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I decided to submit a better photo of the lino cut that i did!! as i dont think that the other one does it justice!!

i did this using lino cutting - took me maybee 65 hours to compleatly make!!! and then you ink the lino up and print it!!!!!

i am currently selling on ebay at the moment!! and have linked to it on my main page!!
if you do want to buy it then you can just e-mail me and make an offer!!!

anyways soo here it is!!!
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Jun 14, 2006, 9:12:41 AM
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*Awesome*! keep them coming!
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yea!!! i got my Paris map pretty much planned out!!! but thats not going to be done for another 2-3 months as its HUGE!!!! and i have another 2 weeks on this carved animation before i then have to print all the frames and animate it all! ahhh,,,,]]

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Paris? Go for it! Taunt that lino!
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yea yea yea......... TaUNTING IT BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
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i'm going to new york tomorrow from england yay! i really want to get into lino prints. i did them once on a foundation course... this is really inspiring, i love it! :heart:
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CHEEEEERS!!! nice!! Hope you trip in NEW York went well!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEEEEEEEEEERS!
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ok cool if u do set online sales and will be selling this let me know and e-mail me please

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Hi do you ahve any more copies of this?
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hey sorry took so long to reply!...

hey well i do not have many copies of this and it is in high demand..

i need to crack on with it this summer and get some sort of website set up where im thinking of selling digital prints and original prints..

but yea i can let you know when/if this happens... i dont really want to sell prints here on deviantart as i really do not get enough money from them!.

ok cool cheers!
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Omg I just did linocut in fine arts at school! Mine looks like ass though, was *supposed* to be a landscape using the reduction/suicide method (lol!) but anyway, yours is awesome! kudos :)
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cheers! yea linocut is too much fun! i hope to be getting myself 2 or two professional tools tomorrow would get more but i got hardly any money! ahh..

trying to design a linocut of Amsterdam currently! HA but its insane with all the canals! im thinking of making two linoplates for it! one for tex of cannal names as there are so many canals and the other for places etc..similar to the map above the n overlap! AHHH SOO MUCH work and i got about two - three weeks to do it! AHH... kk cheers again!
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Yikes, now THAT'S elaborate! I wish thee luck in thy endeavors :) hehe
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CHEERS i wish me luck too and yea i'll take your with many thanks as i've very muche neede ite WHAOOOOO
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[applauds madly with vim and glee] Nice. Freakin nice. I'm down by the L in brooklyn :) [waves]
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YAY!! WAVES BACK! man whats it like there to live? lucky to be there a great part of the word for art/culture!
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Amazing design, great work on all the fine detail.
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cheers man cheers, well this is part of my series im working watch this space for quite a few more to come in the following year!
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did you intend the lino scratchings?!

if not thats an extreme happy accident, it all fit's.

well done.
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yea pretty nice effect!!! well i did intend it as i had done linocut before!!! but you never know untill you ink up how well its going to work out!! so yea im damn happy!! AHHHH cheers mate!
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hey man great typo work and congrats on gettin into the ISTD :+fav:
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thanks, ahhh at last i am back online and have access to a computer i can now actually do more work!! yea im soo pleased to be apart of ISTD!!!
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haha, i love typography but ive never really tried it out with letter presses or stamps, only on PS which isnt as fun =p
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awesome. just outstanding!!!
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