wish to have a background with their images. I can get rid of that with just a smile to put across.

:bulletred: Fixing Gallery CSS for their own galleries.
(free member's do not have that feature)
  - Meant for fellow creatives who have 'premium membership' of DA, and are using custom CSS. Even though they do have nice looking galleries sometimes it's hard for them to change it according to their own taste. So I'll try and help out where ever the CSS can be edited. You can see my galleries for example. I edit them myself and change them according to my own taste, looks pretty good. 
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 17.48.46 by DezignerDude

:bulletred: Any other help ?
  - Note me, and I can get back to you if I can do it for free for you.

All you have to do or inform someone who needs assistance is note or comment to me, and I'll see what I can do for you. :)

The reason why I am providing these services at no cost is to spread awareness about alignments, cropping, resizing, and basically how to showcase beautifully. Cheers!

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Hi Everyone,
I really appreciate your support and love for my work, if you like my work continue to like my facebook page.. Lots of love.
With your support, I have over 2500 supporters those who share and like my work.
Like my facebook page if you like my work, your love keeps me rolling with new ideas and artworks. Cheers!

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Thanks to
BrownBlurry for the screenshot
Kiriban by BrownBlurry
she won 100 DA points :points:

Since it will be 1000 Page-views soon. 
I'll give 100 DA points :points: to who ever sends me FIRST screenshot of my page with 1000 pageviews. 

Just a small gesture to thank all the visitors. :heart: