Stock Rules - update August 2018

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Given the years since my last upload to this stock account, and the proliferation of social media since then, I'm going to update my stock rules to make them more realistic.  Rules are short now:

  • Credit me.
  • Provide me with a link to your artwork.  This can be an Instagram post, dA upload, whatever. I will fave all images that make proper use of my stock.
  • Commercial use okay so long as you're actually altering the stock or using it as a reference for artwork.
  • Do NOT use my stock to to create other stock, promote a particular political viewpoint/controversial issue, create "hate art" (i.e. anything sexist, racist, etc.), or pornography (mature content=okay, softcore pornography=not okay).

  • Fave stock  so you can find it if you can't remember who made the stock or where it was located.
  • Download stock for full size.

I can be reached here or at my art account.
My art account: NekoMarik
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Awesome! Great to know that people actually look at these things. =D
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Easy to abide
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