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Harrowing Ravenborn Azir




One color scheme was not used for any of previous Azir skins – turquoise with some blue’ish metallic elements. While doing this skin, I’ve experimented with some transparent parts of Azir and his soldier textures. If you download skin, you may notice, that soldiers are like ghosts now – they are semi-transparent. Also some of you may have feeling that this skin is more futuristic than harrowing. Well, I’ll say, that in some way this skin is both futuristic and at same time it can be for Harrowing events in League of Legends.

Another completely new thing you may notice – transparent ribbons, which are like ghosty glowing wings now. The head was used from Captain / Dark Captain skins, featuring some sort of raven theme for Azir…

Please also check out our guide how to install skins or download the Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) program here –…
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THAT looks fucking epic!