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devPinoys is a group of talented Filipinos here in :devart: contributing their work and art for the sake & love of ART; not to compete, but to show and prove the passion & true talent of Pinoys. Our pride is not only in ourselves but more so in our fellow artists of the Pinoy bloodline! :heart:
So what are you waiting for? Come and join us! :eager:
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Makasta a fuwab! ("Magandang gabi" sa Gaddang, ang aking unang wika.)
I would like to apologise on behalf of the devPinoys admin/ops team for months of unapproved submissions (i.e. expired submissions.) I am not sure how active the other mods are on deviantART, but I have been increasingly busy this year now that I am a medical doctor and have been a staff member on Fur Affinity for almost a full year.
I have recently returned to deviantART, so please anticipate group submission approvals to occur at least once a week hereonout. If you feel the need to remind me about gallery submissions (if your submission has been stuck on the queue for more than a week,) please contact me on Twitter (hoar_frosted.)
Makasta a dadarrammat! ("Magandang umaga" sa Gaddang, ang aking unang wika.)
How has everyone been? Between the pandemic and deviantART launching Eclipse, this website is probably not the place to be to escape the stresses of real life.
Some of you may have noticed that group submissions have been taking longer to get accepted/denied since Eclipse was rolled out to all users on 20 May. This is not because I have been ignoring the group, but because site navigation has changed so drastically so that I have to go to the group page to access the group's message centre instead of seeing it in my regular notifications pane.
I will do my best to remember checking devPinoys' inbox as often as possible, but you are free to send me a note or a profile comment if it's taking too long for your deviation to get accepted or denied.
Thank you very much for your patience!
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Digital Paintings Original Illustrations II
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Bayanihan by Abremson
Move like Jaeger by aerlixir
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drifting off to sleep by isabella816
Traditional Media
Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist) by minidynz
Tusok Republic by RalvinDizon
Guerilla Tabora by RalvinDizon
Springs  by TheColourVineyard
Vector and Vexel Art
Selamat hari jadi, Kazumi! by Wikipedia
Bandera de Zamboanga/Pais Chavacano (V#1) by ramones1986
Coat of Arms of Zamboanga/Pais Chavacano - (V#2) by ramones1986
Ilocano/Samtoy Provincial Coat of Arms by ramones1986
Manga and Comics
Two kids and an enlarging fungi by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Dot's all marbled up in the morning by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
A bottle of soda, a belching boy and a gassy girl by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Criticizing crappy costumes by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Fan Art and Licensed Characters I
Tahniah 10 bulan by Wikipedia
Sailor Jupiter by darkmotives
Tahniah 9 bulan by Wikipedia
Nuriko by darkmotives
My new cellphone by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Live long and prosper! by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Don't stop looking - by heart-WORM
Years go by and nothing's slowing down the time by heart-WORM
Graphic Arts and PhotoManipulations
Provincial Flag of Palaw-an by ramones1986
Redesign: Royal Standard of the Philippines by ramones1986
Provincial Flag of Sibugay by ramones1986
Coat of Arms of the Province of Sibugay by ramones1986
Dee and Del 3D models (with download) by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Literary Pieces
Alternate History Song Lyrics - 'Merichane',MERICHANE (MARICA DE ROSTRO BONITO)Composers: Martí Perarnau IV and Zahara Gordillo CamposLyrics: Aldred Gatchalian and Zahara Gordillo CamposSung by: Aldred GatchalianYo estaba ahí cuando todos burlabanEn el patio del colé, se creían perfectosYo estaba en soledad, aguantando penurias con mi espaldaMientras le sonríen mi caraYo estaba ahí en los pasillitos de Gran CasitaPoniendo un disfrazo ante todos los demásYo estaba ahí, llorandole acá en el áltar del SeñorYo era incapaz de fablarla y ellos de tragarme...Yo estaba ahí con la fama, mintiendolo sin límiteNecesitaba algo infalibeYo estaba de rodillas, pidiendo perdón a nuestro DiosPor no saber confesar todo...Yo...Aún ahí, sin sabir salirYo...Aún ahí, sin saber salirY no logro fuir...Yo estaba ahí, entregandole mi nombre a un amanteComo un niñato ingenuoYo estaba ahí, dejandóle mis ropas usadas en el armarioJodiéndole mi vida a un DiablitoYo estaba en la otra habitación, escuchaba su respiraciónDeseaba que me entendiesesYo estaba entre las sábanas ásperas del inviernoDejando de ser quién había amandoYo...Aún ahi, sin saber salirY no sacarme de allí..Yo estaba ahí con sus manos en mis bajos, Acelerando el pulso, fingiendo que complacer al jefazoYo estaba ahí, dejando facerCon tal de que acabase de una vezYo estaba ahí, confesándome por haberme tocadoCreyendo que esa era el puto pecadoYo estaba ahí, metiéndome los dedos hasta mis ojosQueriéndome llorar mis penas, mi vida, mi todo...Yo...Aún ahí, sin saber salirYo...Aún ahí, sin saber salirY no logro,No sé cómo sacarme de allí...
Animation, Movies and Film
(GIF Animation) A jump in your arms and a kiss by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Tutorials, References and Base
PPG base - Tap dancin' time by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Emoticons, Stamps, Avatar
The new icon for the Dash and Dot Fans group by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Crafts, Molds, Sculpture, Miniature Models,
My homemade gloves by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Screen Caps and Ads
Zoey McMullen: You Go, Girl! in my suggestions by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Dev Pinoy ARTJAM
Checkmate by PiggyDog13
Fan Art and Licensed Characters II
Ness batters up by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Digital Drawings and Original Art 2
A bunch of Briffits by AldrineRowdyruffBoy
Digital Paintings Original Illustrations III
Assassin by AngeloIB
Cosplay Photos
Hikari Yagami in Shinjuku Wald 9 Cinema by pokediged
Art Summaries, Draw This Again, Improvement Memes
Arttrober 2022 Compilation Day 1-7 by Avriia


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