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Holding the Impossible

this is another piece of my GCSE art coursework that i did whilst i was on holiday. it took an entire day to create but i find the outcome quite mind boggling :O i'll stick the original photo up in my scraps again for you all to see :D

please tell me what you think and if there's any way i could improve it :)
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dude this awesome :clap:
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I think my head exploaded
Em0Zombiie13's avatar
ultimate obsession headache •.•
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The more I stare at it, the more my head explodes
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Cool and Trippy
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Oh yay! I love impossible cubes! :turbopoke:
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in Escher's "Beveldere"(spelling) a kid at the bottom is playing with the same exact "cube"
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Holding the impossible?! Thats not possible!
now that needs to be a poster on a physics class...srsly.
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it's like an optical illusion- sorta..
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Interesting :heart: yup quite fascinating, so did they mention anything about Metatron's cube? well if you dont know, you in the painting are holding it there in your hands :heart: from the angle you have painted it there it makes a hexagon shape, if you had to turn it around and then show one face only it would be a square , much of the universe and Life istelf is built up on this simple, magnificant blue print.
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Awesome. I have made thousands of them like the impossible triangle and some others of my own. The Colors Are less but the drawings looks 3d in the thumbnail. Which software did you used ??
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thanks :D

i made it in macromedia Flash 8 =p
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Very cool, where can I get one of those things? :XD:
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Very mind boggling. :giggle:
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Looks cool. Purple nails. lol
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You're welcome.
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I love the idea man. :omfg:
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thanks you very much :aww:
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