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no i love Percy by Teaganm
TobyxMavis by Teaganm
Twins human by Teaganm
TaF couples with engine 2 by Teaganm
Devious Diesel
Lucy Loud Says that Diesel is Sick as Sludge by MikeJEddyNSGamer89
Diesel's Delivery for Demoman by OkamiTakahashi
Diesel full of surprises card by juriTanaka
Devious Diesel by SynthaRoboto
Splatter and Dodge
Diesel 10 is back!! by oldwarriorproduction
Splatter and Dodge 1 by ThomasAnime
Splatter and Dodge Stamp by Percyfan94
'Arry and Bert
Arry And Bert Part 2 by D10xlady
TrackMaster Iron Bert by HankAmericanEngine
TrackMaster Iron 'Arry by HankAmericanEngine
TrackMaster Iron Bert by HankAmericanEngine
Sidney and Paxton
Paxton by D10xlady
''Aww, that's apples, mate!'' by OkamiTakahashi
Sidney's 'STRALIAN Days by OkamiTakahashi
''How long have you been up there?'' by OkamiTakahashi
Original Characters
The Other Railway Western V2 by OkamiTakahashi
The Other Railway Western V1 by OkamiTakahashi
Twitter RWS: Crovan's Gate Class 02 No. 02005 by OkamiTakahashi
Kindley Cottage by OkamiTakahashi
Den and Dart
The Tortoise and the Hare on caffeine by OkamiTakahashi
Dart the Diesel Works Diesel by Calebtrain
TTTE - Den and Dart by Percyfan94
Diesel 10 and Other Antagonists
I used to hate this pairing  by SynthaRoboto
D10's Rage by oldwarriorproduction
No happy ending by MSSFM
Other Friendly Diesels
Frankie Fan Button by Wildcat1999
Mavis (human and anime style) by juriTanaka
Ivan the TGM23 Class Diesel by JamesFan1991
The Monte Carlo Incident by metalheadrailfan
Stafford and Other Electric Engines
Etienne the SNCF's BB 9003 Electric Engine by JamesFan1991
Img 20161204 145954 by adriana4ever
Img 20161204 134157 by adriana4ever
Img 20161205 234911 by adriana4ever
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Thomas by Nick-of-the-Dead


Mine is better!!!!!!! by preceptorexe Mine is better!!!!!!! :iconpreceptorexe:preceptorexe 6 0 Railway of JUSTICE! by preceptorexe Railway of JUSTICE! :iconpreceptorexe:preceptorexe 3 1 Gwen playing with her trains by preceptorexe Gwen playing with her trains :iconpreceptorexe:preceptorexe 4 0 A new train in the station by preceptorexe A new train in the station :iconpreceptorexe:preceptorexe 18 10 Gronk Restoration by rlkitterman Gronk Restoration :iconrlkitterman:rlkitterman 25 9 DOTD: Deception in the Works by MSprinkleZ DOTD: Deception in the Works :iconmsprinklez:MSprinkleZ 109 18 Diesel by Nick-of-the-Dead Diesel :iconnick-of-the-dead:Nick-of-the-Dead 185 61 Bachmann Devious Diesel model by Talyllyn Bachmann Devious Diesel model :icontalyllyn:Talyllyn 10 12 Devious Diesel W.I.P by Talyllyn Devious Diesel W.I.P :icontalyllyn:Talyllyn 18 8

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There used to be a fan club for the popular Thomas and Friends Character "Diesel", but that club has vanished, so I have decided to make a new one. This group is dedicated to everyone's favorite pantomime villian of the TTTE Universe, and no, I don't mean Diesel 10.
Founded 7 Years ago
Nov 17, 2011


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Ok, as promised, I've updated the rules section and eased up. I've had this group since 2011 and have changed a lot since then, so it's only fair if I'm trying to breathe new life into the group and drum up some new activity.

So, what's changed?

-Humanizations and Anthros are now allowed. These may end up going in a new folder altogether.
-Shipping is now permitted, provided it doesn't stray into mature territory.
-Fan fiction will be allowed again, since technically I stopped accepting it long ago.
-Roblox has been added to the list of Train Simulators. Why? Because despite not actually being a railway simulator, there's been some super impressive work in Roblox I've seen, so I've decided to allow it finally.
-There's been a folder for Chuggers for a while- so yeah, Chuggington stuff is allowed, and this may expand to other series in the future.

However, I still want this group to have some quality control, so crazy crossovers (Someone once tried to submit a Total Drama x Thomas crossover) won't be appearing here, and neither will any smut. And since I'm trying to revive this group- some past journals have been deleted, and perhaps more will follow. Older comments w/ drama in them will be hidden. Submission approval has been increased to expire after a month rather than a week.
-cough cough-

Well then; hello all. Welcome back to the Devious Diesel Club. It's been some time since I last was active, and I apologize. I was busy the last couple of years just on my account and occasionally approving submissions. Here. When I got too busy to do that those submissions expired. My apologies. Last semester I was very busy with my new job and with passing a most important class: Advanced Graphics. See, outside of DA (or if you've seen my DA page), I'm a semi-amateur graphic designer. I finally found a style that works for me, and I passed with flying colors. Oh, and, for the record, the inactivity in 2015 largely chalks up to depression and rejection; my ex whom I was very attached to abandoned me in favor of Undertale. It's a long story and I won't bother with the finer details, so we'll leave it at that.

You know, I've been doing a lot of thinking. This group has had a lot of ups and downs. Back and forth between people annoying me or me being a dick. Well, no more, I say. I'm done with drama on DA. I want to give this group a fresh slate; which may include hiding of old comments and deletion of old blog posts. I'm a lot more chill now as you can see from the change in my demeanor here. I'm laid back, and more excepting and understanding, and just want peace.

I'm also taking the liberty of loosening up restrictions on my group. You wanna submit a pairing? Go ahead. Just make sure it's not dirty or...-shudder- engines and humans.

I'll also allow humanizations or anthro versions of characters; I don't think I really did before.

Of course all submissions will still undergo approval, and some of the old rules still apply, such as no nonsensical crossovers like Total Drama Island x Thomas or what have you.

Very soon, across the various folders, you'll be seeing some new artwork from an artist I've gotten to know in recent times: :iconsyntharoboto:. Electra here is a marvelous and talented artist who loves diesels (esp Warships like Diesel 10) and quite a creative person. I admit, I've not seen anything like the things she's come up with before. The two of us are very different people with different backgrounds and political alignments, but that hasn't stopped us from getting to know and respect each other. In fact, I respect her so much that I've asked her to be a contributing member to the group. So please, welcome her, take a look at her artwork, and be respectful.

Let the new age of the Diesels Group begin!
Yeah, 2 years of this group. Not bad. Sadly, due to complications Amber left her position as co-admin. And as a result, I'm closing all fanfic submissions now. The thing is- I don't read fanfictions very often, and with our fanfiction rule stating it all needs to be read and approved, I just can't be bothered. See, when it comes to fanfics I'm picky. Usually I prefer it adapted into video for, like Bachmann/Hornby or Trainz. Other various exceptions include the ERS and the like. And of course I have to read over my own fics- proofreading and all.

So yeah, from this point forward, no more fanfics.

And here's a thing I've been sitting on for a while.

I've been asked if Chuggington is allowed in this group. After like a year or so of thinking about- yes. Chuggington will be allowed. No conditions except for the usual restrictions. After all, if I'm attempted to convert certain Chuggers into personal OC's for Thomas fanfics of my own, then why not?

In the morning I'll be making a new folder for any Chuggers, Steam or Diesel/Electric that you may want to add.

Again I apologize for lack of activity, but the main reason for that aside from me being busy is the lack of submissions from group members. Guys if you want activity you have to mostly supply it yourselves. That's how groups work.
It's been over a year since I first remade this group, and despite much lack of activity from me due to school, I think we've done pretty well. Sure, we've had spammers who were right jerks on Day 1 which made me want to close the group at once and remake it, and we've had some rude users who have accused us of doing things we never even did, but despite those little downsides, I think we've done alright. Still gonna be a lack of activity from me aside from approving deviations. I've essentially given up on Gathering of the Gronks due to a lack of motivation and constant other things to do, but maybe I'll get back to it someday. I do want to get this BMM adaption off the ground though. I guess Sharon actually did make a good decision to expand Paxton's role in this movie despite him having been introduced for Day of the Diesels; he's really grown on me and has become a properly developed and likeable character.

Anyway, it's been great having this group. Despite ups and downs and people leaving the group occasionally, it's been pretty good to run it, especially with Swumple as co-admin. Cheers, Amber, this is for you.

As a bit of a late birthday present for our group members, I've decided to go through with making a section for the Electric engines of Sodor. Not Diesel-Electric, just electric. We will accept OC's in this folder since almost nothing is known about the NWR's Peel Fleet and fans often make their own characters for the Peel Fleet. i.e. WildNorWester's Class 87's. And of course, Stafford falls into this category as well.
I don't allow them here, unless one of the following conditions are met:

A. The crossover is subtle, like an object from another series briefly appearing, i.e. Bertie passing by a police box, a jalopy resembling Bessie, etc.
B. The crossover is with TUGS, as I feel that TUGS and Thomas are in the same universe.
C. The crossover is well written.

No randomocity or nonsensical balgona like Thomas and Total Drama Island! Or Thomas Meet the Smurfs!

Seriously, I'm not gonna tolerate that in my group. No bull honkey. The last condition's a given, it has to make a bit of sense.
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