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Frequently Asked QuestionsLast Update: DECEMBER 25, 2016


Do I need to be a premium member to join the group?

No, all photographers are welcome to join and contribute their art.

If you're not a photographer but enjoy good pictures, feel free to watch the group.


How many deviations am I allowed to submit?

Members can submit 1 deviation per day, unless otherwise specified. Series of several similar images are not accepted. Please choose your best work and submit that.


What kind of pictures are accepted/rejected?

We look for photos you want to come back to for a second time, photos which are moody and tell a story, photos that stand out. Please read here for more information.

On average, we accept only 1/20th of all submissions, so don't feel down if one of yours is not.

We always reject:

  • Non-photographic submissions;
  • Photos with a too big watermark;
  • Pornographic material.

We usually reject, unless they are unusually creative:

  • Photos with poor technical quality;
  • Photos that are only documentary;
  • Self portraits;
  • Product shots and pictures with a typical commercial style.


My photo was not accepted. Why is there no explanation provided?

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we may not be able to respond to queries about specific rejections. Individual Reviewers may at their discretion provide feedback on request.


My photo was featured in a blog entry but then rejected when I tried to submit it to the group gallery. How is that possible?

Our blog features are run by single moderators with the purpose of highlighting the newest deviations which are worth checking out. On the contrary, our gallery is meant to be a showcase of the most creative deviations of all time, so your submissions to the group gallery need to compare favourably with the whole gallery content and require at least ten positive votes to be accepted.


What are the Weekly Vitamins and how are they chosen?

Once a week we select five submissions from the previous weeks and put them to the vote to elect a Weekly Vitamin. For editorial purposes all the entries must:

  • have a minimum width of 600 pixels;
  • be borderless.


I have improved a photo. Can I submit it again?

If you have made major improvements to a photo, you are allowed to submit it again. However, photos which have been rejected in the first place are rarely accepted on the second try.


How can I be of help, other than submitting my work?

We're constantly looking for great pictures and talented artists to show off. So, feel free to invite new members and suggest us any work or person you believe is worth being featured.

Your commenting on the blog entries is greatly appreciated. You're also welcome to report us any information or news that might be of interest for the members of the group.


I have a question not covered by this FAQ. How can I get support?

If you have any further question or need help, feel free to send us a note.

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