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Road to Sol 2.4 - End of Level

By Dexteri
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If by ''Chasing away the windhound'' you mean catching, feeding it, and keeping it in shadow form as a way to keep it safe and in a short leash... then yes, it was extremely chased away!


You all successfully chase away the Windhound...but the storm has gotten worse, and you're completely blinded by snow! You begin to panic, uncertain how you're going to make it back to the safety of your hiding place, until you feel Blizzard brush against you and move away. Your only chance is to follow him and hope that he knows his way through the storm.

You follow Blizzard, and he leads you back to your hiding place where you all take shelter and wait out the storm together. After the stress and injury of going up against the Windhound, it doesn't take long for you and your Stryx to fall into a deep and exhausted sleep.

(Depict your injured Stryx and Blizzard huddled together for warmth - Rider Optional)


(And rider in shadow form)

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So cute I cant seem to find the gruop button were it would usually be tho and it said
You did now exist so i did NOT get to see the whole comment
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Captura by Dexteri   In here is the buttom!

''You did now exist so i did NOT get to see the whole comment''
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All so um I'm on ta let so its WAY different
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Ok thank uuu my devient was acting up
It said the text box,that this user did NOT exist idk oof