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Lino Print - London

This is my London Lino print, Its what i printed todsy!! the paper is curly at the moment so i had to distort this a little, which is why the typography doesnt looked likd up on the edges!! i spent another 6 hours cutting edges out yesturday and did about 6 prints in like 5 hours today, as you have to wash the lino because of duotone (black/red) ahhhh sooooo much work! but i am bery pleased with result worth the amount of work i put into it! WHAAAA!!! i cut my fonger today with the cutter so its anoying to type~~~~~~~
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How much for a print?
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Limited edition of 100 - selling for £360 via [link] -- then click Editions cheers -- on about print number 55/100 -- the prints are better than the print above , the one shown is pretty much a test print - I printed the edition via: [link] - cheers for the interest.
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my god, what a load of work!
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yea quite a bit of work!!! but i have since done more demanding projects like the Amsterdam map, and the newer hand carved animations (linomations) ahhhh... thanks for the comment!! wahooo
BaruSKA's avatar it´s perfect...
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hehe cheers!! took me a bloody long time to carve so yea all the comments have been cool YAY!!!!!!!
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...I can imagine!!! :omfg: I do it as well and I´m keen on it very much...but I haven´t got any material here... full marks :worship:
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YAY for life!!!! yea man such a bummer when materials stand between you and a good piece of work!!! BLEH!
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Love it! Really original :D
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thanks!! im very much trying to search for the originality of things...very hard tough with soooo much art out there..but a very fun search it is indeed and one that i will never sto{p}
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Man this is great! You can almost see the patience of the cutter dripping from the letters.
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hehehe yea!!!! patience......hehe i hate to think how much patience i would have if i were i probably wouldnt mind taking 100 years on a linocut then....yup i do have a crazy amount of patience!! thats for sure!....hehe cheeeeeeers!
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Very cool. I love typographic mapping like this. Its a requires the viewer to think a bit more than usual and type handle with such care always looks beautiful. Good job. and its a fricken lino cut.. haha :) you're crazy. next you'll be doing wood 48" by 72" or as big as your press can handle :P

your stuff reminds me of peter andersons work. Im not sure if you've heard of him, but should check him out if you havnt. very cool stuff. Especially his piece "cayenne Interior" this is his website. [link] dunno when its going to be done, looks like its still under construction. I just have books on him, wasnt able to find much on the web. a book called "Mapping: an illustrated guide to navigational systems" has a spread about it. Its really interesting and I think you'd enjoy seeing it if you havnt already. its a slightly more abstract approach to typographic mapping. He took the surnames of everyone in the city around the Cayenne restaurant he was making this peice for, and randomly placed them and since the city was belfast where you can tell where someone lives depending on their surname, it created an interesting talking point while eating. And it looks beautiful. typography carved into some type of stone or plastic. I just figured I'd let you know about him seeing that you have such an amazing talent for typography.
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why thanks!! oh Great i appreciate you letting me know about this guy i'll be sure to check some of his stuff out!... wow sounds like a cool project he has done!!! yea well i want to to a really big linocut like even bigger then what you stated to do in wood!! i wouldnt be able to find a press big enough!! of that im sure!! but i would get one of them heavy rollers and use that i think!! im sure it would do the same job!! anyway yea its a dream at the moment...i do think i can realistically do it! im seeing myself maybee doing it bit by bit whilst im at university! i start in september so it should be good!! im going to try and not work the first year so im sure i would have enough time...anyway i'll see how things im way too much a dreamer! AHhh,.... ok cheers again for the feedback very much appreciated!!!
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