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Warhammer Albion - Cornu players

The Cornu is a magical war trumpet that inspires its army to feats of glory, each style has its own sound and affects the listener differently. The immense amount of work and care that goes into each one belies its importance to the people of Albion. These are not common instruments, neither is it a common man who plays them!


I wanted to combine the different styles of La Tene trumpets. But I'm not sure where I got the idea for a wrap-around. I most definitely saw it somewhere.
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Nov 3, 2019, 1:30:14 PM
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the left one has a duck beak and and a fin. yet im also seeing hyena features but can't figure out why.
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Take a look at the designs of the Carnyx, they are stylized boar.
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Curious combination of a Roman cornu and a Celtic carnyx. 
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 This looks like quite the battle of the bands!Nod 
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Very nice. Lovely detailwork as ever!

That shape screams Roman Cornu to me, but Celts maybe also used them? The Romans were always ones for sucking up outside influences like a sponge. Not my area of expertise.

At any rate, if the shape isn't la Téne at all, then you can always explain it as a remnant influence from Curious Geasar's brief Reman incursion into Albion.
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Thank you!

I know of one example of a U-shaped bronze La Tene horn yes. It's not a roman exclusive shape haha.  But neither wrapped around the body like these ones do. 
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Those are great!
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Love the dogs on her horn.
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They come from famous La Tene period pitchers!
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Slightly awesome.
...Only slightly? Confused 
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Stating that it is TOTALY awesome, would be TOO obvious.
It sort of looks like the old Roman serpent.  Very cool in any case!  I really like the ornamentation on each horn.  One could almost see ones present at certain decisive battles gaining names, and their player regarding selection as a special honor.
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