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Promoting Positivity: Vol 8

Sat Jan 19, 2019, 11:00 AM
Hello everyone!

Welcome back to another issue of Promoting Positivity

Last Week

So, I changed things so more people would get involved. The same applies this week. If you are interested in possibly getting a request from me, please follow the directions here and receive a ticket. I will randomly choose someone each week.

The Problem

Last week, I brought up the term "procrastination". Many deviants should know all about this. The process of delaying an activity, project, or other work often until it is too late or almost too late. Let's discuss.

The Answer

There is not one right way to go about this. Procrastination is such a common thing and normally done when we feel confident we can get something done with ease or when we just don't want to get that thing done. I have personally found a good way to avoid procrastination, but this will not work for everyone.
My own anxiety keeps me in check. My mind will constantly go back to that thing I need to get done and I will not be able to rest until I complete it. Currently, I have nothing to get done. That is because everything I needed to get done was finished a while ago. 
However, I know this doesn't work for a lot of people. So here are some suggestions:
1) Add an alarm or mark several dates in the calendar to work of what you need to accomplish.
2) Get the work done in parts so it doesn't overwhelm you all at once.
3) Ask for assistance in helping you finish it or helping you make sure you get it done.

These are things that can work. You must find out what works for you. I wish you luck.

This Week

Thankfully, someone submitted an idea for the problem of the week. So, this week's problem was submitted by BellaGBear, who thought of something truly interesting. The topic is "the things we do in live that make us happy, but also ashamed and what to do about that", otherwise known as "guilty pleasures". This is a very interesting and very personal thing. I welcome all feedback. Thank you again for submitting this idea. 

This Week's Theme Feature: Glass

Courtesy of BellaGBear who suggested these pieces by Spectral1um and glasslinger.
*Cool* Jazz Stained Glass Clef by Spectral1um  2 sunflower piece finished.. by glasslinger
And now for pieces I have found around DeviantArt.
Courtesy of CyrilleGuedonaquabluuKatAuroraMist, Shadow-n-Light, Aguicheurimages, TheGentlemanCupcake and Feravyre
Venetian glass by CyrilleGuedon  Orange Juice by aquabluu  Peace of the Moon by KatAuroraMist   Life in a Glass by Shadow-n-Light  Smart building by Aguicheurimages  Last barrier [Commission] by TheGentlemanCupcake  Lady of Glass [open] by Feravyre
And more specifically from the Glass Sub-section of Artisan Crafts.
Courtesy of dragonfiredglassBlack-atomKateMurphy and BleedingDarkRose.
Untitled by dragonfiredglass  Whales by Black-atom  Cat sea pottery figurine by KateMurphy  Oleander by BleedingDarkRose

Next Week's Theme is...


This Week's Positive Posts!

I love it when others share "Positive Vibes" even if it's super simple! So, thank you Joieloving1980.
Positive vibes!I’m happy just because!
Another thing I like is people who push themselves past their struggles. Please go send KyloRensMom some nice words of encouragement. :)
S.O.S. Positive UpdateRight...  not feeling particularly marvelous, but I'm doing better than I was this morning, even if I had to get there by brute force.  This is NO way to "fix" depression, but I told myself, "eff your down and out sour mood today, Pope Girl, ain't nobody got time for that."  I still don't feel terrific, but I think my outlook is a little better, simply because I'm refusing the parts I can when it comes to depression.  I can be as depressed as I want, (I don't, by the way), but I do NOT get to treat people poorly because I feel blue.
Before I go further, I want to make sure you all know there is ZILCH to worry about, as in, "I'm not a danger to myself or anyone else," but I am giving some consideration to doing psychiatric inpatient treatment at the hospital, BUT...  Big But(t, haha, Mandi said "big butt,") only for evaluation.  Thing is, I'm not certain I'm telling my docs the things I need to that will help them understa

Another positive feature by UAkimov09. Please go show your support and let's keep respecting life together.
TPA #4 Traditional Positive Art (55 artworks)(Life is around us. Respect every Life. Animals and Plants. 
Do not destroy Life. Movement of Greens Forever.)

(Respect and Care to everything what has a Life. Animals and Plants always in Heart.)
Great Artworks made by Artists of DeviantArt site :

(55 Artworks created by 46 Artists)

Artwork #1 ''Sailing'' by Sincemilia14

Artwork #2 ''Discover Magic'' by Sangeeta1995


Finally, I'm not the only deviant promoting positivity (YES!), so please go check out this wonderful post by GoldenDragonART.
Positivity Project + shoutoutHellloooo everyone! U v U 
I've been commenting on people's profiles here and there lately, giving compliments to my watchers (old and new)
and well, its sort of this little thing I do, to spread some nice positivity! I think everyone deserves to get a nice, honest compliment now and then! It's such a boost to know that someone honestly took the time to write something just for you!
Anyways- I think everyone should try and give a few compliments now and then- and who knows! You might receive a few in return!
With that said, I'm gonna do another lil' something extra too! I will be updating this journal with a random shoutout now and then, giving everyone the opportunity to receive a shoutout! Please don't ask to be included, I only choose people randomly. 
My first shoutout goes to: safome 
Here's some examples of the juicy arts: 

That's all for this week! See you next time!
Until then!

Created at

Fav Feature vol 107

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 18, 2019, 6:00 AM


Check out the cool art I faved in the past couple of weeks La la la la

The Feature

Commission for kahai99 by L1nkoln
Grumpy princess by MagdaPROski Song Eun-Hwa by shizen1102
Call of the dryads by Aeon-Lux
Poke Ball Terrarium - Dedenne Succulent Throne by TheVintageRealm Houma by Junica-Hots
Inner drop (crown) by relhom
In Our Small Way by Mouselemur Inca Tern by LisaAnn1968
Jellies by AndrewMcIntoshArt
[Cali] Study by LeoDeMoura Undo Your Mind by GothicNarcissus
Hiding by AlectorFencer
Observatory Room by ikamitic
Hunting by Andead Diva by L1993
Summer Haze by TomTC
Wisteria by PJYNico 339 by arkett
Um lugar para reconstruir by Wesley-Souza

More Journal Entries

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