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March 3, 2009
Dream by ~DevIvo takes a cool concept and executes it to perfection.
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Suggested by mattmillsart
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Been working on this on and off for quite a while now, finally had time to finish it. The design of the character I did a while back for the gamestudio I used to work. Never been used, so thought I finish him the way I want since I kinda like the dude. :-)

Hope ya like,

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Awesome Work!

I want to build him. Forearms would have to be bigger and not sure of the practicality of the amber glowing hoses headed to back of the head, meaning other than hydraulics I do not see a purpose though I love the looks'! Hydraulics make for a noisy robot!

Thank you for the inspiration!

Edit - NVM, those aren't hoses! Now I love it even more!

wait  i was  seen this  in  another  page  they  link  together  ?   
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Looks really hard like the Elite-Skin from Nova in Heroes of the Storm.
joo-mew's avatar
This caused me to pause. I love it.
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Is it wrong that I've already developed a personality for him? If so then I won't reveal what I've come up with.
LegoniusSC7's avatar
That is so beautiful
OasisBookCovers's avatar
really stunning, love it xx
Starfleet86's avatar
That looks amazing.
Okamigirlnel's avatar
Isn't that from Warframe? I could be mistaken, but it really looks amazing.
Zavier4lexander's avatar
That armor texture is something to be impressed with.
PumpySupperStar's avatar
mental, what programs did you use? :)
NateZonend's avatar
Gostei muito dessa imagem! muito!
the texturing is unreal
The textures on the face and plates are awesome
JaqErant92's avatar
This is really cool.
plumita1's avatar
Compliments for this amazing work!!! I really love it so much! :-) <3<3<3
DeniseWorisch's avatar
This wonderful art is highlighted in my face [link]
Thank you so much for sharing
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epicness over 9000 :D
Kseksaka's avatar
amazing idea !!
Cameochi's avatar
Dream is an incredible work of art. The attention to detail and the use of color and texture is absolute perfection. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
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Prometheus .... :)
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