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Midnight, God of Night (Concept)

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Published: August 4, 2013
EDIT: THIS IS NOT A REF. SHEET. Such a sheet is right here:
Here's one of my comic book characters. Meet Midnight, obviously the God of the Night. He's one of two confirmed characters created. I'll probably make a reference for the other very soon :3
Stuff about Midnight:
-Before the birth of Nari, Midnight was a very propelling, dark force in the gods realm. He amassed large armies in hopes to overrun the realm and claim it as his own. He was defeated by his sister, the Goddess of Day. However, his wounds from the battle were fatal, and he died. Midnight's soul was then put into the hands of the Goddess of Memory and Goddess of Soul. Together they wiped away his memory and returned his soul back to it's purest form. This took centuries of hard work, and the hope was that he would be born anew and not turn into a villain. Once done, he was reborn into the world, around the time Nari was born. When the two befriended each other, the gods' realm shuddered in anxiety, for they were weary of what the two could do together.
-Since he had his memory wiped and his soul slightly tampered with, he turned quite shy. Although he is a fierce fighter, he tends to lean to a more peaceful deposition. He has very strict senses of what's right and wrong (in his opinion), but he tends to like to be a follower (again, due to being tampered with slightly). However, if needed, he can amass armies with very few words, create a force not to be quarreled with, and lead it. But if a situation does not call for it, he will lie low.
He is a friend of Nari's, both sharing a history of being hated since the gods believe they are a dark omen, evil, etc. Both hold similar ideals, thoughts, and opinions on their fellow gods, the world, and the order of things. both swap with leadership depending on the circumstances.
The background was supplied by :iconravenmaddartwork: here:
Oh yeah, sorry for no shading. I didn't want people to think the shading was a color pattern or something ^^'
This was also sort of rushed.
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