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Fellas Adventure

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evenstar07's avatar
This is an awesome picture! I love how they all blend. ^^
presh's avatar
WOW! That's great! I had fun looking at it. Good job! +fav
spruitje's avatar
wow. amazing... very imaginative =D (Big Grin)
pixelated's avatar
jesus ----this is beatuful-------I love it
delici0us's avatar
i love this. because it blends so seemlesly

alkaline's avatar
So awesome. Fuzzy's panel rocks. :D (Big Grin)
americanpsycho's avatar
WOW!!!!!! This is probably one of the best pieces I've seen on here. Truly amazing, original work. Great Job!
freethought's avatar
contest.. right, i never heard about the results :O (Eek)

but the mosaic looks great finishes =D (Big Grin)
yawn2oo's avatar
not to sound needy in the least, but i was just lookin over the actual mosiac .. and reading about the contest.. i forgot about that.. did it die?
werdna's avatar
I like fuzzy's panel
ekud's avatar
hoogen's avatar
this looks awesome, it blends nicely from one scene to the other
jaxspider's avatar
now this is awesome! w00t!
alphakx's avatar
the blending could';ve been better in some areas, but overall... slick work!
yawn2oo's avatar
twas funn@! .. thanx for the invite mistah mastah jark .. im down anytime.. :D (Big Grin)
fasa's avatar
wow. this is amazing!!. the flow and seamlessness just completely makes the pic. such creativity as well. great color work everyone.
-xeno-'s avatar
Hmm. I think maybe Fella didn't leave the comfort of his opium den. LOL This "trip" of his looks pretty trippy. It appears that the folks who worked on this one did a very good job of following the instruction to use their imaginations! :-) (Smile)
vor's avatar
great to see it finished :) (Smile) it was funny to do ...
seibetsu's avatar
Wow, thats awesome looking. I was looking foward to seing this one being completed.
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