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Icon pixel by TinyHito

Meet the team!

Hi Speech Bubble Bullet by Nerdy-pixel-girl:iconlunathyst: Welcome to my species group! I hope you enjoy your stay, read about our lovely admins below for more information on who helps run this group! >V<

Owner and key designer

Mushy Guards
:iconkawaii-antagonist: :iconlolitacynder: :iconcrystalquill: :iconvioclipse::iconinuinuie: :iconcrimsoncommande: :iconlolliwusel:

Permanent Guest Artists

Pixels by kawaii-antagonist


Frequently asked questions

Please visit the link below for the FAQ! We are always welcoming new questions so don't be afraid to ask ♥

Dextroluma of the Month

Dextroluma of the month | October

Belongs to DruidDemon
♥ Art created by Middynx and Erii-chii ♥ Original design by ???

Our chosen Dextro of the Month for October is DruidDemon male dextro Hades! A corrupt child, he's seen mostly around our discord and we thought he'd be a perfectly spooky October babe. We hope to see only more of her in the future so congrats dear! <3

Rewards:If you draw this Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals!

Admin Dextroluma of the Month

Admin Dextroluma of the month | October

Belongs to Lunathyst
♥ Art created by Lunathyst and nickyflamingo ♥ Original design by Lunathyst

Perfect for the spooky season, Luna's mascot babe Iola was a great pick for her birthday month! Queen of the Forest Region, it's always wonderful to see art of her on and around the group for Dextro!~ We hope to see more of her in the future! Congrats dear. <3

Rewards:If you draw this Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals!

Featured Artist

Featured Artist of the Month| October

Miracle by Inuinuie Muramasa Lineless by Inuinuie

Inuinuie is both an often seen artists in the group as well as one of our mushy guards! With the flood of art coming from them into the group we thought they would be a great pick for this month! Their art is always a joy to see and We hope to see more from you in the future, congrats dear! <3

Rewards: If you commission this artist to draw your Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals!
*note to artists, please keep a track of who has commissioned you during the month of October! <3 Thank you



Your quick and easy guide to Questing!
We're always happy to answer any questions you do have, usually found in the FAQ! However this section is purely for the Quest system! We hope you enjoy our new system of earning you rewards for your Dextroluma!

Special Event Quest
Here we feature the special quests that gain more points than usual. These quests are usually seasonal.

Sub Quests
The most fun, crazy and enjoyable quests by far! Here is where you have fun with your Dextroluma! Any Dextro can take part in these sub Quests. Dextroluma holidays are featured here as well as seasonal quests

Main Quest line
The basic, straight forward Quest line. For those who want to expand their Dextroluma bios and develop them more as a character. This Quest line has you interact with many different things in the Dextroluma kingdom such as royals, real time events, corruption and more.

Corrupt Quest line
A Questline strictly for those with a darker side. Corrupt questers MUST own a corrupted Dextroluma to take part in these quests.

For more information on the quests please visit



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