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Warhammer Albion - The King of the Giants

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Here we see the King of the Giants facing off against Draoiorix the king of the Truthsayers, and protector of Albion. Drawing power from the ogham stones that dot the isle to cast a powerful spell likely to distract him and send him away from a human population.  

In truth it has no name, but is called this by the folk who have the misfortune of sharing Albion with him. He is the height of a Bonegrinder Giant, he carries a titanic sacred ogham stone as a bludgeoning device, a magical necklace of man sized ogham stones, a tremendous moustache, and a belt of shields belonging to all the tiny-things it has crushed.  An immensely powerful being, the King normally frolics among his kin in the Giant's Causeway and Beast Peaks, sticking to the mountain range in the centre-North of the Isle. Descending to gather ingredients to make intoxicating beverages, or to steal from the unfortunate inhabitants of Albion. Throwing rocks at nosey ships of the various foreign races of the world attempting to make landfall (and laughing about it) is also a favourite past-time. The King has no title to lord over his brethren, he just happens to be the biggest, meanest, and hairiest, and this holds great sway in the giant world. Also he has a big smashy stick.

Draoiorix though also immensely powerful, and likely the most powerful being on the isle, does not try to subdue the giants. They are necessary to keep balance on the island, and scare away pesky invaders. But the King has a trick, it is his magical necklace of (previously) standing stones which protects him from the influences of chaos and magic spells. This does not stop him from sometimes aiding the corrupted Albion natives of Chaos that live in the North, so long as they steadily supply him and his friends with good drink. His only allegiance after all is to alcohol, and the pursuit of it. But when they run out, he adds a few more shields to his belt.
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 Now THERE'S a proper Giant - all he needs is a few warts for a Perfect 10 on the "Fairy Tale Bruiser" scale!Clap 
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 Thank You for showing us what proper Fairy Tale terrors look like at their best!Nod 
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Intriguing background-crafting. Looking forward to see some of the corrupted northerners (in kilts?), and there is a hidden story hinted at here in connection to that global campaign by GW, and the disastrous failure of keeping intruders away.

Nice Giant's Causeway scenery in the background, and particularly good spell effect! Most Warhammer. Neat work! Have spread the word around. :)
deWitteillustration's avatar
I have yet to design them! but kilts will 100% not be incorporated haha.

Thank you for the compliments and spreading it around!
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I'll say this for kilts, even though they have nothing to do with La Téne, that they sure look like vestiges from primeval times. Cheers!
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Awesome! I love you're Warhammer Albion series!
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Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it
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