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Queen of the Gardani Exodus

From my fantasy universe

This was a doodle at first but then I got carried away. I just eneded up making it the queen of the Gardani exodus.

It's interesting how our perception of normalcy is grilled into us, because if I'm depicting another culture even one that exists now do I have to put that much clothes on them? Obviously climate permitting, but otherwise not really.

She would not run again. She leads her people from the front, fully accoutred for war and splendor of her title, despite possessing a hairs-breadth of the provenance once held by her people. Whoever lives here will know they have arrived, whether it be through cooperation or violence this would be their new home.

During the cataclysmic Tide of Blood, the Gardanians were displaced from a far off kingdom in the East and were forced to migrate. Indeed they are the only culture of the Golden Cities of Faargyl to still exist. The Queen led them on a heroic journey eventually arriving to where they are now. Choosing to inhabit an island, as Askar are not sailors and thus they could keep their people safe from them. From here they would meet and war with the denizens of the island who found Gardani culture taboo to them. Despite that the queen herself did not want more warfare, they would eventually become the sole master of the large island. This would be a combination of underestimation by the local cultures and desperation on the part of the Gardani as they had nowhere left to run to.

The Tide of Blood happened over a long period of time and culminated on the attempted invasion of the lands that would become the Homena Empire. The fall of the Golden Cities (loosely affiliated but highly prosperous city states) greatly predates this. It is an unknown and undocumented span of time because the Askar wiped these cultures out did not record when it happened except the nobles and heroes of their own, who they were and very loosely when they lived. The cultures that would have written it down, the information would have been lost until someone scholarly were to find an inscription somehow and truly this is too difficult and dangerous an endeavor. The citizens of the Porcelain Keep would be the best equipped and have the most desire to do it, but they are two continents away let alone that their exact location is unknown.
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So this is basically sandalpunk? (basically all fantasy between the stone age & medieval era). You did mention clothing being culture built in- and I agree that what we consider normal is arbitrary to a point, however I did read an interesting article that compared the foraging habits of modern day hunter gathers to that of the animals living in the region, and saw a huge similarity between the two, though the article explicitly denied geographic determinism, it is interesting that culture could be explained as simply the adaptations to geography ( though the article said it didn’t include urban living due to it’s “isolating effects”)- which is why cultures are so varied, this is interesting to look at with maps- like overlaying tribal territory as it was in the past over different ecologica/geographical regions.

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idk man. it is what it is.

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Looks like some tribal warrior.