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Pitchblack - Chrome theme

By devrexster
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First theme for Google's new web browser - Chrome

Comments and favs are welcome. Rememberit is the first ever theme to be created for Chrome

Want to create more themes read here : [link]


download attached zip, extract default.dll to following folder

for vista : x:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes\

for xp : x:\Documents and Settings\*Usename*\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\\Themes\
© 2008 - 2021 devrexster
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not working with new versions
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Very nice one !

With the update, the reshacked data dont hav the same name...

The tuto you give is for an older update.

Could you help me ? I just need to edit the 9103 picture, but in the last update, the whole category begins at 10567
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Great theme (my favorite colors), thanks!
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Excellent work Dev - might just have to check out what all this Chrome business is about... ;)
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Google Chrome is Blaaaaaazzzzing fast is why I like it. Try it u will love it - altho without adblock, I dont know whether it will appeal to u - but u wud surely love its speed.

We even have a Mac theme here: [link]
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U proved it again dude
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Awesome. Thanks.
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Specifically the maximize and close button, also notice the address bar has two dark lines above/below. The new tab button could use some refinement as well. (Not to bash it, but i'm looking foward to rev. 2, as well as new themes that will surely be forthcoming!)
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nice, i'm loving chrome. your theme is nice, but the buttons need a bit of work, i think
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Hahaha that was quick! :D And I love chrome!
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i downloaded it yesterday, its freakin awesome. Im gonna use it as my standard browser.

And i like how fast it got its first 3rd party theme ^^
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Awesome! I just started using Google Chrome. <3 it seems like your the firs to make a theme for it! (Might be wrong.) and thanks!
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