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Warhammer Albion - Pillar of Og Agog

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Atop the Pillar is the seat of Draoiorix (whichever form it decides to assume), the great dolmen channels the winds of magic on a far greater level than any other. From here the Truthsayers hold council, and decide the fate of the people of Albion: political disputes, interpreting religion, and law, but only things of import.  Wreathed around the clearing are gigantic trees.

To the Truthsayers, the Lore of Life is the most important of all magical disciplines. And so, trees grow to mighty heights in an adept's presence.
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 This looks like quite the site! (and quite the sight to boot).;) (Wink) 
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 Thank You for posting your work to be appreciated!Nod 
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Very nice work! :D (Big Grin) To be a drawing of wizards of your fantastic medieval universe, they are almost identical priests or Celtic druids.
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Thank you!

The land of Albion is in the Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition universe. It is not my own idea, but Games Workshop never finished creating all the races and cultures of their world before they destroyed it. Knowing a moderate amount about La Tene culture I decided to flesh out the unfinished race of Albion as a La Tene fantasy hybrid.
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There is no need, man, but recognize that if Games Workshop released to the market specifically the miniatures of those magicians and priests that appear in your work, they would be completely suitable figures to be added in the armies of almost all the Celtic peoples and tribes of the ancient Pre-Roman Europe, as you will see below on this web page:…
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Very nice and scenic! And yay for plant growth on magical steroids.
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