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My Bio
Hey there! I'm Sarah and I'm a Photography major at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Other than all my artsy-fartsy hobbies, I like playing video games and dressing up in silly costumes.

Ace Attorney is my one true love :heart:

Current Residence: Dayton, Ohio
Favourite photographer: Diane Arbus

Favourite Games
Ace Attorney series
Tools of the Trade
Seam ripper
Other Interests
Cosplay, photography, ceramics, sculpture

Where To Find Me!

Where To Find Me!

Hey everyone! It's been ages since I've updated this thing! I honestly don't know if I'm going to keep up with DA, so here are the places where I'm active! Tumblr: I update this thing almost every day! You'll find pics of my newest cosplays here and other random stuff that I like! Facebook (Cosplay): I've been trying to get better at updating this page, but like tumblr you'll find all my cosplay stuff here! Instagram: devioustofu I try to update this regularly but my phone camera kinda sucks so I don't take many photos with it. Facebook (Photography):

Future Cosplay/Convention Plans!

Future Cosplay/Convention Plans!

Hello, all! I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile, things have been a tad crazy over here. I went to Colossalcon in Sandusky and ACen in Chicago since my last entry, and they were both a great time! Sadly this year I will not be attending Otakon due to few reasons. I'm bummed about it, but it's really better if I don't go! I hope everyone who does go has a great time! Okay! I'm trying to branch out from Homestuck a little so my cosplay plans are a little less Homestuck-y this time around! Upcoming Cosplays Adiane - Gurren Lagann (Soooo excited for this cosplay!! I've already started!) Nico Robin (Strong World ver.) - One Piece Panty (Gal

Pre-ACen Upate!

Pre-ACen Upate!

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I've gone to two conventions since my last update: Ohayocon and Animarathon. Both cons were more of hangout cons than anything else, but were a lot of fun! Next up is Anime Central in Rosemont, IL, which I'm stupidly excited for. Here's what my cosplay line-up looks like: Kagamine Rin (Secret Black Vow) - Vocaloid Jade Harley (Trickster) - Homestuck Vriska Serket - Homestuck Marshall Lee - Adventure Time Alessa Gillespie - Silent Hill 1 Jane Crocker - Homestuck I didn't put the days since I'm still not sure about Jane and Trickster!Jade. I'll have to talk to my cosplay groups! Anywho,

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Namco-NintendoFan-88Student Traditional Artist
HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Sarah Friese, a.k.a. "Devious Tofu Cosplay"/"Friese Frame Photography," dear Ohio-resided traditional anime artist, model 'n cosplay photographer, model, 'n cosplayer gal! :hug:
:sing: :sing: :sing: :sing: :dance: :dance: :boogie: :boogie: :party: :airborne:
Namco-NintendoFan-88Student Traditional Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah Friese, a.k.a. "Devious Tofu Cosplay"/"Friese Frame Photography," dear traditional anime artist, model 'n cosplay photographer, model, 'n cosplayer gal! :hug:
Singing Singing Singing Singing Dance! Dance! Boogie! Boogie! Party Airborne

Good luck, and I hope you'll have a great birthday today!
Also wishing you keep up the good work on more of all awesome anime model 'n cosplay photography, modelings, 'n cosplays than art 'n drawings; I love 'em! ;) (Wink) Heart
Thumbs Up Pringles Have your cake and eat it too Yummy pie!

Since I liked all your anime model 'n cosplay photography, modelings, 'n cosplays, on both your Facebook:facebook: like pages, you can also follow me on my Flickr account:… :flickr:

Comments by:
Nelson C. [my real name],
12:00 A.M.
Los Angeles, CA ;) (Wink)

Since I wouldn't have been able to do some birthday muro drawings, I got you two extra drawing copies, so...
Believe it or not, two birthday muro drawing copies I made, of chibi Haruhi Suzumiya and Mikuru Asahina wishing you one, so, wishes 'n' luck!
Click on them:……
MrJechgoHobbyist Photographer
Happy B-Day ^_^
MrJechgoHobbyist Photographer
Happy B-Day ^_^
Happy birthday!!!! :iconihugyouplz: :iconsnugplz: :iconsnugglyplz:
Happy birthday!! :)
MrJechgoHobbyist Photographer
Happy B-Day ^_^