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Duck Creek Training In Hyderabad
Excelr has a team of professionals with expertise in Duck Creek technologies and years of industry experience in practical implementations. Our professionals specialize in giving training that will make candidates thoroughly familiar with the chosen modules and become productive. Our rates are competitive but our quality of instruction is topmost backed by our support. Excelr takes pride in offering total support to all candidates regardless of which module of Duck Creek training they choose. Our support is available by phone, email and chat to resolve any issues prior to joining the course, during the course and after the course when candidates use the product in real life situations and come up against problems. Excelr offers Duck Creek training worldwide and also through its centers in India in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.…
Adobe cq5 Training In Bangalore
Excelr has a team of the finest, qualified, trained and experienced CQ5 professionals committed to transfer of knowledge. Our Adobe CQ5 training personnel focus on what is required and design modular courses that suit the objective of a candidate and the company he works for. We make sure that each candidate undergoes extensive training in chosen modules and becomes perfect in their use and, of course, we are always ready with our support. Support is vital in our Adobe CQ5 training programs. We are there with our support to help candidates decide the modules of most benefit to them. We support during the training sessions and we are there afterwards. We understand the implementation challenges they face subsequent to the training, our trainers are always available to do the necessary hand holding. Excelr’s Adobe CQ5 training is available online for global audience and it is also available through centers in Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.
Ruby Cucumber Training Hyderabad
ExcelR solutions, conducts online trainings to cater to various time zones, and also has contact programs across specific locations like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi As a leader in training provider of Ruby Cucumber, ExcelR solutions has in its rolls a team of professionals who are doyens in their field. Not only do we provide end to end trainings but also advanced training on Ruby Cucumber of the same. As part of ExcelR solutions, hands on approach we provide equal lab work time to train directly on the topics being learnt. Participants to all our training programs are encouraged to interrupt the trainers for clarification of doubts, unlike other trainers who prefer to take the questions at the end. Training programs from ExcelR are known for the high throughput. Cucumber is also known as Cucumber Ruby is a tool for software testing. Cucumber which is a software written in Ruby programming language, uses behavior driven development style for the acceptance tests Cucumber was originally conceived exclusively for Ruby testing. However now Cucumber supports myriad programming languages One of the advantages of using Cucumber by Ruby is that the codes are almost like plain English making it very easy for users Automated tests in cucumber can be reused at other places making it fast testing tool
Cucumber customized training While a software tester is an integral part of any software development project; the tools that one uses for the same are liable for obsolescence and therefore it becomes imperative for constant upskilling. Ruby Cucumber is a robust and easy to use software testing tool that uses Gherkin for defining test cases and helps in automation and documentation. Released in 2014 Cucumber is has captured a wide market amongst the testers. ExcelR solutions, a leading training service provider on Ruby Cucumber training, have provided many end to end Ruby Corporate trainings for our participants and corporate. Based on client feedback we are now providing customized training on Ruby Cucumber where in certain aspects of the tool are trained in greater detail in comparison to other tools. For instance the automation and reusability functionality is something that many participants would want to know in great detail. Taking cognizance of such feedbacks and preliminary discussions with our clients we at ExcelR solutions have developed a variety of training agendas to suit the specific requirements of our clients. All trainers employed by ExcelR solutions are industry experts with over myriad years of experience in the said field, and can train beginners as well as users who need advanced training on Cucumber. One of the USPs of ExcelR Solutions is that the training is imparted through the multi modal approach. Long after the “lectures” have ceased, the ‘connect’ with the participants’ remains whereby constant support and clarification of doubts is done by the team of trainers. We at ExcelR enable the participants in the end to end execution of the first activity that are assigned through the recently learnt tool
Excelr is authorized India training partner for Pentaho courses and it has Pentaho trained professionals who conduct training online with ease and expertise for maximum knowledge transfer. Participants get to know theory supported by hands-on practicals followed by a session to answer queries.
Excelr trainers are meticulous and make each moment count. We are fully committed to the success of participants and make sure that when they join Pentaho online training all their expectations are met and they are fully empowered with knowledge that they set out to attain

One of the main reasons why Excelr is the first choice for Pentaho corporate training program is our extensive support. The matter does not end with conclusion of a training session. We offer extended support thereafter and participants are free to get in touch with our Pentaho trainers for resolution of any queries that may arise when they make use of Pentaho platform in their day to day work. Our support is available over phone, by email, online chat and of course through our website.

Pentaho is a Hitachi group company focused on big data integration and business analytics. Along with offering services in data integration and business analytics including internet of things and big data, the company also has a comprehensive set of training modules for the corporate sector.
Pentaho’s platform makes it easy to blend data and analytics of data from any source. It thus enables corporate executives to derive insights with predictive capabilities. This is backed by extensive training available in the form of various courses such as the BA1000 Business Analytics User Console that is useful for business users, analysts, data analysts and Pentaho admin personnel. This training is available in the form of online or public classroom courses in addition to onsite training in which instructors conduct sessions at a client’s premises.

Excelr offers customized Pentaho corporate training programs that cover all of the Pentaho courses. It is recommended that companies start with the BA1000 Business Analytics program as the best way to give their executives a firm grounding in the concepts and methods and thereby make the best use of this sophisticated platform for business intelligence.
Excelr customized Pentaho online training is the best solution because, in this way, executives need not take time off from their busy schedule and yet they can interact and learn online. The custom training in Pentaho gives executives full knowledge about the module that they will work with and they become experts in deriving intelligence from this platform.…
Service Portal Training Course In Hyderabad
ExcelR delivered a multitude of corporate trainings and we are considered as one of the leaders in ServiceNow corporate training space. No one knows the training needs pertaining to ServiceNow better than us Faculty is our strength. We have a pool of trainers who are well experienced, certified, qualified and passionate for training and are considered to be the best in the industry. ExcelR delivered myriad trainings on ServiceNow across the globe. Our trainers have extensive experience in end-to-end ServiceNow products At ExcelR we do hand holding subsequent to the training. One can fix an appointment with the trainer to clarify their doubts for a period of time Service Portal module from ServiceNow provides the tools required to configure, customize and create an online web interface for the users. One can create their own Service Portal in a sand box, an instance created on the cloud. Service Portal can be used as an alternative to the standard platform interface. A two-day interactive workshop helps the individuals to learn on how to configure, build and customize Service Portal. Entire training is studded with demos, hands-on Lab exercises and building sample portals from the scratch. By the end of the training participants will learn : Learn web design techniques Reconfiguring an existing portal and reusing Portal components Creating new Service Portals, Pages, Themes and Menu Creation and use of widgets Detailed functional and technical aspects of the Service Portal Application Understanding entire Service Portal Framework Though we have a standard curriculum on Service Portal training we also tailor the training according to our customer needs. We understand the experience, outcome and expectations by performing a due diligence of the customer environment through a continuous interaction prior to the training. We tweak the training curriculum accordingly. No wonder our corporate training is considered to be the best in the industry pertaining to Servicenow products.


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