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Pewnie już wiele osób widziało, ale wrzucam dla innych.

strona powstała na bazie inspiracji stroną [link]

co myślicie? plagiat? czy inspiracja?

//Website created by inspired this web site [link]

what do you think? this is plagiarism? or only inspiration?
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To my mind, the best application for editing videos it's imovie you can download imovie for windows and use it for free for several days. You will check if it's a good one for you or not and decide whether you want to pay for it or not. What do you think about it all ? I think it's a good idea.

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Good work!
Please check out my new work too…
Hope you appreciate it :)
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This looks really nice!
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kozak praca :D
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good design keep it up
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Real nice, inspiring work!!!
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awesome design :D

and well some colors are similar and the geometry too, but i don't think its plagiarism, just inspiration, still they are both awesome designs (:
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Haha! Wiedziałem, że to ma coś wspólnego z nim :iconrudzkidesign: ;p Trójkąty to jego znak rozpoznawczy ;D
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ale nie są opatentowane przez niego :)
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Ciekawie to wygląda. Jednakże osobiście uważam, iż inspiracja jest nieco lepsza :)
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And I think that your variant is better=)))
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Really nice design!!!
I love all that triangles!!!!!
And colors are so lovely!!
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Dobra inspiracja :) Podoba mi się!
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fajna pracka :) mały szczegół trójkąty w zakończeniach są przesunięte:)
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