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*Note this is a closed species. Which means you cannot make your own*
However you can get these by customs / rare trades, MYO or adopts I sell!

Dextroluma / or Dextro for short!

Bio of Dextroluma species
Commonly found throughout forest lakes, trees or pools, this species is quite gentle. They are able to live in several different climates and sub regions. Most Dextroluma feed off of luminous fungi, Mycena luxaeterna (light eternal) and mostly at night, this helps them keep their bodies glowing and healthy. It will not damage their bodies if they decide to eat other things alongside the glowing mushroom, such as man made dishes. After some time it became accepted to enjoy different foods off the motherland, which opened up an all new variety of tastes for them to enjoy. Dextroluma do need their glowing mushrooms to survive, at least, healthy survival. A Dextroluma will become weak after not eating their regional mushroom and lose their glow, healing powers and stamina, to prevent this most have a constant supply of their mushrooms on hand, they just do it by nature.

Naturally this species was born without functioning eyes, their entire eye, sclera and pupil are a void of white glow, very faintly you can make out their actual pupil, depending on the light!  They are still able to see through a kind of light perception. Usually Dextro sleep throughout the day and explore at night, using their glow for guidance. If seen in the day their powers may weaken as they are highly sensitive to sunlight due to the beta radiation cancelling out their luminescence but they cannot die from this, just becoming very weak at the most. Movement can switch between levitating or walking though most prefer to levitate around the forest so they do not disturb other creatures.

 Spots on their skin can appear all over, they usually act like freckles. Some freckles are shaped in ways! In hotter climates due to the heat of the sun and it's natural doing, some Dextros gain more freckles than usual, Dextro living in hotter climates are not affected by the sun and they are able to enjoy both night and day much more easier. Each region commonly has 4 royal subjects; A king, Queen, Princess and Prince. However during recent times they are only able to ever find very few actual royal bloodlines and are still discovering them to this day. Royal Dextro can marry regular Dextro but they are not classed as the regional royal, only by marriage. Read more on Royals below.

The body
The common skin tone of a Dextro is a dark grayish colour, due to several Dextro's living in different climates the skin colours may differ, each region will have it's own unique skin tone which can be instantly recognized by all quite easily. Along with skin-tones Dextroluma can vary with different body shapes, they can be more chubbier, thinner or a mix of both, there is no strict default type of body for the species as each will grow in their own way depending on genes, along with this female Dextro can vary in breast sizes too as well as males and their genitalia.

 All Dextro have gills but are not activated unless they are submerged in water, because of this they can adjust to both land and sea. All Dextro have one set of fin like ears, or in some rarer cases, two, and singular or multiple horns, the most common horn is almost like a bent unicorn horn, a little more worn. All horns, baubles, freckles and eyes will glow, constantly, some more than others. During certain discoveries it shows any sort of horn is possible, the possibilities are endless! It's very exciting to see how creative their bodies can be when creating new horn types at birth. Due to some Dextro having excessively larger horns, these will start out as small stumps during their younger years and eventually grow full size when they become adults. Their hairs can vary in lengths, from short to long, curly to straight! At the end of the hair, most times it will wisp at the ends to almost create a ghostly like feel.

Masculine Dextroluma are just as common as feminine Dextro as they're much needed to help produce and keep the species alive. They're similar to female dextro in terms of design only with masculine body types. It is not so rare anymore to see male Dextroluma spreading throughout the lands. Most Dextro are happy to call themselves male, female or other, they are very accepting of eachother.

Genitalia and birth
Both female and male have genitalia. Their genitalia will also glow, so for example their nipples will be the same colour as their bauble/horn/freckle glow! In some rare cases, for mutated Dextroluma they are able to have mismatched glows or strange patterns on their genitalia. Dextroluma are also able to reproduce just fine, because of their fairly similar body structure they birth like most humans would, their pregnancy is far shorter however, consisting of exactly 5 months per baby. Twins, triplets and more are possible but are considered a blessing most of the time due to how rare they do actually appear. While they are twins, triplets etc they will each have something that defines them different to something as little as a small freckle out of place.

Dextro use their fins as a tool of communication, allowing them to send and receive signals through water rather than talking, although this is possible to still do. If Dextro are to speak their voices will be quite echo like, soft and calm but still, quite powerful, they are able to talk out on the land just fine, due to their fin like ears they are able to listen to higher pitched sounds and echos and make out the voices fairly easier, whereas humans have struggled. During the time they shared together humans learned to adapt to their strange voices and alphabets, often giving each species classes on each language, which is why some Dextroluma prefer to speak in the mother tongue over basic human english however some choose to dabble in each tongue. .

 Dextroluma have a lifespan of around 500 years, maybe more depending on their health and other worldly magics.
Corrupted Dextro included unless of course, necrosis kills beforehand. This will depend if they can actually balance out the necrosis for a longer extended life, just like the king/queen.
The average age of maturity is between 20-30 Years, a Dextro is young for a very little amount of years, their young lives consist of around 10 years at most, after that they are vastly aging until maturity, then their bodies will stop growing.

Disease can occur and kill Dextro, but due to their massive knowledge in medicine this is uncommon to see. Some disease includes; man made diseases, the common cold, Necrosis, Blood related infections and more.

Most common Dextroluma are fond of majestic, regal looking clothing and accessories while most older Dextro tend to use nature as their clothes, tying leaves and branches together, this is a known tradition throughout the Dextro. (Read below for more information on this tradition.) However, most Dextroluma just wear what they please! If a seamstress is in town, Dextro will line up to place orders for their outfits, these are usually younger Dextro and the outfits will be much more trendy as they are quite attracted to the styles humans have brought over the years. Because their clothing is so fine they are able to wear this during swimming and at deeper points of the waters without damaging the clothing at all.

Most of their clothing is usually made from finer silk, harvested from silk worms in the forest, and crafted by only the finest of seamstresses. There are only few of them that exist, and they're quite scattered over the realm. Rarer gems are harvested from beneath the Dextro's earth, some are found much deeper than others but as of lately they have become a currency of sorts, their currency will grow at the core leaving some more adventurous Dextro with a nice bounty to leave with.

Each region (and sub region) has a set of Royals. The most common is
A king, a Queen, a Prince and Princess. However it's not really needed as one royal is able to reign just fine alone, or with the help of their royal staff.
If a royal marries a none royal their partner is only married into Royalty and will not continue the throne.
Some regions do not have more than one royal, it can vary really depending on their bloodline.

Most Dextroluma dwell in large forests, sandy beaches, rocky mountains of snowy tundras undiscovered by most or large lava pitted areas for the blazing constant heat. There are 20 different regions scattered around the Dextroluma globe, each one has their own unique mushroom that grows throughout the land (as well as other kinds!), but their regional mushroom is the most common. They enjoy large bodies of water, caves and forgotten areas the most. An area is not complete without glowing fungi, as they need this to stay strong and keep a healthy glow. If a Dextro was to travel out of  realm for more than 48 hrs they will lose their glow and become weak, however, if they are fixed with supplies of their regional mushrooms, they will be fine! They can grab these on delivery or at their basic merchant anytime!

They prefer not to interact with humans anymore but it is not strictly forbidden and done so at the own Dextro's risk. Read about this here
They can interact with any other species/furry/monster girl/boy, elves etc. Just fine.

Due to the mass amount of regions the Dextro live in there are also plenty of mushroom types to go along! In fact, there's one for every region! Here's all of them!
There are 20 different regions (1 is non canon, being Poke!)

Arctic By Panda Pill-db7wbl7 by LunathystArctic - A refreshing treat! Surprisingly, these aren't that popular in the arctic region and are usually eaten the most in Desert & Volcano regions. However it's a must for Arctic regions to eat in order to survive.
Tundra By Panda Pill-db7wbrd by LunathystTundra -
Juicy mushrooms with a hint of... cinnamon? This taste is hard to describe but it's a hit with the region! These mushrooms take dedicated hunters to find, as the Tundra region is quite harsh to most.

Desert By Panda Pill-db7wqc1 by LunathystDesert - Another juicy mushroom with a slight tangy taste, these are quite the treat! In order to survive these mushrooms store up water just like regular desert plants.
Volcano By Panda Pill-db7wq6d by LunathystVolcano- Said to be the spiciest mushroom on the planet! This little mush could burn your taste buds off! Are you willing to challenge the taste? Surprisingly, a favorite of Nero's!

Forest By Panda Pill-db7wpvo by LunathystForest - There is nothing special about the most common mushroom out there! Just tastes like a regular old mush
Swamp By Panda Pill-db7wprv by LunathystSwamp- These mush taste somewhat like watermelon, they're also similar looking

Ocean By Panda Pill-db7wpn6 by LunathystOcean - A salty tasting mushroom, some Dextro like to fry them!
Abyss By Panda Pill-db7wpi2 by LunathystAbyss- Modeled after the beautiful Abyssal Queen these mush are quite the treat! These are sweet rather than salty, there are many hidden flavors deeper in the ocean!

Air Day By Panda Pill-db7wp9h by LunathystAir Day - Lighter sky mushrooms are also used in medicine, these aid depression mainly.
Air Night By Panda Pill-db7wpbz by LunathystAir Night -Darker sky mushrooms are usually said to aid in sleep and are rarely used in food, but as medicine instead.
Mountain By Panda Pill-db7wp5f by LunathystMountain - Quite a similar taste to forest mush but with a unique aftertaste, some even say minty!

Poke By Panda Pill-db7wp1i by LunathystPoke - These mushrooms are quite grassy in taste, very earthy and are an acquired taste.

Rainforest By Panda Pill-db7wowv by LunathystRain forest - Sweet and savory this mushroom is extremely popular outside of the Rainforest region. It is the perfect combination of flavour! It is very addictive in taste.
Tropical By Panda Pill-db7wot4 by LunathystTropical
- A slight sweet taste, this tropical mushroom isn't very known. It is generally eaten with desserts due to it's sweet, citrus flavour!

Delta By Panda Pill-dbomvrq by LunathystDelta -
It is said this mushroom has quite a sparky / earthy mixture of taste, not many people are fond of this it's quite an acquired taste.
Hyper Space By Panda Pill-dbomvs4 by LunathystHyperspace - A mixture of sparky / spice taste, these are actually quite common to use in dishes for that extra bit of flavour, they are quite common to eat alone though.

Flower By Panda Pill-dbomxrs by LunathystFlower Fields - Another sweet mushroom but a little toned down, there's a slight hint of lavender in their, these mushrooms are popular with the elderly. These mushrooms also strongly aid in sleep.
Fairy Glen By Panda Pill-dbomwtb by LunathystFairy Glen - This mushroom is VERY sweet, it is completely coated in a sugar like substance which makes it appear like it's glimmering in the light, these are very popular among smaller Dextro and pregnancy cravings. This mushroom is able to temp grant the Dextro fairy wings! However this is only able to happen (and the mushroom to grow), strictly in the Fairy glen/Flower field region. This mushroom cannot be grown elsewhere.

Crystal By Panda Pill-db7woq1 by LunathystCrystal -
The finest tasting mushrooms in the land! Not many have witnessed the perfection that this mushroom is and they are rarely on the market, these mush are described to taste like sweet rock crystal candy, they're quite hard and Dextro usually treat them as lollipops! These are Iola's favourite snack.

Corruption By Panda Pill-db7woni by LunathystCorruption -
AKA Bitter sweet! Sweet tasting but leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. These mushrooms are very acidic.

main and subregions

Arctic -
This is suited to the colder Dextros who prefer ice, winter scenery and snow. Dextro that habitat here are known to have more cooler palettes for their skintones! Such as blues, purples and whites. These lands are filled with icy sculptures and snow, lots of interesting caves surround the area, some homing Dextro while others unexplored.

This is suited to the Dextros who prefer summer, heat, and sandy scenery. Dextro that habitat here are known to have darker skin tones such as tan, brown, Red, Yellow, Oranges. Similar in terms of open space to the Ocean region the only thing scattered is the water pools, it is hard to come by most waters so there are lots of Dextro-made pools to help with the heat and water supply.

This is suited to the Dextros who prefer a bit of everything. Forest types are usually darker coloured or have the original dark grey skin tone but are not strictly stuck to this. Other skin tones in this habitat are; Purple, Darker blue/green/reds, whites, browns It's sort of a mix of Desert and Arctic colours. Forest Dextro tend to live in very tall treehouses, small huts and caves or little villages of around 30-50 people per village.

Ocean -

 This is suited to Dextro who prefer larger bodies of water over smaller pools and lakes, they enjoy sands and generally a relaxing scenery. Skin tones differ from Teal, blue, aqua, deeper blues, white, greens, tan, softer yellows. The beaches are wide open spaces with some small shoreline huts and houses where most prefer to kick back and just enjoy life.

Air -
Only Air region Dextro are welcome here. This is suited to Dextro who love to glide, hover and appreciate the sky. This area is filled with mountains and cliffs, perfect for them. Dextro that habitat here are known to have these skin colours; Dark blues, soft sunset colours, bright day time looking palettes and midnight skies! (Just think of night and day!) These Dextro are able to glide much higher than regular Dextro can, they are much more aerodynamic and their bodies will be a little more slimmer but that's not always the case. Accompanying this their bodies will gain a soft, airy halo on their arms, legs and horns.

Rain forest -
Rain forest region Dextroluma live here, and only these types are able to live here due to the fact this area does not get any sun whatsoever. It is dark, damp and perfect for those who are born and raised here. Other Dextroluma who visit have to be extremely careful as not to offend the Rain forest Dextro and their cultures. Dextro in this area are much more quite, tribal like and prefer to stick to their land alone. Their regional palettes are fairly similar to the forest/swap region!

Delta -
Underneath the floating Crystal region lies the entrance to this region. It is difficult to get to and fairly poorly lit due to the Crystal region blocking direct sunlight.
They use crystals and mushrooms as light sources more often than not.The delta region is confined mainly to the area surrounding the home planet of the Dextroluma, though those who have fully adapted to the region are entirely able to explore the surrounding galaxy and are often considered wanderers or isolationists. They feed on stray matter that amasses on meteorites or debris, but when they do come to the planet they are able to eat mushrooms as well as other fungi, though they can typically live much longer than a normal Dextro without food due to supplies being much more scarce.
Region Artwork By Kawaii Antagonist-db8miau by Lunathyst

Flower fields -

Flower fields as far as they eye could see, dotted with multitudes of giant flowers easy the size of most Dextroluma homes in the other regions. A colourful field of beautiful floral scenery, spores fill the air often making most regular visitors very sleepy. Most Dextroluma are welcome to stay here but Flower field Dextro do prefer to keep to themselves, not as much as their sub region, fairy glen however. Dextroluma here are of all colourings, much like flowers are!

Fields By A Psycho Banana-db770e0 by Lunathyst

Crystal -
 Only Dextro with the crystal horn are able to live in this climate. This climate is made specifically for rarer types of Dextroluma. Dextro who live here have crystal attributes. Such as crystal jewels, tiaras and more. Dextroluma who live in this climate require crystal horns as these are used as a sort of teleportation device at the core of the planet. Dextro living in this region are many different colour palettes.

Corruption -
 Only Dextro with the Necrosis disease are welcomed in this region, but due to them crafting such a large army, they welcome any unsuspecting explorers into their nest. If these Dextro venture out into the open, they may spread the disease with them however they do prefer to stick to their own lands and let the curious venture in for an easier way of corrupting. Dextro who live here are quite cruel in terms of personality, they snap, easily ticked off and are quite an aggressive type. These Dextro are fighters and are not afraid of war they will often not be afraid to wield weapons out in the open.


Tundra -
Dextros who prefer to be alone like to live in these parts, they will most likely have built large igloos or forts out of ice to live in. The Tundra includes: Ice pools for fishing and a small population of animals (penguin, fish, seal, polar bears), igloo and stronger ice structure for homing. Small caverns and caves and a rare variety of arctic plants. The mushroom count is dangerously low around these parts and most Dextro actually farm their own, growing them in their own homes. The Dextro will have to travel for special seeds, compost and other food if wanted. Mushrooms that grow here are of the finest quality and don't need much care or attention. The only mushrooms that grow in the Tundra are cold to the touch, arctic Dextro are immune to them where as others may differ and get some form of brain freeze if eaten too fast! In restaurants many types of mushrooms are served from all around the world, giving other Dextros a taste of each place from a bite!

Dextro who live up in the volcano sub region are extremely brave, usually they have a bit of a fiery temper. They have as little water interaction as possible as they prefer staying in the heat rather than cooling in pools of water. However, small pools of water besides rocky caves are a thing here as well as the most popular hot springs where some regular Dextro even visit from time to time! The Volcano includes: Lava pits, rocky areas and caves, underground areas filled with lava and gems, higher chance of sunlight due to not being surrounded by many trees. Spicy mushrooms grow here and are quite hot! Those who like to travel often bring sacks of the mushrooms to sell at a high price to other regions, they go rather quick cause of how popular they are!

Darker Dextros will live here those who prefer to stay out of the sun as much as possible, a few Dextro moved here because they have tastier mushrooms apparently! Their glow will stand out much more in the darkness of the swamp. The swamp includes: Mud baths, Mud huts, Mushroom homes and furniture and so on, More hidden caves - with secret entrances, underground areas available for homing and less chance of sun stretching through the heavy trees! Certain plants / herbs only grow here which are sold at a higher price by merchants. Most alchemist or medicine types will venture quite far for their ingredients. Lots of toads, crocs and other swampy creature types linger here (which are also available for potion making!) Special mushrooms that grow here are
'Fungal pods' Which are overgrown mushrooms with see-through sacks filled with glowing liquid, a bit similar to the Delta mushroom.

The deep and dark Dextros live in these areas. They will glow the brightest, like stars in the ocean. Sometimes Abyss Dextro like to raise to the surface, but need a supply of their deep sea mushrooms to do so. Once the supply is low, the dextro must make its way back to the deep sea. The Abyss includes: Small coves/large coves, marine life, deep sea life, more odd herbs, plants and trees, shipwrecks and treasure chests. They are able to fully function in the Abyss, their bodies have adjusted to the pressure and atmosphere. These Dextro feed off of small fish, coral and Abyss mushrooms. Only the bravest of divers can reach these mushrooms, most Dextro have adjusted to the land and prefer to deep dive as little as possible.

Mountain -
Mountain Dextro are rather shy and often hide up in the highest of mountains. There homes are often formed of clouds, stars and flowers that grow up high. These dextro have faint freckles and can often differ in body shape (to that of Air which are slender and more aerodynamic)! So it's possible to see some curvier Dextro in this region! Mountain areas include - Cliffs, cloud homes and stores, large bodies of water up high (these can be quite hot and are popular spa areas!)

The tropical region, a much more lenient area to the mysterious island that has emerged! The tropical sub region is much more lax in terms of visitors! Quite similar to the Desert Dextroluma, these Dextro get all the sun the Rain forest does not! These lands are filled with beaches, pools and extraordinary plants and trees! The special mushroom that grows here isn't too known as it's very rare Dextro have the will to pass through the Rain forest to get the other side. Those Dextro that do put up with the strange traditions and tribes and make it through have the time of their lives! It is often seen as a 'holiday/vacation' sort of setting for Dextroluma. Some Rain forest Dextroluma visit this destination however cannot stand the sun due to their homeland. Triopical region Dextroluma have regular markings although some of them do tattoo themselves as if from tribes.

Hyper-space -
Not all Delta Dextro return home, some will take up residence entirely in outer space. Hyperspace Dextroluma are much more ambitious than their Delta companions and will often live on other planets or large meteors. They still visit their home planet, but not as often as they are more climatised to the dead cold of space. Colour palettes of this sub region are not at all limited, resulting in many different nebula skin patterns and tones to blend themselves into the background to protect from both predators and unwanted interactions.

Fairy glen-
The Fairy Glen natives regularly take care of the mushrooms along the path to keep it clear and safe, there was only one true entrance and thus one exit for the Glen, so it was wise not to try to make your own unless you were a native to the Glen. Straying off the path can lead to a much unwanted slumber. The sheer size of the trees that made up the Glen’s outer circle  were much like willow trees but easily ten times the height of the Dextroluma that now guided them. Hanging from the branches are blue glowing strands of vine, the whole area sparkles and glows, from the flower housings in the fields, to the Dextroluma themselves. Regional colours are similar to that of crysal and flowerfields.
Flowers1 By A Psycho Banana-db770b4 by Lunathyst Glenn By A Psycho Banana-db76zze by Lunathyst

Known traditions

When Dextroluma celebrate birthdays they each have a celebration in which all Dextro will dress up in leaves, fungi, moss, vines and more just like elders. The Queen & King of the region and main region (Iola and Nero) will do the same. This is to celebrate when the Dextro became one with nature. For the celebration, all Dextro will gather in a circle around a body of water, during the celebration royalty will sit upon their special thrones and enjoy themselves with food and drink, as the other Dextro dance and celebrate. Once the timing of the night is right a beam of moonlight will peer through the trees and light up the water, this is when the Dextro who is having the "birthday" will walk into the light and bask in the moonlight. Once the moonlight has passed, the Dextro will celebrate with rarer fungi, dancing and playing till daylight.



The crystal region actually, is a floating city, just above where Sky Dextro live. To get there you need to be of royal status or own a crystal horn.
There are ways to get there temporarily of course, but these are the main two requirements for the city. Crystal horns are used as a teleportation type
and to teleport to the Crystal region, you must first visit the core (The center of the planet basically)

The crystal city is a beautiful place, the land is blessed with crystal flowers, buildings and gorgeous skies. Only the rarest Dextro dwell here, some choose
to live below the Crystal city, but most stick up top. Unfortunately most believe that Crystal is the OP royals but this is actually not true!
The founders (Belonging to Iola's family) of the forest region were the first of many Royals and as their planet expanded more and more
Royals were needed and dedicated to each separate region.


The core is a peaceful place, it is filled with mushrooms of every kind and decorated with only the finest crystals. Mysterious plants and creatures live here.
Not many stick around too long as it often results in hallucination and more often than not can send a Dextro insane. This would only really apply to those
that temporarily visit the core.

This gorgeous piece was drawn up of the core after I had pitched it to my main mods! I'm in love with it and it's honestly nice to have some pictures to go with
Descriptions! So I hope this helps give you the feel a bit more! I'll be wanting to do more scenery shots like this eventually! But for now, we have the Core.
"The core"
Core By A Psycho Banana-d979lgw by Lunathyst
Art by PsychoBanana-Arts 

Necrosis affects the body in a number of ways and symptoms are often presented in these stages:

Stage 1  - Eyes become darker, glow is dimmed and dark.
Stage 2  - Eyes and limbs grow darker, some develop cracks and tears in fins and body.
Stage 3  - Cracked horns, more cuts, 60% of body is now corrupted, these Dextro get vicious
Stage 4 - It reaches the heart, the dextro can no longer be cured. Skin starts to tear away, revealing bones, muscle and their inner glows.
Stage 5 - Small plants circle the innards of the beings, sliding up rib cages, twirling around organs and eventually, sprouting beautiful flowers and mushrooms in and out.
Dextroluma had become mindless zombies to the shrooms - Resulting in a beautiful death.  Please note: This is the final stage, after this stage is death.

If a Corrupted Dextro is cured, they will still have tears in fins and horns and skin. Tears are able to appear in all types of fins. Their eyes will also glow grey instead of pure white / black.

The basic, straight forward guide is here!


*If you have questions about the species I can answer it as best I can! Will update this too if I think it'll be helpful for any that own these~ More will be added if I ever think of new things.. *

Dextroluma species is owned by :iconlunathyst:
You CANNOT make your own.

Cynical-Pancake /kawaii-antagonist & PsychoBanana-Arts has rights to create adoptables of this species. Once a month!

********** DISCLAIMER  **********
ALL GIF USED TO DICTATE REGIONS ARE PLACED HERE TEMP UNTIL ALL REGIONS ARE DRAWN / PAINTED UP. They are to help visualize the region only and do not accurately represent the region!

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Corruption is a kind of disease for Dextroluma. It can be spread through contact with another corrupted Dextroluma, by too much exposure on the corruption island or by eating the corrupted mushrooms. Its also commonly known as Necrosis

It occurs through 5 stages, 1-3 is the corruption spreading in the body, by stage 2 there is visible tearing in the fins and by stage 3 the Dextroluma become more violent in nature. By stage 4 they are no longer curable, there is more tearing and the body begins to rot, showing muscle and bone underneath. Stage five is the last stage before death, plants and mushrooms grow in and around the body consuming it. The Dextroluma become mindless zombies by this point consumed by the necrosis. 

If caught before stage 4 it can be cured with an experimental antidote. Once cured a dextrolumas eyes will never fully become white as the current cure only suppresses the corruption, it can return. They also will keep any tearing in their fins, skin and horns that the corruption caused even when cured.
You can find out more about the cure here! 
Lore: Lab notes | The cure for necrosisBasics: What is necrosis?
Necrosis seems to appear quick, a rapid infection which is constantly making it's way to the heart of the Dextro it infects. Without the cure at an early stage the Dextro's mind will become lost, not being able to bring them back.
Necrosis began here [See link]. Morgana and Muramasa was studied from safe distance and, for a short while. Their secrets revealed on how they came to be and how their army is produced. With careful steps we were able to kidnap a corrupted Dextroluma and autopsy to get a closer look inside. This, is how we found the cure.
Corruption generally happens in around 1-2 weeks, you can feel effects of corruption in the first week, and by the second the eyes will lose their glow, going completely black. But all is not lost, some caught in the early stage of corruption have been able to act out normally with only slight aggressive actions.
Basics: What is the cure?

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Yup! Gender placement is out of the window as I felt it was too controlling and was causing a few people to get upset. So it's scrapped. Common placements are all on the arms/legs where as legendary is everywhere else! Simple! <3 You do not have to alter / change your Dextro at all the option is there as some traits are being changed and will affect rarity.
Everyone has had the mention over on discord, the Dextro group and me updating journals, I'm positive they know aha!

You should go here to confirm things so it doesn't actually get lost

If you have an uncommon trait you can swap it out for a rare here.

* PLEASE NOTE, THEY MUST FALL UNDER THE CATEGORY OF CHANGE. If they do not you will not gain access to this free upgrade / traits.
If you're unsure send us in any questions here and we can help you out and let you know what's changing.

If you don't want to alter your Dextro you can redeem them as crystals instead to use in the store! You can do that here
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RyanTheRainbow Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've posted a comment on one of the links, so,
idk if anything works bc i'm hella confused hhhh
Guppie-Vibes Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
About the communication part: I wonder if a Dextroluma like mine lived since being little in a different planet and culture they wouldn't know their dextro language,right? Like just in real life if you are a Hungarian kid and adopted by German parents living in the country, nobody speaking Hungarian around you than you won't know Hungarian language at all.

Or Dextros like automatically know their own language in a basic lvl?
Lunathyst Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
That would be correct :> If they don't grow up with the language they cannot know it so they will grow up learning the language that surrounds them! So your little bab will not know of the Dextro language
Guppie-Vibes Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
I want him to take a visit to the arctic region for sure and aaa he would be so the odd one out and people would think he is stupid or something aa
romanono Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
oh, this may be a dumb question, but is there any other kind of species of animal or something that coexist with dextro? like pets, even? 
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Oh yes absolutely! So currently we have two "pet" like species that live alongside them

Bleps - COLLAB: Dextro Bleps CLOSED!
LolitaCynder & myself collab on these and they have no trait list or anything but can duplicate the fin styles / glows / baubles !

Mounts - Currently 3(4) in existence as of now
COLLAB: Mystery Mount CLOSED by Lunathyst + The Croc Hunter + by Lunathyst The other two I believe are in a but is owned by LolitaCynder and the other was a custom! >V</
We also collab on these sometimes, but this was LolitaCynder 's idea >V< // <3 These are more rare to come by then the bleps!
romanono Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ohh theyre so cute!! i wanted to make my dextro a caretaker of those would that be an acceptable job??
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
That's absolutely allowed sure! ^^/
Owlhana Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
is there a reason why they can't interact with humans?
PoppyPrim Featured By Owner Edited Nov 23, 2017
EDIT: disregard this please! My  friend helped me find the post on the new regions
which for some reason I couldn't find anywhere xD
TherealImmortalGirl Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Do Dextros have any sort of urban areas to live in? Like places with apartments and stuff like that?
Lunathyst Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ahh no ;o;! Nothing like this exists in the Dextroluma world. It is mainly huts, treehouses and such~ They are almost elven in terms of living ! ^^/
TherealImmortalGirl Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaa okay thank you for clarifying!!
RoyalRaven99 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've read through the whole thing and actually found something missing. There's no information on the Poke Region. I'd really enjoy learning more about it.
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
It is fairly knew and we're still working on several of the lores/info for these regions >V<
So watch this space!

Thank you though!
RoyalRaven99 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, okay. I look forward to new info. :) 

Came up with a new question just a little bit ago. Are crystal horns a specific color? Can I suggest something that would be obviously specific to the Poke Region? 

When I read about The Core, I can't help but start giggling at the idea that there could be groups of Dextros driven insane by it and somehow forming cults to worship it. I just think that would be a hilarious concept to incorporate into the lore.... Oh my gosh that actually just gave me an idea for a new region!!! Lol I gotta do it. Even if it ruins me, I just have to develop this further. Well, looks like I'm going to be doing the current contest!
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Crystal horns can be a variety of colour (they're quite similar to their inner fin colour, just different swatches of the palette)
Of course I don't mind!

Go for it!! :la: I' mvery excited for the contest :la: eee
I have also thought about Insane Dextroluma living in the core haha XD
Thoughtful-Stargazer Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was wondering can I make it so my dextro was once corrupted or do I need to buy the necrosis trait for that? (I got a dextro with missing limps and flesh wounds so it'd make an interesting story)
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
If you want your Dextro to be corrupt in the past but not anymore you need to have bought the necrosis trait (only one time purchase)
Once you purchase it you can pretty much go back and forth with corruption haha I do that with my baby Passion. I have art when she was uncorrupt to when she is corrupt (present)

You must remember though once they are cured they have silver/grey eyes that glow, not white >o</
Thoughtful-Stargazer Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
Quiet-Retribution Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay, maybe dumb question but: The air region is in the air, yes? How do mushrooms grow in the air?
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Air is split into 3 different mini regions so day, night and mountain. Mushrooms grow on the mountain tops as well as the sky cities. They don't just live in the air lol but have built upon clouds. :> Hope this helped.
Quiet-Retribution Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! Thank you! ^^  <3
Dragon-Burn Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awkward question, are the genitalia the same as a humans? also do we gotta do anything for the mating and asking thing??
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
They are pretty much the same except they glow xD
Dragon-Burn Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
alright XD
LolitaCynder Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
After the Halloween event, will mutations be purchasable? 
Lunathyst Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
For now, no. Only via custom or adopts / special trades
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