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Black Flame... The Return
I have watched and I have waited patiently for this world to govern their actions
I have watched from a distance always aware of what has happened
I have turned the other cheek
and listened when our great Mayor stopped to speak
He spoke of crimes comitted and how things will certainly change
for this great city
He spoke of our Law enforcement and how their going to apprehend
the animals that commit the killings
He begged the fine people to hang on and just be a little more patient
And yet I have seen more people hurt and heard of fewer lives saved
He told everyone that our great streets shall soon be repaved
and how if the neighborhoods stuck together it wasn't too late
They asked you to volunteer information on the criminals you knew
and in return for their'd be granted amnesty
So that when these thugs finally posted bail they can return to the streets
just to kill.. your family
You see they can say what they want,but there's just not enough
Nowhere close to enough c
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 7 4
Mature content
Hellraiser :icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 8 10
Reaching Out
Once I was drowning
and a man said "Take my hand."
he drew me from the depths of despare
by just showing that he cared
just by reaching out
I realised what this world was about
I came to a quick understanding
of all the things I took for granted
like waking up each day
or perhaps just finding time to say...
Thanks for being there when I needed you most
and thanks for not pushing me away...just drawing me closer
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 4 3
Broken Home
Sad I am
Sad because of my comitment
Sad I am
tired and disguisted of this predictment
and all I have left is lent
all my ties are finally spent
since this marriage all my wants denied
tonight now all my flaws were underlined
for this world to see
what you think is wrong with me
so here I stand exposed
so you may see my failures up close
and somehow I still luv this chick
someone please tell me- whats up with this luv shit
sometimes I wonder how you call this a relationship
when my heart keeps telling me to call it quits
but am I so afraid of just being alone
that I will continue to live in this broken home
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 8 9
It's strange how everyone want's to be a thug
when the real thugs don't want to be a thug
this is nothing to joke about
when one has to live without
I simply can't comprehend
how someone crooked intends to win
living each day somewhat afraid
of all the people you've cheated or the enemies you've made
Man don't you know it's better to forgive
because sooner or later somethings got to give
It's strange how everyone's afraid
of all of these teenage killers we've made
remember that neighborhood child that's unwanted
that's the same kid now with the warrants
for his arrest on sight
you know the same kid left alone at night
don't you remmeber he's the one that got shot
while standing on the corner slinging rocks
and you may believe or you may not
but now he's the player that's running the block
the same man pimpin all the hoes
the same predator your daughter can't tell no
when simply all it took was a kind word
to stop this child from growing into a ...Drug Lord
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 4 2
It's Official
It's Official in this new world
I can't survive or thrive
I'm some kind of fossil
living in this plain of obsticles
you see they draw your attention
whiler our honest anchors keep you in suspense
once again gas prices rob you blind
and Big Buisness tells you your losing your mind
but we all know somethings wrong
our peers convince you to just go along
but sometimes you can't make out heads or tails
and your tired of the bullshit their saling
but of course our media tells you nothings wrong
that the times getting better,were living goes on
of course the public must live the lies
while your consious tells you this just ain't right
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 2 2
When I was young
When I was young there wasn't anything I couldn't do
there were no restrictions,I didn't know I could lose
when I was small I thought I could do it all
I was willing to take any chance, I was willing to take the fall
if all I had to do was seek and strive
I'd have done much better than just staying alive
in this world of such little hope
that I would learn later tells
No you can't be a man without both parents
No you can't grow up in the ghetto and have character
nomatter how educated you still don't have a chance
and nomatter how hard you try you just can't
you see your young mind just doesnt understand
that a negative world doesn't give a damn
about your wants and dreams
or the ecoes of your childish screams
because everytime you think your winning or gaining ground
there will be someone in your vicinity to keep you down
if you let it there will always be something to make you miserable
so try to follow your dreams and ignore this crazy world
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 2 2
The Posibilities
Is it possible that even in the eye of a storm
ones heart can be sparked by the warmth
of a female encounter
once I would have doubted
anything like this I may have heard
though the idea was positively obsurd
but one night it actually happen to me
just like in the stories I wasn't ready
I was prepared for conflict and prepared for ambush
but to see such a beautiful specimen
I...wasn't ready for this
cautiously I approached this ebony creature
I actually meant no harm
as we made eye contact
Ole Afro laid on the charm
all I seem to get was a devious smile
but that was enough to occupy my time
or at least told me who she was
but before I could ask she said...Kemisan.
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 1 2
Double Blades
I have come for you
long have I waited for this day
I have come for you
simply seeking the chance to repay
you Samurai for the death of our Master
all I wont is your head
that shall rightfully be the answer
to all my unanswered questions
you agonizing death without hesitation
I remember how everyone I loved
died to fulfill your destiny
on the night of your decision
I actually lost everything
now raise your sword and fight me
because you see I will never leave
until you are dead
I shall never be at peace
as long as I wear this bears head
I shall swing my double blades
until all that stand in my way are slain
So Afro your journey is at an end
before it truly begun
for your fate is sealed
before you've meet the number one.
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 2 1
This morning I was awaken
by the whisper of an arrow whisking by
the tip I saw out the corner of my eye
quickly I dodge a blow to my face
by a warrior carrying a massive mace
savagely he missed topling a tree
but something startled him landing at my feet
quickly he turned and ran away
as I realised what landed was a grenade
with the utmost speed I leaped
feeling the explosion awsome reach
angriy more arrows struck from every direction
but undoubtly they know not the skill of my weapon
as I cut each shaft from the air
then attacked the archers near their lair
quickly cutting off a warriors legs
ignored his cries as he begged
without hesitation I rushed the last attacker
but stopped in my tracks as he revealed his package
he was wearing a vest of deadly explosives
all I could think of was...Afro don't get no closer
here was another extremist eager to die in the headband wars
so quicly I jumped off the cliff and got the Hell out of Dodge
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 1 3
With each breath
With each breath..with each step
I'm plagued by one thought
I am haunted by this vision
og the great duel fought
all I want is vengence
I need...I begg someone to end this
this cycle of destruction
that only serves one function
more and more bloodshed
which is only senseless deaths
but each warrior continues to risk their life
for the pure glory of this prize
to be a God among warriors
a dark monarch with but one order
that all must fight for their place at his side
so that he may rule without compromise
but he failed to consider me
the one who cannot be appeased
until all his minion have suffered and fallen
and only then may I face the chosen
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 2 3
Sexy Spy
Ain't this a trip
that I can sniff
and tell this bitch is all wrong
I heard the message she left on her phone
she thought I wasn't awake
but even in my subconsious state
I know I can't trust this chick
she's downloading the cordinates of tonights hit
It's a shame someone so Flye and so fine
is my lover,my friend, and a sexy spy
but that doesn't matter she's just not right
when her clan arrives I'm going to claim her life
Man it sounds like they're here
then I guess this is "Goodbye my dear"
so as I quickly strike first
I hope your cries alert
The Empty Seven that death is on tit's way
Death wearing an Afro and carrying a deadly blade
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 1 2
Afro...Diggit! Now that's my homeboy
I'm always at his side telling him what's going on
like when that Mamasan tried to seduce him
or when The Empty Seven sent their drones
I warned him when his cyborg tried to bust a move
and when that Merc pulled a rocket launcher
Hell I thought that was a fight he was going to loss
I swear I thought that fool was going to get blown out his shoes
but the saying goes- A man's got to do what a man's got to do
and right now everyone's gunning for the number two
so everything's at stake my boy just can't loss
I got to be his eyes and his ears
and pay attention to anything that get's near
especially Jinno that psycho Teddy Bear
cause that marks likely to attack from anywhere
but I guess that's just how things fly
when your the homeboy of the Afro Samurai
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 1 1
At Stake
I flip the flow
as all you suckers know
I move like no other
killing hood,thug or any clan motherfuc...
that get's in the way
of what's at stake
and that is slaying the man
who wears the number one bandana
you see that tricks game was to slick
and he slew one of my own
my father to be exact
and that left me homeless
but sometimes that's the breaks
because once again everything's at stake
so I'll just have to rely on my mad skills
and learn to will myself to kill
all of the bandits that leave me no choice
because I will be the number two in this headband war
then and only then will my journey be almost done
because only number two to has the honor...
of challenging the number one.
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 1 1
This Time
Thats right I've got you this time
there's no place to run
no place to hide
you have no choice
so save your voice
you have to battle me
can't you see it's pure destiny
you see I am the greatest in the world
better than you expected..greater than they deserve
with you fool I shall hold no punches
you see I have waited ages for this summonds
I'm tired of existing as number two
I may only ascend by killing you
so draw your sword and say farewell to those you know
for Hell awaits let's do this Afrooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 1 2
Lord If I knock
Lord if I knock will you answer
if I yellout can you understand
can you understand my words through all this pain
damn it's a crying shame
to feel such a way
all you want is for the unjust to pay
but all this anguish comes from a troubled man
forced to live in this troubled land
Lord just as I cry out so does this world
so please save us from these ordeals
My life is near an end due to this turmoil
all my country wants is another's gold and oil
Both oil and gas seem to have presidency
such blatant disregard has become hard for us to see
we slay each other for Black Gold
only to give our leaders even more control
you see everyone hides behind the charade of freedom
but has every one forgotten what freedom really means
:icondevinrichard:DevinRichard 4 5
The time of Brush Fire is upon you!

Random Favourites

This is all the wild and crucial expressions of art that I like from my fellow's not my fault most of it is perpendicular!!!lol!

4-11-11 is the date of our return.
Randy has called with the proof.
All these years people have thought I was crazy..but I wasn't.
And now we have evidence that it Does exist.....

Brushfire...................................................Las Locas



Devin Richard
United States
Current Residence: BrushFire Houston Tx
deviantWEAR sizing preference: xxxtra large
Print preference: 64 page books from either Badcog or Brushfire
Favourite genre of music: Rap,Funk, and Metal
Favourite photographer: Playboy's Staff, The guys on Deviant
Favourite style of art: Comic books
Operating System: My old Atari system
MP3 player of choice: whatever you like
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Wallpaper of choice: Vida G. BUFFY THE BODY Stacy Dash
Skin of choice: Raven,Meagan Goode
Favourite cartoon character: Akila Monroe,Las Locas,Oblivion,Gothic,Scalez,Showdown,Gears,
Personal Quote: Do The Damn Thang, Take no prisoners,Whatever
  • Listening to: Tupac's 10th anniversay CD
  • Reading: Anything not of this World
  • Watching: Blade/Crow/Over the Hedge
  • Playing: With my son, Camerin
  • Eating: Anything not fried
  • Drinking: Wine and more wine
We'll it's official the second issue of Las Locas is officially out.
And we at BadCog studios are very very proud and excited. The reason I'm contacting everyone is to say we;ll soon be saling the book over Deviant but you can contact Maurice..mterry4 on deviant.He has the cover of the second issue posted on his deviant page. And if your in Houston you can contact me or any of the members of Badcog and we'll tell you guys what comic book stores it's being sold out of.Which is most of the stores because they luv the book!Oh Yeah!!

And if there are any new artist that are interested in breaking into the buisness pick up a copy of the book because the issue consist of only 10 page stories which are quite easy to do. I mean 10 pages can't really take away from any other projects your doing and you can still get your name out there in a book that's published in stores ro you can contact M.C(MIKE CHARLES) about Ante Up our anthology book. He's looking for artist and writers to do 10 page stories for this project right now. So please guys hit him up because it might be the chance someone really needs to get their name out there.

OH yeah!  I'd  also like to thank all of you guys who did pin ups for my Las Locas Art book!
Man I can't believe the collected talent Deviant has on it's website. I've gotten some of the coolest pin ups from alot of you guys like MannixFrancisco, Vinz-el-Tabanas,Adrain Nelson, Malmay,Warpath,Jgalico,maxfantasy,KelbyKross And even The Great Mr.Biker himself.
Guys people like Elengwat, Buntakun, Michael Charles, Nicklelboy and my good friend Rudy Vasquez even said he'd take a moment out of his busy schedule to do a pin up for the book.
But I'm still looking for more unknown artist to show their skills especially the ladies who seem to be holding back the most. I mean I know there has to be some some talented female artist out there somewhere.

I'm also waiting to see something from these collective groups on deviant that I'm a member of like BLACKPOWERUNIVERSE,UndergroundArtDawgs,BadCogstudios,even some of the members of AngelComics...and I don't think it even needs to be adressed who we won't be accepting entries from.
Come on guys let's see different versions of art work from my friends in the Phillipines and all the foreign countries..because of late Las Locas is beginning to get a strong following outside of the U.S. So I'm definetly excited about seeing what my overseas friends come up with. So for now I'm extending the deadline to May 15,2012 and I'm issuing a challenge to all the unknown artist out there.
Ladies and Gentlemen let's see what you got!!!!!!!!!


Oblivion 1 by RodrigoCamposP Oblivion 1 :iconrodrigocamposp:RodrigoCamposP 2 6 Haunt cover by Vinz-el-Tabanas Haunt cover :iconvinz-el-tabanas:Vinz-el-Tabanas 161 12 Phelgard - Large by Onimetal Phelgard - Large :icononimetal:Onimetal 15 19 Penny for Your Soul Page 1 by MannixFrancisco Penny for Your Soul Page 1 :iconmannixfrancisco:MannixFrancisco 56 22 Virtuoso by alicexz Virtuoso :iconalicexz:alicexz 33,719 1,849 Cleopatra by vinegar Cleopatra :iconvinegar:vinegar 2,025 120 Asian Inspired 03 by vinegar Asian Inspired 03 :iconvinegar:vinegar 1,231 58 THE AFRO-AMERICAN GIRL by maximilianart THE AFRO-AMERICAN GIRL :iconmaximilianart:maximilianart 97 9
I want to make Three Wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the working girl said "Baby it depends on how much you pay!"


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I can write it all..seriously I can!
How about a samurai story like Afro samurai I've always wanted to do samurais with arrows stuck in their armor or my favorite I wanted to do a story with a Mexican samurai.Imagine him riding on a horse with a sombrero and a poncho like clint eastwood use to wear or having bullets strapped across his chest but he wears a 6 gun and a samurai sword.
This book would be awesome and say a samurai actually washed up on the shore with a chest of the emperor gold so the Warrior had to hide the gold and because the boy helped him he trained him in the Bushido style.
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