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Chief Vaia aboard her chariot

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The Chief of the Tower of Llenog, the mightiest tribe of Albion. Wielding her legendary fire-spewing spear that descended from the sun itself into the spot where the tower was later built. A present of the god of the sun, to the Albion's first and only king, to unite its people and make them mighty.  

I never really knuckled down and pursued this project hard. maybe I should have done that a year ago. I find it difficult to really push myself beyond reality into warhammerish nonsense when coming up with original ideas for Albion. How do I bring Celts into a Warhammer setting? How do I make them powerful enough to fight the other races without being broken? How do I come up with interesting fantastical units that fit into the 'verse?

Britonic Celts loved to use their chariots so it makes perfect sense to implement that into their unit roster, and if we can push it farther to the point where it is a specialty and strength that perhaps they have better chariots than other races then that also makes sense.
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This looks really cool!

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Again, an excellent drawing = a necessity for great artworks. You should experiment with acrylics, 'cuz coloured-up your work could be seriously amazing. 
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I work with gouache and watercolour when I do colour, many to see in my gallery :D
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One more hero unit might be OP, in fact it definitely would be, but if you were to use a bull as a mount it would fit for either a general or Cuchulain based hero.

Bull's of course being rather important in Irish mythology specifically and Celtic mythology more generally.
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It might be! I have gotten suggestions to add in minor characters though. I don't want to add any more chiefs though.

I wasn't aware of the importance of bulls, though I mostly study La Tene art which depicts foremost boar and deer. 
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Ah well that's the Gauls for you!

Since you're kinda combining the British-Irish mythology with the La Rene style I thought I'd suggest another Irish element. The Cattle Raid of Cooley is one of the more important Irish myths, a massive war which breaks out over a rivalry between husband and wife over who has the greatest stud bull in the land.

If you wanted a more generic hero unit then the "Cattle Raider" could work, with his mount being a big ass war bull.
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Mystical and enchanting
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 Holy Spokes, that's quite a chariot - let's hope that none of those spikes hit a friendly when the thing decelerates!
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