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The Order 1886 contest entry: Rail gun

My entry made specifically for The order: 1886 contest. About 15 hours in Photoshop CS6.

The idea is that the generator carried on her back powers the weapon and the servo exoskeleton that makes it possible to carry, the contest is to design a weapon, gadget or outfit, and I guess this counts as all 3 ? :

First time I've entered a contest on DA, good thing its open only to Australians so people like me actually have a shot at prizes :D  

If you enjoy my work, please follow my facebook page here:
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That is one amazing gun, the detail and attention you put on the entire scene is great. Keep it up. 
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Beautiful outfit, and love the slight blue hue to make the backpack glow. Thank-you.
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That is the coolest dam thing i have seen
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Wow, this is so sweet, looks like a Warmachine Cygnar figure.
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This is great I love the detail in the rifle.  Ornate but very advance looking and she looks great as well.  Glad she isn't put in some overly sexualized pose. Great work! :D
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Absolutely Brilliant.  Even those who aren't familiar with with the game will instantly recognize the badassery of this steam-punk piece. [that's one sweet rifle]
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I wish you have a speedpaint video of this.. :P
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that gun is a jewel!
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look really powerful
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Good idea with the servo exoskeleton. Great piece.
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Wow, that gun looks brutal! Amazing work :D
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There really is something epic about this piece and from the moment I saw it I felt it would do well.
Congrats on being a semifinalist :aww:
And what pleasure it was completing with someone as skilled as you :heart:
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great looking pic
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good lawd xD I can only imagine having to transport that cannon x3 love it though xD
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This is just epic. But honestly i didn't get point of exoskeleton arm- rail guns have almost no recoil. But still great picture mate!
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It's not really about the recoil, it's about the weigh of that gun. The artist even mentioned it "...and the servo exoskeleton that makes it possible to carry..." 
Look at the size of the gun and the muscle of it's carrier. It'd be too heavy a burden even for a short walk... if the carrier could even lift it without the exoskeleton for more than few seconds in the first place.
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Makes sence. My bad.
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This is just epic. Good luck!
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That exoskeleton idea is ridiculously cool, as is the gun. Nice to see that the weight of the gun was considered, and also how it's powered. I'd imagine this thing is super heavy duty!
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Wow, just wow
I love steampunk and I really love the idea of a railgun, so this is just perfect as a combination of both
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This one should win...really fantastic!
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