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Dinner At Akatsuki

Dinner At Akatsuki II - Tobi's Cooking Lesson: [link]
Dinner at Akatsuki III: Hidan + Kakuzu - Dinner Duty [link]
Dinner at Akatsuki IV: Cross-Breeding A Meal [link]

So, I was wondering what happens at Akatsuki organization when they eat dinner... and it's most definitely not like this. xDD;

The members of Akatsuki featured from left to right are: Deidara, Sasori, Kisame (And Itachi in his thought bubble), and Zetsu. x3;

Basically what's going on is that the mouths Deidara's hands have taken control (?!) and are apparently hungry and eating all of his food. ;^; xD

With Sasori, I made him... happy? xD I put in the puppets he created of his mother and father to accompany him with his meal, and apparently dad passed out on the table. xD I don't know why. Perhaps he's drunk? 'Cause Sasori's parents are outta control like that. :lmao:

Kisame is next! As you can see, he's pretty freaked out. Why? Well... I made the meal for Akatsuki shark brim soup, and Kisame is a shark (we assume), so he's scared about cannabalism. That's what the arrow pointing to his bowl says. "Cannabalism."

As for Itachi in Kisame's speech bubble, you probably can't read it, but it says "Eat the food or I'll gouge your eyes out with this spork." And lo behold, he holds a spork! :spork: xD And that's another reason why Kisame's freaked out. 'Cause Itachi-san's gonna hurt him if he doesn't eat his food. D:

Lastly, we have Zetsu! I really don't know much about him, except that he's a cool venus fly-trap guy. 8D; But I thought it'd be funny if he was watered like a plant instead of eating like a human. So that's what happened. (But he'd probably want insects since he looks like a venus fly-trap now that I think about it...)

So, as you will be able to tell, YOU NEED TO KNOW A LOT ABOUT NARUTO TO UNDERSTAND THIS PICTURE!! I made this cracky picture because I wanted to draw Deidara and the rest of Akatsuki because they are love. Please tell me what you think! I know that some of the coloring sucks, it was my first time coloring a major picture entirely with markers (Except Sasori's parents). So I know it's bad. :bleh: But I hope you like. :D If this gets good feedback, I'll make more...with Kakuzu and Hidan perhaps? ;D

And Akatsuki has a orange and white striped table because they are BAD ASS. End of story. :D
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Notperfectbut's avatar
Haha, love this!!!!
Honeymint3214's avatar
lol dei's hand took over him
Darkdragon123h's avatar
I lol'd for 5 min at zetsu saying "Water me!"
AkabaneIsTheBest's avatar
aaawww Sasori-san u are feeding ur mom and dad puppet ur so cute!!!
Sasori: no im not....*blushes*
Hichina's avatar
Akatsuki is truly full of weirdos XD I LIKE THEM! It's just too bad that Tobi turned out being a mastermind and an old hag :(. *poor Deitobi yaoi fans* . Oh well..
Richtofen666's avatar
Sasori's dad is SOOOO wasted! XD
09momiji's avatar
eat da food or i will gouge ur eyes out wit dis fork i lv itachi sometimes :3
SplitNinja's avatar
Poor Kisame...
ItachiCosplayer77's avatar
hee hee i like it and its goofy nice work :XD:
mickey-gayovich's avatar
Itachi: Fear the spork!
niecelav18's avatar
Aww!Sasori's feeding his "MOTHER FATHER" puppet! hahaha!
this is very funny!
SILVERM00N123's avatar
i would think that deidara would blow something up
Tasunai-Naru's avatar
lmao! XD Sasori and Itachi cracked me up. XD
Phebus159's avatar
amazing ^ ^

I loved Deidara's face :D

nice job ;)
SecretsxAndxSilence's avatar
ZOMG! Not the spork of dOOOooooOOoommmm~!!!! Wow, I'm a spaz.
Matts-girlXDXD's avatar
haha sasoris 'father' is drunk!!
chaos-spawn's avatar
umm... sorry if u alredy know this buuuuut... he eats dead people(and he killed most of them)(probibly)
Smile-Its-Contagious's avatar
Itachi looks adorable >XD
Dark-Anmut's avatar
RoydonNamikaze's avatar
Absolutely brilliant!

how can you do Signatures on this site? im new to this
hunter-chan's avatar
Lol, XD

Sasori is like "Yey!" XD
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