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Triple-Sergals kids fidget)))) Peyfe, Krumal and Orca)

Peyfe - the main plant in the top three, daughter Pesife, brave, strong and irrepressible girl, likes risk, adventure and danger))) This Sergal never sits still, because of her friends often find themselves in terrible scrapes, but together, they solve the most complex and hopeless situation)))
Krumal - boy demure older girls Sergals, but feels insect among them. Neat, modest, even a little cowardly, but for her friends always get up the mountain and with the support of braver and stronger than the war did not syschish in any order))) prefers before you do, think a hundred times, and his thoughts often turn out to be useful when the enthusiasm and courage girls no place) in most cases is the victim of jokes Peyfe))XDD
Orca - got its name for the color, resembling a whale orca) Brisk and cheerful girl, as Peyfe like adventure and enthusiasm, but rather smart and wise to blindly rush into the jaws of danger, the more nearly than to Krumal Peyfe. It has a very beautiful and intelligent speech for his age is very much aware, because he likes to read. Sensible and clever, but never try to be clever)

If anyone wants to know Peyfe rode on a roller coaster Krumal, and then another dozen feet, knocking the other with a couple of others Sergals XDDD


Тройка сергалят-непосед - Пэйфэ, Крумал и Косатка)))

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Thats... one way to do it.

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nice! its like a grown up version of the previous image I commented on, cute!!
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сергалячий дурдом х)
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Haha lol awesome
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That looks fun :) ^_^
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*brain explodes from cuteness*
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so coool body surf dawm dats gota hurt the head
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And thus the sport known as "Literal Body-Surfing" was born!
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Very nice art but the description is confusing cause you keep witching from calling each one a him and a her so it makes knowing there gender difficult if at all possible.
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Thank you, and forgive me for my clumsy English (
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I really like your sergal drawings
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Any chance you could do more pictures with these three?
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the funside of them is so cute
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Ха-ха!)))) Какие морды!))))
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