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DExposE2 .Expose for Vista

Expose clone that has more features than
any current one.(for example: Interactive windows etc.)

DExposE2 homepage :

Build date : 29.12.2008
© 2008 - 2021 devrexster
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sir i have this problem. i use coreldraw plus i play some games that require the buttons F9, F10, and F11...

is there a way that i can disable them?

thanks a lot for the cool soft ;)
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Go to this registry key


and set it to false.
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Scoured for solutions to this problem.Thanks a lot! :D
Another question, is there a way to make the background, based on ./Overlayer/taplets.png span across the whole preview? It looks better IMO
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u can increase font size in settings ... but i get wat u r asking, no i dont think it can be done :(
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cool! thank you so much for your patience with this software! :D

i'm not having problems with it except that my video card doesn't support it...

other than that, no problems whatsoever!
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just noticed, i was using this on xp! :lol:
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You should only add two things:
1) You should be able to use the hot corners for everything (activate screensaver, show desktop, shortcuts, ...)
2) You should add the effect as in mac when you go to desktop (like that all the windows fly to the sides of the screen)

But, I use Dexposé2 for a while now, and I really, really like it. It's the best exposé for windows that I could find. Great Job!
i dont get it exactly wot iis it
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Its a task switching app with the animation like in Apple's Mac OS. But this is for windows.

This version has many bugs - a new version is due this week.
Thx alot Lord Devrexster! This is really Rockn Roll!
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It is oooold !! If u are on Vista give a try to Switcher.
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did you fix the hotspot stuff?

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Just installed it at work. But it seems to have trouble with a multi-monitor setup. On my primary screen I get to see the stuff shown in the link.


My secondary screen just flickers on expose.

Any thoughts?
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Ya this problem has been reported many times.

The greatest problem is I am not getting time these days to concentrate on the apps I did :( However I will put all these problems right once I get some time.

BTW, if u have aero enabled then u may want to give a try to Switcher.
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Unfortunately (or fortunately, I don't really know ;-)), I don't use Vista. So I will just patiently wait for a new version of DExposE for my XP. In the meantime I will settle with Reflex Vision at work.
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Is it possible to show the window icon (enlarged) inside the middle of the preview? (sometimes I have trouble finding some exposed window between the average number of 7 windows)

Another possibility may be coloring the preview windows in a specific transparant color per application (a user customizable setting per application). For example, green for a file manager, red for a browser, blue for an email client etc.

A little something like this?
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I like it a lot! However, I wonder if one can select an expose window by pressing alt-tab multiple times. I'm able to expose the windows with alt-tab but by pressing a second time DExposE2 just selects the window the mouse is hovering over. Thus, I am forced to select the window by mouse. I would be nice if this could be done by pressing alt-tab multiple times.

cycosis mentioned mouse and keyboard lagging when running DExposE2 (even when not exposing windows). I can confirm that. Hope you can figure out the problem! (btw, I have a AMD Turion X2 processor and 2GB RAM)

Keep up the good work. It's appreciated!
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Thanks for adding it to ur favs!!
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hi there, is there any other place i can download the portable version from?

as i don't have an account on aqua-soft so i can't download it it
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look for DExposE2 Reloaded thread on winmatrix

U have a different link there for the portable version.
i'm having problems, i'n my vista sp1.

the default key won't work since they activate the flip3d and the other default tab key for windows, how to disable it
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double-click on systray icon and go to
"Behaviour" to adjust activation settings ;)
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Jeez - that was a bloody quick answer, man! Thanks for the info... :)
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