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Magic Gaia vs. Kaishox by Devon13168
Twilight Sparkle and her friends went for a walk together in the forest for their picnic. As they sat on the ground and eat together, the girls began to ask Twilight questions about her superhero powers she used on monsters. After lunch, the kids went for another walk around until they heard a yawning sound coming from the bushes. There, they saw a giant hamster-like creature eating bananas off some trees. They all begin to pet the gentle giant and named him, Chewy. Because he loved to chew on stuff like wood for example. The kids had fun with Chewy as the rode on his back and scratch his belly which tickled him. They refused to bring Chewy into the city as they all believed that he would get hurt. So the kids said goodbye and promised to come back on the next day, but a monster, Kaishox rose from the lake and threaten to kill and eat Chewy for good. Chewys adult mother, Dumma pushed Kaishox away, protecting her cub and the human children from the reptilian predator. The lizard-like monster breathed fire at it, before heading to the city. Twilight told her friends to watch over them and transformed into Magic Gaia to battle Kaishox. The beast breathed fire at her, but she jumped into the air and kicked it to the ground. Magic Gaia defeated the brutal reptile by slashing it with her Psi-Blade as the creature itself exploded into flaming pieces. Dumma, Chewy and the kids on him cheered her Magic Gaia for stopping and defeating Kaishox. Magic Gaia then petted Dumma as she told Dumma that she and her cub Chewy were safe from the threat before happily saying goodbye to them and flying away to turn back into Twilight Sparkle and reunited with her friends. The kids said goodbye to the good and harmlee monster who went back into the jungle together.

By Devon13168. :) Enjoy! :D


Devon: The Ultraman Halo Pony!
United States


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TaeyunJung Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
 I'd like to apology about my late respond How are you doing?
I've been concerned about several other requests.
Anyway, this is my current progress. It's just a draft now. I want your feedback(for further revision and future progress). Sorry for late beginning. 
Draft - Sparkle's school life
Devon13168 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
That's okay. :) And Thanks! :hug:
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  Request - Jungle Girl VS T-Rex by Cooyari-PK
I hope you will like it
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