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Origin of Floradears

New Canvas by dewli
    Underneath God, there is a group of minor gods called Seasonal Gods. These gods have a job of roaming the earth and protecting the balance; however, like all jobs, work can get tedious and sometimes a well-deserved break is needed. To let out some steam, most use their powers to shape shift into an animal of their liking and go into isolation while others mess with humans. The few exceptions, usually the gentler gods such as the deer, look for comfort through more humanistic means, such as taking on a human lover and involving themselves in human affairs. Floradears are the product of their copulation with humans.


 New Canvas by dewli

Goddess Mother
When born to a deer goddess, Floradear are birthed as a baby deer. They stay in this form for a couple of months and slowly learn to shift into their human forms; however, their antlers and tail tend to stay in both forms. They spend the majority of their childhood in the realm of the gods or in a secluded forest protected by the goddess's powers, but when they become old enough they are sent to live on the earth (there are a few exceptions to this).

Human Mother
When born to a human mother, Floradear are regular babies, but as they grow up, their antlers or tails will begin to form. Regular humans are unable to see their deer characteristics except for their human mother. Because these women came into direct contact with a god, some of the god's powers rubbed off on them allowing for this to be possible. Some human mothers, due to a lack of information from their godly partners, don't expect or take well to the sudden growth of deer characteristics on their children, leading to more than few abandoned Floradears. Even with an explanation from their godly partners, some parents just refuse to believe. Of course there are some that continue to love their children regardless, giving them otherwise normal childhoods.


 ✿ When Floradear are born, their godly parent will come and visit them once to give them a blessing. This blessing comes in the form of the flowers that cover their hair and antlers to remind them of their godly parentage. The flowers don't come in until the antlers are fully grown. The flowers that are given to them are usually natural, but some unnatural flowers can appear as well. Unnatural flowers (such as a golden rose) happen rarely because it requires the minor god to be strong enough to create and willing enough to put in the effort to create it. It's considered a labor of love. Due to this, Floradear with unnatural flowers tend to have stronger powers as well, since more godly energy was embedded into them.

 ✿ Fawn Antlers
- A term used for Floradear with no antlers or stubs. This term is used because these deer continue to have the antlers of a fawn even as adults. Despite having smaller or no antlers, flowers will appear scattered in their hair every morning. A bit of hassle to clean every morning.

✿ Common Antlers
- The normal size antlers usually come in. Flowers can either blossom on them or just appear in their hair like fawn antlers. 

✿ Snow Antlers 
-White antlers. Floradear with these antlers tend to have stronger healing powers. The flowers that grow on their antlers are also only flowers with medicinal qualities. Sometimes ice may form on them.

✿ Decorated Antlers
-Antlers that may have decorations such as lace or gold trimmings. It is simply a physical characteristic of a Floradear that is closer to the gods in origin.

✿ Black Antlers
-Black antlers that look as if they've been melted. Floradear with these antlers are said to be met with much misfortune.

✿ Short
Like a regular deer tail. A side effect of a stronger blessing.
✿ None

✿ Flower-patterned
Faint imprints of flowers in their hair. This is more likely to occur in Floradears with fawn antlers. Also a side effect when the effect of the god/goddess's blessing is a bit stronger than usual.

-A birthmark that all Floradear are born with that was given to them as a blessing from their godly parents.They can appear anywhere on the body in the shape of flowers, leaves, and thorns. They do not have to be black or be on vines.
Markings by dewli


Other than their flowers and markings, their godly parentage also "blessed" them with small powers. Floradear born to a goddess usually have stronger powers than those who were born to human mothers.

Suggestion: The power of suggestion. Floradear can implant an idea into someone's mind, but only one at a time. To activate this skill on someone, it requires them to intensely concentrate a single thought at their target. Due to this, complicated suggestions with multiple steps are not possible. Floradears with stronger powers may be able to target more than one person at the same time and allow for more detailed instructions with less effort. Instead of thinking their idea, they can also simply speak it. 
Ex.) Directing the feeling of "Fear" at their target. This may lead the person to suddenly feel fear and thus run away or change their minds from doing something due to fear.

Luck: The power of luck. This is something that is born to all Floradears, except that the potency of this power differs depending on parentage and...luck. Generally their powers of luck only amount to small things such as finding $5 dollars on the floor occasionally or getting lucky with a multiple choice question. The very few with much stronger powers may find themselves winning the lottery, hitting the jackpot at slots, becoming famous, or in other extremely lucky encounters.

Healing: The power of healing. All Floradears tend to have a slightly faster recovery rate than regular humans. Fatal wounds can not be healed.

Transformation: The power of transformation. Floradear are able to shift into their animal forms, albeit sporadically. Generally, Floradears are unable to control this transformation, unwillingly turning into a deer whenever they are extremely sad, sick, surprised, or frightened. Those who are born from a goddess have an easier time controlling this power, but it is something they still struggle with. It's a skill that needs to be practiced for years to get a hang of and even then, mastery of it may never happen. They are able to be seen by humans in their deer form. (Kudos to rkzn-adoptarchive for this idea!)

Special: Unknown. Sometimes Floradear may develop a power with characteristics based off of their flower. For example, if their flower's meaning had something to do with love, then their power may revolve around bewitching others. This happens very rarely and is pretty much nonexistent in regular floradear. There is a slightly higher chance that one with closer origins to the gods will develop this special power; however, it may be a blessing or a curse.

Deer  by dewli

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