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devPinoys is a group of talented Filipinos here in :devart: contributing their work and art for the sake & love of ART; not to compete, but to show and prove the passion & true talent of Pinoys. Our pride is not only in ourselves but more so in our fellow artists of the Pinoy bloodline! :heart:
So what are you waiting for? Come and join us! :eager:
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To All Groups who Affiliated with us, Feel Free to use our Chatroom as your Official Channel. :heart:


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Makasta a dadarrammat! ("Magandang umaga" sa Gaddang, ang aking unang wika.)
How has everyone been? Between the pandemic and deviantART launching Eclipse, this website is probably not the place to be to escape the stresses of real life.
Some of you may have noticed that group submissions have been taking longer to get accepted/denied since Eclipse was rolled out to all users on 20 May. This is not because I have been ignoring the group, but because site navigation has changed so drastically so that I have to go to the group page to access the group's message centre instead of seeing it in my regular notifications pane.
I will do my best to remember checking devPinoys' inbox as often as possible, but you are free to send me a note or a profile comment if it's taking too long for your deviation to get accepted or denied.
Thank you very much for your patience!
Kamusta sa inyo

We from the DevPinoy Team would like to invite all all you members of :icondevpinoys: to join us in our community chat at Discord. And Yes we have a Discord Channel now!! the channel name is #devpinoy. Here is the channel link so that you can easily enter the discord channel ===>

Please do Join the chat community.

Also for problems regarding Gallery Submissions, Expired Submissions, group page problems, features.... We have a ticketing system now and it is located at our discord Channel. Here is the implementing rules for it


Hello Everyone, we are implementing ticketing system :tickets: in this server for all the things that needed to be resolve. such as

:bulletred: Problems in the chat. Ex.: A fight, quarrel, infringements of rules, trolls invading, spammers and flooders, hackers and malicious persons

:bulletred: Questions and Queries regarding the chatroom.

:bulletred: Problems in Gallery on Ex: Submission Problems, expired submission, wrong folder, cannot find the folder, decline submissions

:bulletred: Questions regarding Includes questions in gallery, announcements, members and such

:bulletred: Discord problems, inclusive only on the devpinoy channel, for the main discord problems, please refer to their help channel or the :question:  icon on the upper right corner of your screen. Ex.: Channel joining problems, artjams questions, Art Gallery Channels problem, Bot problems


To Submit a Ticket:


+new <to gallery mod or to chat mods> <insert reason for the ticket>

And yes you can only address them to the gallery mods or the chat mods, not to the admins
Non-compliant tickets will be disregarded.

You can wait for the maximum of 7 days for the responses, but Im sure it can be accommodated as soon as possible.

Here is also the Chat rules posted in the Discord Channel Brought to you by :iconbw0b:

This is a server geared towards the community of devPinoys from DeviantArt, an almost-all pinoy community  

Server Rules

:bulletblack:Nick Names Please have your nickname be either your Deviantart IGN or at least in brackets at the end.
This allows everyone to easily invite you and know who you are.
If you dont have one, at least put a proper nickname (i am not calling you pilandok, mark)
Format should be - Discord/deviantart name (real/fake/nickname)

:bulletblack:Respect the Mods and Leaders!
The team of Mods and Leaders are here to help make this place a nice community for deviantart/devpinoys we all enjoy and love.
Do not dispute with what they say.
We keep track of warnings given and having too many will get you kicked.

:bulletblack:Use the appropriate channels!
Channels are there for a reason!
Please use them like they should be used.

:bulletblack:Be courteous in the voice chats.
Having a ton of background noise, screaming, being loud, etc. is not acceptable.
It is not nice to other peoples ears, and will get your voice permissions removed.

:bulletblack:Politics, religion, spam and insults are all unacceptable topics on this server.
Do not talk about these here.
We are a community built around devPinoy and DeviantArt pinoy channels.
These are not subjects of these channels.
Take it to private messages if needed.

:bulletblack:Self Promotion
Promoting yourself here is fine, as long as you put it in the right places. And dont spam.

:bulletblack:Have fun!
We all here want to have a good experience here on this server.
We all have opinions and want to voice them, but remember to have fun, and always have CommonSense.exe running.

:bulletblack:No Hate Speech:
Using words like gay as an insult or other similar verbage will get you a warning or ban depending on severity.
This is an inclusive server(Except you can make fun of Nazi's fuck


Also. We Are Still Recruiting Moderators!

For all who wanted to join the admin crew, please note me pilandok or devPinoys for the application

What we need?

Gallery Operators a help for submissions and taking care of the management of our gallery so that it wont fall into chaos

Chat Operators For the Chatroom!!!  BUHAYIN ANG CHATROOM PROJECT

Qualification should be:

2 years + in deviantart
1 year in devpinoy
not a power tripper
an ear to hear
and always ready


Name: (real name)
Years in Deviantart:
Years member in Devpinoy

Applying for: (example Gal Op; Chat Op)

For Gal Op
Any experience in gallery operations?
What is the hardest thing you have encountered from doing gallery or admin job/s?
Do you have time for checking submissions?
What is important, quantity or character?

For Chat Op
Experience in chat operations?
Do you know the commands in the chatroom?
Do you have a long patience?
What can you do to revive the chatroom?

Lastly For all
Why should we include you to the team?


I forgot to mention this:

We have new Moderators in our group Please Congratulate

:iconbw0b:  Chat Admin

Chat Moderators
:iconsinagtala: :iconvainblood:  
:icondinggydoo: :iconaim-full:

Gallery moderator
:iconmonjoc: (reinstated)

Welcome them with love and affection

we are still recruiting

Thank you
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Digital Paintings Original Illustrations II
[Commission by jade-king] Lucien Cain by dotpapercrowndot
KOMI - Self Portrait by KomiAnimations
Japanese HighSchool Girl by KomiAnimations
Red String of Fate by ayasachan
Digital Painting and Original Illustrations
Gothic White Rabbit Outfit by darkmotives
Chibi Darky wanna do Art commissions by darkmotives
Fun Creature by Wikipedia
Elijah by Wikipedia
Digital Drawings and Original Art
Bayanihan by Abremson
Move like Jaeger by aerlixir
Ayane by JRAS22
Knight of the Night by shiki2704
Traditional Media
Chan by terin814
SEVY by terin814
He is Risen! by minidynz
Muthaland by DareWrek
Vector and Vexel Art
Alternate History Logo: GioSangka (since 2005) by ramones1986
Alternate History Logos: Selecta (Kawi) by ramones1986
AH Stop Signage: Province of Samar (in Kawi) by ramones1986
HTF 21st Anniversary by Xtianzarts
Manga and Comics
The most cursed pictures to ever come from the web by AldrineRowdyruff

Mature Content

(REQUEST) Blossom's sailor mouth by AldrineRowdyruff
When it's so hot outside the pool water evaporates by AldrineRowdyruff
Kirby is a REALLY heavy sleeper by AldrineRowdyruff
Fan Art and Licensed Characters I
VALORANT: Jett by MonjoC
Sketch: Jett by MonjoC
Genshin Impact Ganyu Fanart by Veaufenni
Lady Alcina Dimitrescu by Veaufenni
Don't stop looking - by heart-WORM
Years go by and nothing's slowing down the time by heart-WORM
People always tell me this is part of the plan. by heart-WORM
Just 'cause you can't see it by heart-WORM
Graphic Arts and PhotoManipulations
You okay, Bubbles? by AldrineRowdyruff
Halloween collaboration 2020 | Safe Halloween by snitchpogi12
Halloween collaboration 2020 | Safe and Spook by snitchpogi12
Mythtech Apparel_ Zeus v1 by pangahas
He's Kirby and you're watching Disney Channel by AldrineRowdyruff
Literary Pieces
Tiny Toon Adventures in Theme Song TerrorOne day at the Warner Bros. studio, all of the Tiny Toons characters were having a break in the rehearsal room, one minute before shooting their intro for the umpteenth time. Buster was eating a carrot placed between a hotdog bun and Babs was slurping up a carrot smoothie."Say, Babs, got any plans for the weekend? Like, uh, going to Weenie Burger? Shopping at Acme Mall? Grabbing a pizza at Bombino's Pizza?", asked Buster as he finished up his snack."I pick Acme Mall, 'cause I've saved up enough allowance to buy myself a new dress!", Babs replied gleefully as she also finished up the smoothie. "After all, who doesn't love a bunny in a blouse?", she said as she put on puppy dog eyes."Eh, for me, I'll buy myself a new pair of pants, since that animator in the first episode only gave me a shirt to pass the censors", Buster quipped as he looked down at his legs.Just then, the director busted in to inform the Tiny Toons that shooting was about to commence in a few seconds."Alright, fellas, let's get a move on! We can't have an intro without characters! Hurry!", he yelled out as the young toons were startled by his announcement.Buster turned his attention to Babs and said, "Well, the intro's the most important part of the show, Babsie, and we don't wanna miss it! Now come on!"."You betcha, Buster!", Babs agreed, and with that, the Tiny Toons then all ran out of the rehearsal room, trampling and flattening the director in the process."Note to self, never stand in front of a crowd of running toons...", the director groaned as he peeled off from the floor like a loose sticker.Shooting has now begun, and the director then cues "And... action!", starting the intro.The Warner Bros. shield appears and zooms away from the screen and into the distance like it should, then the Tiny Toon Adventures logo then fades into view as Buster and Babs pop out to sing their lines.♫We're tiny,We're toony...♫Then the rest of the characters appeared from all directions of the screen, singing with Buster and Babs.♫We're all a little looney!And in this cartoony, we're invading your TV!♫The screen then zoomed out to reveal the entire thing on a TV, and the characters (sans Buster and Babs) tried to escape from the TV, but they were so crowded that they got stuck. Montana Max grunted as he tried to budge himself out, but to no avail."Hey, what gives?!? Move it, you jerks!", Monty cried out to the other characters as he tried to budge himself out further."Oh brother...", Buster remarked with concern, then prepared to push the other characters out as Babs joined him. "Alright, Babsie, on the count of three, we push 'em all out! Ready?", Buster told Babs as he held his palms against the other toons."Ready!", Babs complied, and she and Buster then proceeded to push their crowded friends with all their might. "One... two... three!".On that last word, the two rabbits then successfully got the other Tiny Toons unstuck, though it caused them to fly everywhere, and Plucky was thrown right into the camera."Ow...", Plucky moaned in pain as he slid off the camera to reveal the next scene with Buster and Babs preparing to attack themselves with a seltzer can and a cherry cream pie.♫We're comic dispensers,We crack up all the censors!♫Buster then popped out of the TV to literally shatter the laughing censors like glass with a tiny hammer, but instead, he actually ended up whacking the female censor in the nose!"Ouch! My nose!", the female censor cried out painfully as she covered her bruised nose, all while the other censors and Buster looked on in shock. The blue rabbit giggled in guilt and shrugged."Sorry", Buster apologized sheepishly as he decided to strike the wall behind them instead, and this time, it shattered like normal, revealing the Tiny Toons logo again. Buster and Babs popped out dressed as a doctor and a nurse, respectively.♫On Tiny Toon Adventures, get a dose of comedy!♫Next, we pan across Acme Acres, the scene going like it normally should.♫So here's Acme Acres, it's a whole wide world apart!Our home sweet home, it stands alone, a cartoon work of art!♫The shot then fades to a painting of Acme Acres, zooming out as Buster and Babs show up, dressed like sophisticated art critics, and again, nothing wrong happens here. Plucky's hand then comes into view to peel away the shot like paper, revealing the next scene showing him on a pier, doing some work on a typewriter.♫The scripts were rejected...♫However, when Plucky tried to pull out a rejected script, it was jammed in the typewriter. "Hmmm...", Plucky pondered as he inspected the stuck piece of paper. "I think we have a paper jam here...".So after spitting saliva into his hands and rubbing them, the green duck then clenched the paper and tried with all his might to yank it out, even going as far as to stand on the typewriter to exert more force against the paper. Finally, the paper unjammed and Plucky was sent flying offscreen, crashing into some offscreen props. He returned nonchalantly and propped himself back on his seat to type.♫Expect the unexpected!♫Right on cue, the giant Plucky head popped out of the typewriter to sing that line, this time startling Plucky so badly that he fell backwards in his chair, much to the giant head's surprise. The logo then dropped down in front of the shot.♫On Tiny Toon Adventures, it's about to start!♫Next, the shot of Babs' home appeared as Babs and Buster jumped in to take off their suits.♫They're furry, they're funny,They're Babs and Buster Bunny!♫Unfortunately, Babs' Buster suit had its zipper stuck, and while she was struggling to get it off, Buster also had a hard time removing his Babs suit."Hnngh! Darn thing!", Babs exclaimed as she tried in vain to get the zipper down to the bottom of her suit. "I think I have a problem...", Buster said muffled as he attempted to get his suit off, and eventually he managed to do it, then he looked at Babs, who was dealing with her predicament."Um... Buster? A little help here?", Babs asked, still trapped in her Buster suit. "Not to worry, Babsie! I'll help ya!", Buster proclaimed as he tried with all his might to pull down the zipper, but with no luck. Then, he pulled out a small stick of butter, rubbed it on the zipper and tried again. The zipper finally opened from the butter grease and freed Babs from her suit."I'm alive! I'm alive!!", Babs cried out with joy as she felt herself and then fell on her knees, acting quite melodramatically as she continued to speak. "Oh, thank goodness I'm alive! I could've suffocated to death if it weren't for you, Buster! I'M ALIVE!!!! YES, BABY, YES!!!!".Buster glanced at her and the reader, sighed and nonchalantly said, "Next scene, mac...".Montana Max's mansion then appears with a pile of cash in the foreground, and Monty pops out, wielding some dollars in his fists with a proud, sinsiter look on his face.♫Montana Max has money!♫We then cut to Elmyra's yard, where Elmyra is seen hugging Buster and Babs tightly.♫Elmyra is a pain!♫The next scene shows Hamton vacuuming inside his house.♫Here's Hamton...♫Plucky then tried to burst out of the vacuum cleaner's bag, but this time, he couldn't and instead was struggling and mumbling."I've broken lots of vacuum cleaners during the many times we shot our intro, but this one is a pretty resilient fellow!", Plucky exclaimed as he was stuck in the bag."Here, let me help you, Plucky...", said Hamton as he brought out a swiss army knife and sliced part of the bag, finally allowing Plucky to pop out and sing the next line.♫...and Plucky!Dizzy Devil's yucky!♫Dizzy Devil then popped out of the bag as well and spun like a tornado, bringing in the shot of Furrball out in the meadow, sniffing a daisy as a shadow grew over him.♫Furrball's unlucky...♫The piano then crashed down to the ground, but it had missed Furrball and landed beside him instead! Furrball was startled by this and took a look at the fallen piano, then shrugged and continued sniffing the flower. The shot of Gogo Dodo dancing in Wackyland then showed up.♫And Gogo is insane!♫Gogo then took out his mallet, but the mallet's head fell off, leaving him to hit himself with the handle instead."Hey!", Gogo exclaimed as he looked at the handle of his mallet. "I think my mallet's worn off! But it's okay, since I can split myself into several tiny Gogos anyway!".On the end of his sentence, Gogo then turned into five little clones of himself. The shot of Acme Looniversity then appears.♫At Acme Looniversity, we earn our toon degree,The teaching staff's been getting laughs since 1933!♫Inside the classroom, Daffy Duck stands atop a step ladder, holding an anvil over Elmer Fudd, and Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig are on the floor with him. All of them are wearing professor caps.Babs and Buster then take their seats, and Daffy then rushes down the ladder to pose with the other Looney Tunes, leaving the anvil in the air above Elmer. As the students then grin at us, the anvil drops down on Elmer, sending him through the floor, but unfortunately, it also caused several cracks to develop across the floor, all while everyone witnessed this."Uh oh...", Babs piped out worriedly."This can't be good...", Buster said with a "this is gonna suck" look on his face.The floor then collapsed, taking the characters with it. The final scene then slides in from the right, and Buster and Babs slide into each other to sing the final lines, looking quite ragged and bruised. The other characters then pop up behind the rabbits to sing along with them, with Plucky also looking injured since he was involved in the incident with the floor collapsing in the previous scene.♫We're tiny, we're toony.We're all a little looney!♫The logo then appeared one last time, sliding in from the left, and Buster and Babs popped out to finish the song.♫It's Tiny Toon Adventures,Come and join the fun!And now our song is done!♫The intro is now over. "And... cut!", cried out the director as the cameraman stopped rolling. "Alright, folks, let's see how this thing turned out!".The director then replayed the footage of the blundered theme song, and Buster gulped with fear, since he knew that he and his friends ended up ruining the intro."Well, Babs, we really messed up big time", said Buster worriedly towards his pink-furred friend. "If the director takes a look at the footage, we're gonna kiss our jobs goodbye!"."Oh, Buster!!!", cried Babs as she grasped onto Buster's legs. "I don't wanna be fired! I'm too young to be fired!!"."I'm sorry, Babs, but I'm afraid it's too late...", sighed Buster. He and the other Tiny Toons then closed their eyes anxiously, ready to face a big chewing out from the director for their goof-ups, but instead..."Funny! Hilarious! Comedic! Hysterical! Priceless! Side-splitting! Amusing! Comical! Uproarious! Entertaining! And it's good, too", the director commended the footage, much to the surprise of the Tiny Toons."So, uh... we're not getting fired?", asked Buster, determining if the director was sincere about his statement."Absolutely not!", the director replied with pleasure. "All of you did a marvelous job! This is gonna be in the Tiny Toons blooper reel!""Wait a minute?!?", Plucky exclaimed, looking pretty outraged. "We botched the entire intro, all for a stupid blooper reel?!?""Exactly, Plucky", replied the director. "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got other work to do...", he said as he marched out the door with the footage in hand, but then peeked out to inform the toons, "Oh, and you can go home now".Outside the studio, the Tiny Toons strolled out, heading home."Oh, Plucky, that sure was a crazy day!", Buster told his green duck friend. "Boy, I can't wait until that blooper reel gets released to the public!"."Yeah, in your dreams, rabbit!", Plucky muttered under his breath towards Buster.The End.
Animation, Movies and Film
(ART TRADE, Animation) Gabe's birthday card by AldrineRowdyruff
Tutorials, References and Base
[Com] 2 by ryon-art
Emoticons, Stamps, Avatar
Whaa-waa-waa | Haliantha| Super Chibi by ShiEbi
Crafts, Molds, Sculpture, Miniature Models,
The Love of Siam Wooden Toy by lesterlapira
Dev Pinoy ARTJAM
Checkmate by PiggyDog13
Fan Art and Licensed Characters II
Blossom Says by AldrineRowdyruff
Digital Drawings and Original Art 2
Cinnamon's feelin' really good today by AldrineRowdyruff
Digital Paintings Original Illustrations III
Dinner Party by dotpapercrowndot
Cosplay Photos
Hikari Yagami in Shinjuku Wald 9 Cinema by pokediged
Art Summaries, Draw This Again, Improvement Memes


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