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Trenchpunk Earth Mage

Never finished, old-ish

Not the best painting, but at the time I really wanted to get the idea down. I had this idea about trenchpunk wizards in command of different elements, Welsh coal miners were sent to the most abyssal depth and they found a type of rock that was too hard to mine, but it gave them dangerous magical powers. Hard to believe that they would serve their country having been subjected to such poor conditions and then gaining these powers. Costume inspiration came from the Iconoclasts from Outer Worlds.

The guy next to him was supposed to be a wind elemental guy, he can fly and levitate stuff like telekinesis.
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Sep 5, 2021, 6:37:38 PM
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Fighter. Minefields are dangerous enough, but when you can't trust the ground beneath you that must be terrifying.

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There is alot of D&D elements in trenchpunk, it’s interesting how D&D has roots in turn with mythology- which has interesting real world parallels. The tales of angels allegedly leading people to safety is not that different from the gods working on the different sides of the trojan war. Maybe when enough time had passed, WWI would not look too different a story from the trojan wars. Heh- I wonder how a spirit/god/deity from WWI would look like. Though the only artist I can think of regarding such subject matter is Jakob Razalski. I’ve searched tons of other artists in in the time period, but it was mostly just sci-fi, not period fantasy.

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Very interesting to have elemental magic/alchemy, in the age of chemistry & psychics. Would probably be a very interesting clash/synergy. On a related note- the trenchpunk contest is over- now there’s more artists with trenchpunk as part of their tags! 🥳

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The ability to shift the ground in whatever shape you desire would be very useful in trench warfare and scary for the enemy.

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It could also be used for defense- hardening trenches, making no mans land more difficult, etc. Though I imagine this would be very tricky to depict.

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Blackadder: There's something wrong with your fiancee.

General Melchett: Oh my God, she's not Welsh, is she?!?

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I don't understand the disdain they receive from the English but it isn't so uncommon.

Looks pretty cool, there is something about elemantal magic than even if I seen it hundreds of times it nevers gets old to me.

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