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Starry love

And the last of the starry fanart, ending with something truly lovely. :3

This one is for Nala15 and her beloved husband. Nala has been pretty active on the TLK scene for a while, having completed one comic and even working and starting others (some are original works). She has good talent but really what stands out with her is her personality. She is one of the sweetest most loving people you will ever meet. You can tell she truly cares about and considering others very highly, something that has not changed through the years. I don't know much about Ras but what little I see shows him to be a loving but funny guy. That and having earned Nala as a wife certainly shows he must be a fantastic guy to earn a equally wonderful woman. So I wanted to draw the pair together, as there needs to be more art of the cute couple.

As for drawing this, it was interesting. I was nervous going into this as getting the heart shaped cosmos sounded like it be really hard. But lo and behold there is a actual real life instance of a heart shaped comic cloud and lord does it make me dumb happy (Look how much the universe loves you, doesn't it just make you squee… ). After that had to get the lovely pair down and yeah drawing a bird is odd after drawing mammals for so long but I think I did him justice. Then I played with effects and coloring and here we be. :3

Really like theses and glad this is the conclusion to this project, hope you all enjoy. :heart:

Kamaria © Nala15  
Herr Ras © Rasgonras
Artwork © Me
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This is really sweet ^^ I've been really enjoying these starries. Such a sweet concept!
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Thanks. it was certainly a good challenge I feel like I've learned much from it.
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That is just plain beautiful Dev. Go you.

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Dev... :happycry:
This just made my day! Thank you SO SO SOOOOO MUCH! :tighthug: Not just for this absolutely gorgeous picture of Kamaria and Ras, but for your kind and touching words, too. :hug: You're so sweet! It's an honor for us to be included in your project. Seeing as how we just got back from visiting his family/my in-laws in Germany, this doubled as a lovely "welcome home" present. :aww:

I love everything about this, seriously. Ras and I are also both star/astronomy nerds (including nebulas - and we're familiar with the heart nebula too ;P ) so this works on a lot of levels for us. And the poses, the smiles, and loving eyes... When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) We look at each other this way still.  :heart: Also gotta say I specifically love the little detail of Kamaria's ears perking toward Ras and his wing going over her like he's about to pull her in for a hug. And the heads are tilted just right for that heart shape to really be obvious. Did I mention you did a great job on this? :XD: Because you DID! :thumbsup:

I've been watching your starry project unfold and I'm gonna go through and look at each one in more detail now that I've got more time. It's been a lot of fun to see these popping up in my messages. :D Thanks again, Dev! And thanks from Ras as well! (He'll probably tell you himself at some point too.)
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Your most welcome dear and I am so happy that it made a good day. And thanks for all you do here and the community. We wouldn't be the same without you.
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You're too kind! Seriously, thank you again! :glomp:
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I find marriage of Nala and Ras to be a very extraordinary one. I mean, it can be difficult thing in itself to have a long distance relationship if you are living in seperate states, but in seperate countires--or in Nala and Ras's case-- OVERSEAS? Now THAT is something truly miraculous, and now those two are living together under the same because of their extreme perseverance and devotion to one another when they were living in different continents! :heart: (And you know what? Sometimes I wonder if having things like Skype, instant messaging, Facebook and other social media sites is making easier to have LDRs? )

And I just really adore how you managed to make a noticeable heart shaped nebula encompass around these two lovers. But what I really find most romantic about this picture is how Ras's wing is outstretched, as if he is going to embrace his beloved Kamaria! :love:
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Coug, I had to climb into this comment thread to thank you for your very sweet message about Ras and I. :tighthug: Thank you!!! It meant a lot to me and Ras to read it. :happycry:

To give you an answer to your question from my experience, and Ras' experience too, yes - the instant communication apps and programs made our LDR much easier than it would have been without. There's something so helpful about having the ability to instantly (and for free or very cheaply) send a message, call, or (most importantly) video chat. It helped us feel closer, and eased at least some of the pain of not being in the same room (let alone not being on the same continent). The time zone was the most difficult part with getting connected, but we eventually developed a system and schedule that worked for the both of us. :D Another thing we did to feel even closer was go old school snail mail to send little presents, love letters, art, and other things from each other that we could actually touch. We're so happy that those days of being so far apart are a thing of the past, but we also look back on them realizing how resilient we were. We like to think it made our CDR (close-distance relationship ;P ) all the stronger. We never let a day go by without telling each other "I love you" - in English and/or German - at least once. :love:
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I think that it's so endearing that you and Ras sent eachother little gifts in the mail the old fashioned way when you were living apart. Old school stuff should NOT be allowed to die out! :love:

And you are greatly welcome! :hug:
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Awww! :blush: Thanks! It really did help us feel more connected.
AMEN! :clap:

And you're awesome! :hug:
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You're awesomer! :| (Blank Stare) 
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You're awesomerer!
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Don't make me fight you on this, lady!!! :iconraegplz:
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Oh noes!!!! Hercules (Running Away) - Icon 
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It's truly extraordinary that they have not only managed to last but became unified in holy matrimony. Its a wonderful real life love story to behold.

But that is a question. I imagine it does make it easier for long distance relationships but only if both parties are willing to keep up on it. I mean, the advances of technology does make people more lax in handling or getting on things so its hard to say. Certainly like to see a study on that.

Thank you.
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Really love this one <3
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This is so adorable! :heart: I agree! Nala is such an amazing person! I don't know so much about her husband but I'm sure he's such a caring 
person like her, She will adore this, amazing job! :hug:
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I hope so and thanks darling. :hug:
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Awww YAS I love this!! Love Love Love 
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