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:bulletgreen: Good vs. Bad Bots
Good bots provide tools for other deviants to access. Such tools can be accessed by commenting with a command for example. Good bots are also accounts that don't negatively impact the deviantART community. This group is for all good bots, except for the ones who run dA chatrooms.

Bad bots spam watches and favorites to thousands of people, at inhuman rates. This is unfair because watches and favorites were not earned by the deviant. Many deviants have proclaimed how they are bothered by receiving meaningless watches. You can identify these bot accounts if they have multiple extremely large deviation collections. Despite this information it is hard to prove if an account is run by a bot.

:bulletblack: Further Reading On Spam Bots:
Looks Like A Wave of Account Hacking / SpamHere is a reminder. I am not a staff member. I am not even a community volunteer. I am just a regular member.
I am not responsible for the staff of Deviantart, nor do I represent them.
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Pageview BotsPageview bots, a new fad has sprung up that's getting possibly more popularity than fav and watch bots ever did. It's selling pageviews for points.
"How do they do this?" you ask. Well I won't pretend to understand the whole process, but from what I've heard they run a script like bots do, and the script somehow alters their IP address, making it SEEM as though a new person has visited your page. Therefore your pageview counter will record the new pageview, and then the process is repeated thousands of times.
So what's the problem? Why don't we just add them to the list and allow you to block them, well... its complicated. For one thing they are actually warning people the pageviews are fake, and since you have to pay the points first, its not as if your chosen randomly. In fact as long as they don't intentionally target you, (like trolls) then blocking them will do nothing. Another reason is because its simply pointing them out, and while it may not be endorsing them, it can be consid
Exploiting dA Legally With A Script2018 edit: This is old news and no longer relevant!
In short, what is this news about?

It's about accounts that use a script to add ten thousands of deviants to their watchlist in a matter of days. Some people backwatch, that's how the script-account gains popularity and watchers (or points via donation if you want to). Even if they don't backwatch, some people will at least look at the site and may watch through your gallery or journal.
It's legal, I asked the helpdesk on this.
The problem is that the deviants being added by the script feel betrayed and disappointed. I want to inform people about this in the first place so they don't fall for those "traps". You can have a look at their gallery stats to see if there's something suspicious like ten thousands of watches. A profile full of "Thank you for the watch" comments is also suspicious.
Ideally however, I'd like deviantART to improve their security so those scripts stop working. I fear those scripts to get popular and watch-

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April 10, 2016


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