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Ninetails - Crossbreed Pokemon Meme

Yo tambien quise hacer este meme de fusion de pokemons! Mi favorito Vulpix y Ninetails.

Original Breed.
Vulpix - Ninetails
Fire Type
It's an iconic fyre type. Ninetails is a pokemon famous for itss beauty and searched for pokemon contests. If it lives enough, it can grow psychic powers.
It's recommended to train them since they're a Vulpix to secure the ferocius loyalty.
On the downside, they tend to be jealous and possesive. They are not recommended for amateurs trainers.

Glameow - Purugly
Fire-Normal Type
The pre-evolution of this breed is searched for its beautiful curly hair and it's loved for being precious. They normally carry everstones, so they never change their form.
The evolution has the same potential for contest, can be powerful in battles, and their self-concience for their form can make them extremely short temper if they think they are being insulted. Their bodyslam can knock you out for a while.

Poochyena - Mightyena
Fire - Dark Type
Despite being a dark type, this breed is loyal, and has facility to work in team as well as to train.. Recommended for kids and amateurs trainers.
They are usually seen with the police and, sadly, evil organizations.

Riolu - Lucario
Fire - Fight Type
This breed has a strong mind and spirit, and the trainer needs an even stronger mind and spirit to be respect by them. Only recommended for expert trainers.
They can easily learn to fight bipedaly and will rarely consent being in pokemon contest, but when they do, they are stunning.

Zigzagoon - Linoone
Fire - Normal Type
They're highly recommended for starter trainers. Their stats are very well balanced and the character is afective. When they evolve, they can shine in either battles or contests.
They are a perfectly happy mascot too, since they just need big spaces for running.

Ponyta - Rapidash
Fire Type
They are very popular for their dramatic fire mane. This breed is exclusive for contest since they are very delicate. They cannot be ride. Their mane extends and intensifies when they are going to run or attack, but since they are inusually shy, it's more usual to only see them run.

Growlithe - Arcanine
Fire Type
For their loyalty, honor sense and imponent presence, this breed is popular with rich families. It's not unusual seeing them in volcanoes or mountain rescues.
They can shine brightly both in battles and contests.
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I really like the Purugly/Ninetales design. But it doesn't look like Purugly/Ninetales does by the look on it's face.