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All my characters reference

****EDIT: added personalities and elements!****

OC reference. :D these are ALL my OCs. (Changed some colors slightly)
***please use only this reference to refer to any of my characters***
The elements aren't all main six elements, but some are.

1) Dewdrop
talent: uses rain, from storms, to make morning dew. Spreads it with her wings by flying over the land, showering dew.
personality: shy around strangers, random around friends, funny, clumsy, quiet, happy, trustworthy, and kind.
element of: kindness

2) Sunnycloud
talent: makes bunches of storms for Dewdrop to make dew.
personality: shy, awkward, goofy, funny, patient, sweet, helpful, and generous.
element of: generosity

3) Squirrelly Nut
talent: talks to/takes care of squirrels
personality: random, bubbly, funny, goofy, energetic, and silly.
element of: joy

4) Sweets
talent: makes delicious sweets and candies.
personality: smart, funny, social, bubbly, and happy.
element of: intelligence

5) Volley
talent: pro at sports, especially volleyball.
personality: social, athletic, energetic, honest(brutally honest sometimes), strong, brave, and witty.
element of: honesty

6) Blossom
talent: makes mane-wear of all kinds. 
personality: sweet, friendly, talkative, entertaining, and fun.
element of: laughter

7) Moonlight Mist
talent: creating mist ponies (ponies made of mist. Do not make them a pony species without my permission).((Moonlight made her daughter, Whispering Wonder, when a blast of magic hit the mist pony she was creating))
personality: quiet, lonely, brave, secretive, loyal, mysterious, and protective.
element of: bravery

8) Fizzy Soda
talent: makes some of the best fizzy drinks in all of equestria.
personality: bubbly, funny, talkative, happy, friendly, strong, and tough.
element of: happiness

9) Tango
talent: excellent dancer.
personality: agile, flexible, energetic, nice, sweet, and blunt.
element of: energy

10) Rosy Ripples
talent: green thumb, farming. Loves her prized Rose bushes.
personality: stubborn, green, down to earth, happy, talkative, and strong.
element of: earth 

11) Whispering Wonder
talent: can speak to mist ponies
personality: shy, quiet, curious, mysterious, confused, and timid.
element of: mystery

12) Paint Splatter
talent: makes abstract art by splattering paint onto a canvas.
personality: happy, bubbly, fierce, brave, fast, talkative, and overwhelming.
element of: creativity

13) Blue Pine
talent: can climb any tree he can find.
personality: brave, strong, fierce, stubborn, fast, irritable, and headstrong.
element of: fire

these are all my OCs ***DONT STEAL***
Art by: me
OCs are: mine
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Thats really cool how your elements are :D
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holy cow! i wish i could draw half as good as you, especially when it comes to ponies! I only have one or two ponies, i wish they looked this neat!
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wow, would you be willing to draw one of my ocs, or would i have to pay you to, because i have no points...?
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Sorry. Point commissions only. But my commissions don't open til June 6th so, if you can save til then, I'll do it ^^
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yes, thank you, i hope i can earn some points by that time, but thanks for at least letting me know about the commisions.
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