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Submission Rules LAST UPDATE: DECEMBER 25, 2016

Your cooperation is necessary in order for us to give your work a full, fair and timely review. Please peruse and follow these guidelines carefully.

Members can submit 1 deviation per day, unless otherwise specified. Series of several similar images are not accepted. Please choose your best work and submit that.

Photos which have been already rejected can't be submitted again.

Submissions need 5 positive votes to get accepted, unless otherwise specified. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we may not be able to respond to queries about specific rejections.

Basic requirements

We only accept photographic submissions. If your work combines different resources, they all must be photographs, or parts of photographs (no use of computer-generated media is allowed, such as overlayed text, fractals, vector graphics, digital drawing/painting, textures, etc., except for watermarks). Animations (videos, cinemagraphs, stop motion, time-lapse, etc.) are not allowed.

You must be the author of the work you submit. If your work combines different resources, you must be the author of each of them (no use of stock, licensed or non-proprietary images is allowed). If you are a model, though, you're allowed to submit photos which portray you, as long as you're given permission by the author. Submitting somebody else's work without permission will cause a permanent ban.

What kind of photos are accepted?

We're open to new work in all photographic based media, subjects and styles. We look for artists who have a mastery of the photographic medium, demonstrate vitality and originality in expression, excellence in composition, and have a lively imagination.

We seek after photos you want to come back to for a second time, photos which are moody and tell a story, photos that stand out. On average, we accept only 1/20th of all submissions, so don't feel down if one of yours is not.

What kind of photos are not accepted?

Photos with poor technical quality, with no other aspects to compensate for it, are not accepted. Grain, blur, cut arms and legs, tilts and other imperfections can sometimes enhance a photo, but there should always be a point in using a certain effect.

Photos with a too big watermark are not accepted (this includes the deviantART watermark).

Photos that are only documentary are not accepted. Please try to find a new creative twist when you photograph something, for example with an interesting angle, composition, lighting, symbolism or something else added to the original motif.

Common themes — such as sunsets, butterflies, roses, lonely trees, pets, tourist attractions, etc. — need to be outstanding and technically flawless to be accepted.

Zoo-photos, where it's obvious that the photo is not shot in nature but there is no special point of it being shot in a zoo, are not accepted.

Photos of sculptures, paintings, posters or other artwork are not accepted unless given a deeper meaning, since the photographer is not the original artist.

Self portraits are not accepted, unless they are unusually creative.

Product shots, logos and other shots with a typical commercial style are not accepted because they are not considered artistic here.

Photographs with mature content must have the mature filter or they will not be accepted.

Pornographic material or very repulsive photos are strictly prohibited, submitting such photos will cause a permanent ban.


These guidelines may change from time to time. When we update them in a material way, a notice will be posted on the blog page. We reserve the right to remove any previously accepted submission at any time for any reason from the group gallery.

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DawidRayFriebe's avatar
Just have a one question... Do you have some requirements about how big watermarks can be? I mean I don't like big watermarks, but the word "big" may be interpreted in a very various meanings... I use watermarks like that on the pic:… is it okay? ;>

Thanks for accepting my request! Arigato Gozaimashita! Woohooooo! 
FrancescaDelfino's avatar
Your watermark is small, imo.
DawidRayFriebe's avatar
Thanks! It makes me feel definitely more comfortable here! :)
When I capture sth very very interesting, I'll try to share it with all those devPREMIUM pro photographers alongside theirs amazing content ;D
FrancescaDelfino's avatar
JenniferMowry's avatar
I'm very new to groups on DA and I believe critiques are the best way to improve... I would love to know what people liked/didn't like about my submission! The group FAQ states that "Individual Reviewers may at their discretion provide feedback on request." Is this the right place to ask for such a request?

Thank you for your time.
UnderTheBondi's avatar
For any group, you have to make your request for feedback in the submission itself.
You'll see, under the status ("Withdraw", "Accepted" or "Declined") a set of blue letters that usually say "No comments".
If you click there, you'll be redirected to the submission comment section and there you can request for feedback.
I hope I helped you.
Oh, it says 2014, not 2015... My bad. I guess in one year you already know this.
SimonWasTaken's avatar
Im sorry if i ask that and its already in the text but since english is not my first language im not sure if it is.
Do i get a message if a picture i subbmitted gets rejected ?
Ch3rriCh3rry's avatar
well if that's the case is true seems like a waste of time to even be associated with this group if only 1 out of 20 people are considered good enough to be accepted.

Maybe instead of denying everyone's art, maybe you should just upright deny them when they try to join rather than giving false hope to people here c:
UnderTheBondi's avatar
Well, that's one way to see it... I don't think I have one single piece of work that fits this group (comparing to what I see here), but it's still worth a try...
Think of it as a challenge, not as false hope... 10 votes to be accepted is a lot. If you get them, that will also mean that your picture got to ten very demanding people...
And no, I'm not affiliated with this group in any way, unless as a regular member... Was just reading the comments here...
ThrashingZombie's avatar
I agree with you completely..
Einsilbig's avatar
People are here to enjoy and consume the pictures, too.
It´s not all about submission.

And yes, I guess 1 out of 20 might be an appropriate guess.
There are plenty other groups who are not that stringent.

Azaia's avatar
I was just curious, since I don't think that it is in the rules, do you send out replies just saying "we did not accept you art" without any explanation given, or do you just reply for the ones you accept? Thanks!
artin2007's avatar
Your limited scope - photography only - esp. given the major league
artists on DA, working in traditional media, and digital manipulation,
just to mention two of the most important communities,
is much too limited for my taste. And, I notice, that VERY FEW
of your photographers are world-class, period. If I want to see
world-class photography, I go to Flickr, where non-decorative
photography gets recognition by peers and the general public.
Thanks in any case.
Einsilbig's avatar
I wish you also a happy new year 2014,


stellartcorsica's avatar
Hi!I'm french so I'm not sure to understand everything but I think I've understood that photomanip is not allowed with the use of textures, or when it's painted is that right?
Thanks per advance ;)
malaugusto's avatar
Yes, that's right :thumbsup:
kparks's avatar
Your FAQ states that "Individual Reviewers may at their discretion provide feedback on request." Is it possible to find out which reviewers voted for or against my submissions, so I can request feedback?
malaugusto's avatar
Hi Keith,

The best way to follow the screening process for your submissions is to keep the correspondence message that you get everytime you submit to the group.
I've sent you a note with the links to retrieve all the correspondence messages you've got so far.

kparks's avatar
I replied to the Note.
JenniferMowry's avatar
I know this post is over a year old, but does this still apply? I'm very new to groups on DA and I believe critiques are the best way to improve... I would love to know what people liked/didn't like about my submission!

Thank you for your time.
kparks's avatar
You should post this question directly as a Comment, rather than as a Reply to my Comment. Otherwise the group Admins might not see it. (Hope that makes sense)
JenniferMowry's avatar
torivarn's avatar
I'm wondering about what this group policy is in regards of HDR. I understand that it would need to be moody and exceptional, but is this a subject to alot of rejections?
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