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Icon pixel by TinyHito

Meet the team!

Hi Speech Bubble Bullet by Nerdy-pixel-girl:iconlunathyst: Welcome to my species group! I hope you enjoy your stay, read about our lovely admins below for more information on who helps run this group! >V<

Owner and key designer

Mushy Guards
:iconcrystalquill: :iconvioclipse::iconinuinuie:
:iconcrimsoncommande: :iconmechakhali: :iconsimplydefault:
Permanent Guest Artists

Pixels by kawaii-antagonist

Dextroluma of the Month

Dextroluma of the month | August

Dextroluma of the Month
Belongs to PhinyxRose
♥ Art created by nickyflamingo and PhinyxRose ♥ Original design by ---PhinyxRose
AF2019 Briella by nickyflamingo Summer Briella by PhinyxRose
Briella is such a beautifully designed MYO and we have begun to see her around this month though she has always been spoiled. We couldn't not feature such a lovely Dextroluma! This Dextro belongs to Phi, someone who has always been an active member of our community and spoiling us with lovely art of their Dextros so its time we spoil their Dextrolumas too. Congratulations dear!

Rewards:If you draw this Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals!

Admin Dextroluma of the Month

Admin Dextroluma of the month | August

Belongs to Lunathyst
♥ Art created by LadyWhinesAlot & Vioclipse ♥ Original designs by cvrryspice
Pixel Com. Lunathyst by LadyWhinesAlot Speedpaint |~ Refined Beauty ~ by Vioclipse

A beautiful soft pastel Dextroluma, we've begun to see her around a lot so we definitely had to give her the love she deserves. Lately we have seen her be very spoiled by Luna so it was only right we feature this precious pastel babe. Congrats dear! <3

Rewards:If you draw this Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals!

Featured Artist

Featured Artist of the Month| August

Artist of the Month
Art fight - Vivienne by Nekomira Art fight - Lori by Nekomira

With such a lovely style and lately haven drawn a lot of Dextro this was a sure fire pick! Neko has such a wonderfully refined style with shading that makes whatever she draws pop! So we loved getting to feature them and their stunning art and we do hope to see more from her in the future! Congratulations dear!

Rewards: If you commission this artist to draw your Dextroluma you will gain 30 Crystals!
*note to artists, please keep a track of who has commissioned you during the month of January! <3 Thank you



Your quick and easy guide to Questing!
Earn rewards for your Dextroluma with this Questing system!

Special Event Quest
Seasonal quests with special prompts that earn more points than usual!

Sub Quests
A series of light and fun quests featuring your very own Dextroluma! Seasonal quests and special Dextroluma holidays are featured here as well!

Main Quest line
The main Quest line comprises prompts and story for those who are interested in developing their Dextro characters. This quest line allows your Dextro to interact with many aspects of the Dextroulma kingdom including its royalty, current events, corruption and more!

Corrupt Quest line
A Questline strictly for those with a darker side. Corrupt questers MUST own a corrupted Dextroluma to take part in these quests!

For more information on the quests please visit



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