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Supernova in bubbles
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Published: July 6, 2014
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Stippling and line work, using uni-ball gel pens. + silver 
on blue art paper

Time taken approximately 2 hours

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AnnMLoveArt Digital Artist
Great design!
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Cyres1Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Constructivecomment by Amarantheans

Here from comment wars.

What initially attracted me in this piece was the very centre, where we have these waves, or rather a Dr. Seuss-like roads that overlap each other. Taking a step back after my initial look, this interesting, almost abstract piece of art began to look like a giant millipede, where those small white dots are it's legs. Taking another step back (not literally), the big circles began to look like planets, then bubbles, then finally the big circles began to appear to me like almost winnows to a hidden reality. This is further emphasised by the wavy roads, and pinks bubble-like blood cells (inside of their vessels on top of that). It feels like I can just stick my hand through it. I think you did a good job when it comes to 3Dness.

The beautiful designs coming out of the outer parts of the circle, are very beautiful. At times they look like small trees, or plants growing. At others, they look like roots. A view that I really like that I see when looking at them, is that they are like sun flares. This is further emphasised by the fact that the small dots around the circles (especially the largest one) makes them look like the sun/suns/stars up close.

The background... hmm. I don't know what it is about it that I truly love. Perhaps it is the fact that I feel it somehow sets the theme. To me, when I first saw this it looked like water, but most importantly it made the designs pop out, and in some spots it made them almost blinding. Going back to my thoughts on the background looking like water, and my thoughts about it being a millipede. It can also stand to reason (to me of course) that this could this could be a microbial creature on the bottom of the sea. Alright, I think I'm spending, or rather, focusing too much on what it looks like to me.

Moving on... I know this is supposed to be a supernova, but that's not the first reaction I got. As I look at this, though, "Supernova in bubbles" begins to make sense to me. In a surreal and unexplainable sense, I can definitely see this as a supernova (in bubbles that is, or rather, those windows that show into a hidden reality :D).

One thing that I find that makes my heart falter a bit (just kidding, but really...) is the amount of accuracy, or rather control of the pen, the balance, symmetry if one can argue it exists at all in this piece, just everything; I just find it hard to believe you did this just in 2 hours. I think it shows that you've got some great skill. When it comes to improvement, how can one suggest some improvement for a piece like this? I mean, come on! :D I definitely would not suggest you change anything.

All in all, this is simply amazing. I'm not sure if any amount of words can show any amount of how a smashing job you did. I also would like to add that your inclusion of the pens there was definitely a good choice style wise. It definitely emphasises that this piece was done traditionally, otherwise I would still be thinking this was done digitally.

Great work. Keep it up :)
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JnMohabHobbyist Traditional Artist
As  I stumble over your piece for the : in front of the devprojectcomment: comment war I didn't read the title. I was more interested in the little dots. So intriguing... So orderly signaling a window to another world. Then I read your title, and could not help to smile.

That's an interesting and poetic way to see this phenomenon. Mostly when I think about “Supernova” to my attention come the notion of excess of energy, something escapable, bringing absolute death. You, you transform it in the minute occasion to glimpse something new, the occasion of a passage... And I think that what I like in this piece...

For the composition you are surely above me, in term of patience, the lines, the gradients are really clean and elegant.

Nice work and keep it up!
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CoattailsOfJusticeHobbyist General Artist
Here for the ProjectComment Comment Wars c:

I looove the style this was done in, and all the detail and attention paid to the stippling. The patience is real. Drawings done with windows to pictures underneath them is always mind blowing to me, and this one has such an incredible movement to it. I love the contrast of the bright, mostly warm colors under the dark blue. The bit with the purple/pink dots is probably my favorite, I love how it just flows off on it's own. It's like the bubbles are giant opening windows tearing the universe to show something else underneath. The way the stippling sort of expands and contracts is great; it makes it look really "alive" and moving. I like the extra few dots above the main part of the big middle bubble and think maybe adding a more in a similar vein to various other places on the other bubbles would look amazing.

The one thing that draws attention from the flow of it, to me, is the pens in the side of the picture. I know it's a thing people do a lot but I can never really see the appeal of it so this is one hundred percent personal preference, but it also seem to constrain the picture in a strange way? Like the placement of the pens is stopping the tendrils from expanding further and sort of undermining how free the rest of it looks.
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AnonymousnessAnomalyHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is incredible! I love how the circles are like windows through to the pattern behind :D
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Very nice. I could see this as a lovely and unique kimono pattern
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tatlntaelHobbyist Writer
Well done. The style is unique. 
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RyugaSSJ3Student Traditional Artist
Let's do this thing!! The names is RyugaSSJ3 of :iconprojectcomment: bringing you a special kind of comment.

All I gotta say is THIS IS F****ING amazing I gotta tell ya. The color schemes of everything used here is just phenomenal it literally hurts my brain on how you are manipulating the size,shapes and position of these things. First off,the shape of these aforementioned bubbles are a unique specimen. They're more of a silhouette of the shapes that inhabit these so-named Supernova,they literally look like they are bursting with a lot of energy and personality,it makes it its own identity which is pretty good. The white color of these tiny specs are one in a plenty. There's tons of them that make up one unifying shape which is fascinating considering the time and effort placed into making these guys look perfect without any kinds of blemishes like bleeding ink whatsoever. Now we cut to the meat and potatoes of it all which is the supernova and what better way to make it explode is of course,give them extreme and noisy colors? Supernova is right because they seem to go anywhere and everywhere they want. Judging from the bubbles that contain them,it looks like they are living in an separate dimension away from us giving the depth of 3-Dimensional that just some....most people need to see. It's pretty amazing what you can do with just pen and paper and pencils. The blue paper used was a good idea since it usually is sometimes the color used for space in other shows. Lastly,we cut to the pens,telling us that 'Yes,this was made with a simple paper and pens.' It is possible to do it,it's art. You can do amazing things with it which is always a treat for the eyes.

For any kind of blemishes needed to be told about this particular piece,I don't see any problem with it whatsoever. It's a freakin' mind trick that looks like it can be grabbed from where you're standing and that seems to be the one thing that would bother people where I can't see the flaw. People would not understand depth or personality from surreal art which they are not familiar with and that would drive away the viewers but if you can look past it,it's really rewardin'.

Overall,this is one trip of a supernova that would blow away the minds of many but if you look hard enough,this might be more than meets the eye. ;)
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Your control with pen (and gel pen, holy cow) is incredible! The concept is very neat and I love your use of color and shape.

The biggest thing that stands out to me is your composition. I feel this piece could be a lot stronger with a more intentional balance (or imbalance) of the positive and negative space. As it is, a vast majority of the color hangs on the right side of the image. This, coupled with the addition of more circles tends to leave the right side of the image far heavier than the left. Even with the inclusion of the pens on the left side, the current imbalance of the image tends to draw the eye out of the right side.

Your specks and swirls add effective visual interest of the piece. Be careful when cropping your image and take into consideration what the negative space (in this case the blue background) looks like. If you think of the colors, specks, and pens as a black block and the background as a white block, it becomes easier to see. See this example. The pens lead the eye in, but due to the weight on the right side, the eye tends to escape when the positive space exits the drawing. Another note- the difference between the negative spaces at the top and bottom of the image doesn't exactly detract from the image, but it doesn't contribute to the image as a whole either.

In future projects (or if you really wanted to go in and modify this one), try considering how both spaces work together to create the image. ^^ This example moves the left side off and the pens further down the page to balance the space, while also balancing the space at the top and bottom. I also added more to the positive space on the left side to give you an idea of what the balance might look like. (The idea is just a suggestion for a potential starting place and I'm sure your idea would look much better.) This balance tends to keep the eye at the center circle, where most of the weight now lies, effectively keeping the viewer engaged in the piece. This other image is another possibility of how it might look if you were to crop the same (modified) image along all sides.  It's not necessarily as strong as the previous example, but is another of many possibilities just to give you some ideas.

That being said though, you have very nice, crisp work and you clearly put a lot of time into this. Keep it up! ^^

(From :iconprojectcomment: Comment Wars.)

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So many details! This is really cool :)
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Pai813Hobbyist Writer
Whoa . . .
I have been blown away . . .
far . . . far away . . .
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tatts47Hobbyist General Artist
This is right up my Alley, i like the dot work and depth. Using colored paper is a great idea. Working in white makes it stand out.
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Puggyface200Hobbyist Writer
I'm from Project Comment, and I want to say that the circles are perfect! The dots around the circle are well placed. The circles look like a hole in the wall, and the holes show us another piece of art underneath. The add on with the pens in the corner make the drawing look like it has just been finish, and a lot of time was put in it. And the only thing that I with say is expand the paper colors
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camirHobbyist General Artist
Greetings, I am from :iconprojectcomment: participating in my first comment wars.

First I would like to say that I am normally not a friend of abstract art, but that does not keep me from appreciating a piece of work that is well executed like yours.

The choice of blue paper as a backgrounds sets the theme and reminds me of water or even more underwater something that is emphasized by the circles that could also be bubbles in that context. One can really see that you put a lot of effort into this, because everything is so clean and crisp. The combination of the forms is pleasing to the eye and puzzling at the same time, because of the interconnections of circles and lines. By intertwining these forms you create a sort of three-dimensional effect and draw the eye at it at the same time. There always seems to be something else to discover. Another thing that I like is that although the concept is simple you have a great deal of variation in the piece. There is no boring part, everything seems in motion.

There is only one thing that vexes me a bit and that is the choice of colour - however that could also be the result of the photograph/ scan. The pink you chose does not contrast so well will the blue/ blue-ish colours of the rest. That is not to say that you should not choose a warm colour to contrast those rather cold ones it is just that this particular tint of pink/ red bites with the rest.

All in all I would say that your piece is well done from a technical and artistic side. It has some impact and draws the eye back to it, because one wants to follow the forms, find out how everything is interconnected. In that context I have to say that the title of the piece is really fitting although it seems paradoxal on first sight. Well chosen, well thought of and well executed.
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SeptaChromaJStudent Filmographer
As a digital artist, I absolutely cannot believe that this is traditional art. The stippling is so cleanly done and the colors are so incredibly lively, particularly the complementary blues and oranges/whites. The lines within the circles themselves augment the lines of the diagonal lines of the whole design. It's definitely a great design piece that's versatile in use, from icon to desktop wallpaper. Amazing job!

P.S. I'm from :iconprojectcomment:
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moppiwolfProfessional General Artist
Hi I'm from :iconprojectcomment: Comment Wars
Firstly the composition and design of your work is very effective. The patterns within the circles give it a unique 3ds effect......and the blue background makes it appear as though the circles are floating on water. It's a lovely captivating work that reminds of blue lagoons. Great work :)
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DezignerDudeProfessional General Artist
Cool Thanks! That's an interesting way to put it. Emulating it with blue lagoons, is brilliant. :nod: 

It's nice to read what one might depict or think about an art. Since every art has it's own feel and story. :)
Thank you for sharing your inspiring comment. 
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moppiwolfProfessional General Artist
Your welcome :)
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L-L-artsHobbyist General Artist
Wow! There are so many colors and beautiful techniques on this! I really like how you put a sparlky effect and it's very atractive to look at! I also love how you drew it, as if there were deep holes, you can really see the depth and colors. Congratulations on this, keep up the great work!

~L-L-arts from :iconprojectcomment:
DezignerDude's avatar
DezignerDudeProfessional General Artist
Nice crisp comment. I like it :) 

Thank you so much for admiring my work here. 
L-L-arts's avatar
L-L-artsHobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome! I look foward to more of them! ^-^
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elfingdragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi I'm from :iconprojectcomment: Comment Wars

I found this piece a bit different from your usual work and certainly unusual at that. I love how you've made the balls/bubbles look as if they were once a part of the larger one in the center. It looks as if you glue them back on in just the right manner you'd have one big ball/bubble again. The shading and colors create a wonderful flow, where the stippling makes the balls/bubbles "pop" out of the picture.

Whenever I look at stippling I'm reminded of George Seuret. With this piece I love how the stippling flows from the balls into lovely curls. It all reminds me how the universe was formed and is still growing outwards. A nebula of mighty gasses flowing outward.

The only suggestion from me is with regards to my view of the piece. The stippling seems a bit incomplete between some of the balls/bubbles - empty spaces. You most likely meant it to be that way, but for me it detracts a little from the whole.

Again, great piece and a bit different from what you usually do. I love it. :-)
DezignerDude's avatar
DezignerDudeProfessional General Artist
Hi there, you are absolutely right about the stippling in this piece. and yes I tend to try different media and styles, So I can have hands on understanding on same. Thanks for reminding me of George Seurat, he had made some great pieces, although I find his work subdued in tones, and I, on the other hand, tend to get more contrast and highlights. ^^
Thank for your lovely comment. :)
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elfingdragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome and though I'm quite slow at trying different media and styles, I'm the same way. :-) I think I'm a bit quicker with doing it with my writing than my art but it certainly doesn't hurt with either type of art because it helps us grow and find what we truly enjoy doing. 

Keep on trucking - I think would be and adequate phrase here. :D (Big Grin)  I'm sure we'll keep running into each other. Lol 
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