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Pandaren Shadow Priest

Yep, its a dark, evil panda. :D

Commissioned by a friend for her World of Warcraft character. 
12 hours in Photoshop CS5 

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Pandaren shadow priests:
Highly fear but alsow honord, these pandaren have masterd there inner sha but didn't let go of it. Locking themself away, fighting there inner and ,,captured" sha, they wait until dark times hit there homes and people while the normal defences fail to stop whatever attacks. Ripping the chi out of there enemys and using it to attack,defend or heal themself and breaking there minds at the same time makes the truly horrible enemys to fight.
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I think the shadow priest form of the pandaren should look a bit more like the sha.
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dark-themed pandaren! nice!!
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This picture was so freaking good.. it inspired me to make a pandaren priest! So thankyou! <3
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Nice, it's easy for pandaren to look silly but this one looks totally scary, great work :D Love the lighting, too!
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so awesome! would love something like this for my own character! :D
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That's so cool!
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Great job on the shading it's spectacular!
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Wow!  This is incredible!  I love Pandaren and you did a great job of representing them :)
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How do you save pictures to your camera roll?
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Gosh ! Thats soo awsome ! :D
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awesome job, this looks amazing. :D
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This is really cool!
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LOVIN IT <3 WoW 4 life
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they're showing your piece on mmo-champion today.
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Sooo cool looking. :D Nicely portrayed!
Is it possible to create such a character in WoW?
Hey, i'd just like to let you know that this guy on instagram is stealing some of your art trying to pass it off as your own. His username is glen_r_r
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evils just a matter of perspective! :D awesome work though
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