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bLend v0.0.0.1

renders transparency to windows

running smooth on win 2000,xp,vista

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How to uninstall this?

Couldn't install Aero Glass on Windows 8.1 to save my life. But your solution works:OThanks:O:O

download not working

could you maybe release source code? i'm trying to do something like this myself because this app is a little bugged but i just can't make it work as well as you did (¬‿¬)

ok how to download this?
Clever approach.  Compared to Glass2k and eXtra buttons...I prefer this method as it's less intrusive and glitchy (2k sometimes stutters on right-click), Extra is clever for on-demand but personally don't need the Extras (close 2nd).
Thank you!  Coupled with Moo0, nice!
So I accidentally set my transparency to 100% when adjusting bar, is there a way to fix this? Since its at 100%, cant see any windows including the window for the bLend proporties -_- sigh.
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with the blend turned off you enter
go to-> task bar setting -> choose taskbar  ->  select which icon appear  on  the taskbar -Turn on  blend

launch  blend ,aun right click suspend ->  modify   global blending and  wuala
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I mistakenly set to  have a total transparency .. OMG. cant see any window.Please tell me how to rest the Blend tool.Thanks in advance.
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I'm not too savvy with Windows classes, is there a way to just make the title bars transparent, using this?  Having entire windows transparent is extremely confusing.  I should also add that I'm using this on Windows 10 Home, build 1607 (or whatever build it is lol)
gonna give it a try
It's super-cool actually.
But in the Windows 8.1 which I'm running, it only applies transparency to the processes *already running*; so if I run a new program it won't be transparent unless I suspend/resume the bLend app.

Anyone else has this issue?
Have you tried to add a rule for that application to see if that does anything?
Just the other day, after a windows update, my windows leave a ghost mark after i close or minimize them. If I click the desktop(or whatever area that has the ghost image) it refreshes and disappears. I think it has something to do with an efficiency or energy saving attempt on the OS to not refresh a background running screen until the user clicks on it. IDK. Ironically, I can't screen shot this, because it doesn't show. So windows is unaware when screen shotting.
Rules only apply when I suspend/resume.
Even when I start the bLend nothing is transparent until suspend/resume. :(
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zobaczę co to za cudo jest....
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Maaaaaannn!!! :) i want to buy you a double-size ice cream-making machine

this wont remove in my tray so how do i remove it i want it to uninstall.
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