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Warhammer Albion - Ternoash the Deceiver



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Dark Emissaries are naturally deceitful creatures, and as mercenaries: manipulating their hires into aiding their own machinations. None are more dastardly and Skaven-like than Tornoash, who betrayed even his own master (the daemon Be'lakor) for favour with Tzeentch. Even now he serves no-one, aside occasionally (though with no small amount of spurring) the forces of Chaos. He is more fond of wandering and collecting trinkets from the world, and of foes he has bested, all which aid him in gaining power. A head and hand of a powerful Dark Elf sorcerer who underestimated his foe, which remain animated and tied to his waist so that he may mock it, or ask for advice (by force). A skull of a Bray-Shaman. The Black Stone of Orounnos. The Dagger of Gelenth. And a gift from Tzeentch, a staff which has been ensouled with a Lord of Change that fell afoul of its master and was trapped within.  He also has a bag of disgusting treats for the road, mostly live invertebrates.

It took great time to come up with this design, so I hope you enjoy.
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Damn he looks really good ! I wouldn't try to step in his way... ^^