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Welcome! This group is all about Dewsaes, an open species by Pachycephalosauria . Please read below and the journal section for more info!

What ARE Dewsaes?

Dewsaes are an open species made by Pachycephalosauria . The story behind them is that when a certain, special piece of coral breaks off, it creates a being that looks animal like, but with fins. This type of coral isn't commonly seen by humans, but it exists deep in the ocean.
When it hits sunlight, the being is finally formed; either underwater or on a beach. The pieces of coral on a beach are known as Landsaes, which typically live on land- near a beach, lake, anywhere where there is water close by on land. They DO NOT have blowholes and cannot live underwater, but they can stay underwater for over 24 hours!
There are then, Dewsaes, which formed when the sunlight hits them once they're afloat or when they're somewhat near the ocean's surface. Dewsaes tend to stay in the water, only going on land if needed; although some will choose to live more on land than in water, this is rare. These Dewsaes have a blowhole, allowing them to come up for oxygen.
Dewsaes can have mates, and they can reproduce; however, they're typically not together for life, although this doesn't mean it's impossible.
Additionally, Dewsaes CAN take on the form of a human-like being. They will look like a human, however, their hands will be webbed and they will potentially have fins on their bodies, on places like their arms, feet, and waist. They lose their tail and typically refrain from taking on a human form, though.
With all that said, if you want to make your own Dewsae/Landsae, head on to rules, traits, and MYO!

So I can make my own?

Yes! You can make your own. You just have to register them in the registry, by commenting!
Founded 9 Months ago
Oct 11, 2018


28 Members
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Read it right, you can get coins in this! 
This means virtual currency within the group, that is. 

What can I do with these... "coins"?

You can get rewards from them! It can range from a free art of your sae to a custom designed sae with a never before seen trait by the groups owner, and so on. There's even more, even not to even do with Dewsaes that can be earned from this (mostly free art), so read on!
Make sure that your Dewsae is registered before you attempt to gain rewards, unless you're drawing one that is not your own.
Dewsae Masterlist/Registry

So what are the rewards again..?

Alright, here we go- the rewards are:
•Being featured on the front of the :icondewsae: page (5 coins)
•Having you featured, and your sae featured on the front of :icondewsae: (10 coins)
Change your Landsae to a Dewsae (only difference is water and blowhole) (10 points)
•Add/take away/change a trait to your dewsae(eyes, tail, etc): (15 coins)
•Free sketchy headshot of your sae from Pachycephalosauria (15 coins)
•Free lined/coloured headshot of your sae from Pachycephalosauria (20 coins)
•Free sketchy headshot of one of your characters(non sae) from Pachycephalosauria (25 coins)
•Have a humanoid form custom sae made by Pachycephalosauria (25 coins)
•Free shaded headshot of your sae from Pachycephalosauria (30 coins)
•Custom design on sae base from Pachycephalosauria (30 coins)
•Add a never before seen trait to an already made sae you own (40 coints)
•Having you featured, and your sae featured and a deviation of your choice featured on the front of :icondewsae: (50 coins)
•Custom design with original art by Pachycephalosauria (50 coins)
•Custom design with an unlisted/never seen before trait on base made by owner (80 coins)
• Get early access on any new traits to be added and be allowed to be the first to make a sae with said trait. (90 coins) 
• Get early access and first pick on sae adoptables or other smaller things in the group (100 coins)
•Allowing you to make a sae with *one* unique, unlisted never seen before trait (you can make it up!) (100 coins)

ABOVE 100 coins, VERY hard to get.

•Custom design of a Dewsae with multiple new traits ( 150 coins)
•Fullbody art of your sae (300 coins)
•Mystery box of your sae (5 art pieces randomly) (400 coins)
•Fullbody minimal shaded art of any animal character you might have (non sae) (500 coins)
•Get the role of "contributor" in the group (600 coins)
•Choose one of my open YCHs and have it be a character of your choice (sae or non sae) (700 coins)
•Choose anything but mystery box from my commission list (800 coins)
•Mystery box of ANY character you have, a custom dewsae with an unusual trait AND featured on the front page (1500 coins)

I'll add on to the list as I think of more things- feel free to suggest any rewards to add on to this list!


You get them by drawing your or somebody elses Sae! There is no set amount of coins you get every time, but below is listed a general amount of how much you'll get. You will also get coins for participating in any contests or events Dewsae group has. There are some rules first, such as:
• No using a base, tracing, heavily referencing, etc. This should be 100% your own work.
• Please ask if you wish to draw someone else's Sae
• No stealing.
• This only counts for registered saes

Uncoloured: 0.5-2 coins
Coloured: 0.7-2 coins
Shaded: 1-3 coins

Uncoloured: 1-3 coins
Flat Coloured: 2-4 coins
Shaded: 2-6 coins

Uncoloured: 1-5 coins
Flat coloured: 2-6 coins
Shaded: 4-8 coins

Rough painting: 2-4 coins
Detailed painting: 6-10 coins

Leave a comment with your art of Dewsaes to ears your coins! I will keep track at the end of this journal:


LastbutnotAlise - 4 coins

Lorasis - 4 coins
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