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AU Illustrated - Repeated History

“Well who have we here? Some pompous rogue thinking he can steal away the kingdom from some apparent “tyrant”.”

“I may be a rogue but if memory serves right my grandfather was also a rogue who thwarted your own tyrannical great Grandfather. It eventually ended in your ancestor apologizing and seeking peace and well I’m going to see if I can continue that legacy. So little “king” when can I expect your apology.”


Alright THIS is a odd thought process. Well I was working on more speculation for WI and well after doing a Rinja AU and technically a Savu0211, I figured I should give Nala15 some love. And well after I thought of that I figured out a AU for her TLK verse.

A while back she did a contest for AUs in which Uru was given a choice at love. This one caught my interest the most (). I liked it and decided to extend it, go into greater detail.

Once more, like the main timeline, Uru goes to meet Rehemu on that night when he says he’s leaving. But this time, Uru is a tad quicker to respond and Ahadi is a tad too slow to arrive, so by the time the king comes to the spot, they are already gone. He chases after their scents, of his Uru and the rogue who he thinks abducted her but they have moved too quickly. They are out into the desert with the wind taking their scent and tracks away well before the racing king can catch a final glimpse of his queen. Ahadi goes back to get Khalfani but little does he know the rogue knows the desert pretty well too and finds clever ways to prevent being followed. So even with the foreign king’s help, the queen they thought to have been kidnapped remains so. It makes Ahadi sick with grief knowing he didn’t do enough and the pride mourn the loss after the last trail grows too cold to follow. She’s gone and they are left with nothing, only able to pick up enough pieces to move on with living.

Meanwhile, Rehemu and Uru have kept on the run for several days, keeping themselves barely ahead of their pursuers. Along the way, Uru comes clean, wanting no more secrets or lies between her and the one she loves, the one she wants to spend her newly acquired freedom with. Rehemu is understandably frustrated with what he learns of the “queen”. But an understanding soul who knows what’s its like first hand to be mistreated without the chance to explain from his time as a rogue, he listens. The story comes out and bit by bit he comes to understand her, he still voices her telling him from the start but she gladly agrees to never keep anymore secrets from him. And thus when they finally feel safe enough to stop running and now search out a new home, they are united truly in heart, able to live honestly beside each other.

It takes some time for them to find a new home, a new territory. Rehemu’s old home is still too damaged to return to, it will take some years for even two lions to occupy. And even if it was healed, it is far too close to Khalfani’s land for them to live comfortably without intrusion. But there are many jungles, for the pair agree they like idea of such a home so hidden, one jungle they find unoccupied within a few days walking distance of Khalfani’s desert. They arrive, finding a cave mounted near the top of a cliff and hidden by waterfall for them to reside. The territory according to Rehemu is lush enough for whole pride, too big for two lions but as Uru says that won’t be the case for long. They aren’t sure at first but as the signs continue to build up it obvious that her prediction is true; the pair embrace in great glee as the cub who will soon make the little family complete. Eventually their son is born, there special little Hiari who Uru loves with all her heart. Here she has a child who will be free to choose his love with a husband she treasures in a land all their own with their own rules. And it only get’s better.

Over the next few years as Hiari grows, they find the pride grows in numbers too. The land attracts lost lionesses and weary but peaceful males seeking a home. The pair understand and after making sure they are not a threat offer them a home. There are even some orphaned cubs who find a home, enough company for Hiari to befriend until enough of the adults can produce children themselves. Naturally the lions of this pride opt for Rehemu and Uru to becomes the rulers but after all the trouble both of them went through with royals and kingdoms, opt for a different idea.  They will be leaders but only so long as the pride wish it so. They offer that they act as leaders but no more of this single line commanding the others or some one usurping some one else: all very important matters shall be voted so all have a choice in such things. It difficult start, such a new concept but after applying one or two rules to make it more manageable, it works fine. So the strange little pride stays hidden away, prospering and growing as the cubs grow to join the adults and the adults bring in their own families born from love and not obligation. Uru and Rehemu even add in, having a daughter that takes heavily after her grandparents in features, and the baby brother who looks greatly like his mother. All this time Hiari has grown into a young adult with full black mane and features so much like his father. But more then that he’s a happy, good lion, a bit too clever for his own good with too many schemes but still he’s loved and loves them. He’s never known true suffering outside the stories shared by his elders but that is all about to change.

Years have also passed in the Pridelands and Uru’s other son has also grown, though not for the better. After Ahadi realized his wife was lost, he spent many a day suffering, first in wishing he could change things or have done more and even having horrible visions of what the vile rogue may done to her. In the end, with consoling from the shaman and his family he comes to terms with the truth and is able to mostly move on. He puts all his efforts into being a good king, in helping his subjects and leading them through the worst of it. But its clear he’s no longer a happy lion in these tasks, he acts solemn, stoic at times, never cruel but certainly not the most approachable. Still he’s much beloved and sympathized with, the pride and people back him up and he is well remembered as a good but sad king. But its different for poor Mufasa.

The adults can reconcile and for the cubs not of relation to Uru, they easily forget and only know through the whispers from their parents, but not for Mufasa. His earliest memories are of being happy and whole as if nothing could go wrong and then suddenly it does just that. He doesn’t remember his mother beyond vague feelings. But he knows that in her disappearance means that the happiness, the security he once had dies the final night he remembers falling asleep in warm embrace of her arms. Mufasa is unsure how to deal with this, how to come to terms with something so intense at such a young age. His two grandmas spend great lengths of time looking after and bonding with him while his father works. The other adults who pity and respect his parents offer whatever service to make his life better. And the cubs, especially his best friend Sarabi, offer a ear and company in a way no adult can offer as he works through this all. But its still not enough, something always feels missing in his life, a piece of his heart chipped away leaving it open and unable to heal.

The worst of it is, funny enough, his father. Ahadi does love his son, especially as he’s the last piece of his beloved wife left to him now. But that’s just it, Mufasa is her son and in him Ahadi sees too much of her and it drags up all the horrible feelings in regards to her he feels. He tries to reach out, to teach him and show fatherly affection but its sporadic. Sometimes he’s the loving if not despairing father and others he’s distant, lost in thought and unable to even notice his son, and the rest of the time he’s out working the kingdom without a queen to ease the burden. Between all this its unsurprising how Mufasa becomes, a promising lion that has all the capabilities to be a great king but with the hole in his heart leaving it cracked and steps from breaking further beyond repair. And the first break happens not long after he grows into adulthood.

Ahadi was not doing the best in soul but his body was young and strong. Well, as he aged it was clear his hold in living was not the strongest and when illness struck, he had a weak grip to fight it off. The funeral is preformed, not the first as Mufasa’s grandparents went too but now Mufasa really is the only family left in the big pride. It a lot to bear and thankfully he has Sarabi (and his friends) to help to help him through. But then he’s asked to become king, to marry his queen and lead on: its a great deal of pressure. Again Sarabi comes to his rescue, the two already liked each other even without the betrothal so the love helps lift him if only a bit; they happily married. The carry on, ruling is hard but they manage, they make the best they can. And best yet, Sarabi announces some time later they will be having their first cub. He’s estatic but nervous and Sarabi assures, even promises him she won’t end like his mother, she’ll travel with a escort from here on if will ease his worries: which it does. Things start looking up, Mufasa is still hurting but surrounded by his pride and people, with those he loves nearby, he thinks he can over come it. And likely he could have in time, had not one last event occurred.

Sarabi’s pride visit their old home often to see if anything changes, even though they know they can never return, they can’t help but hope. Well they find a wandering lioness who sought solitary life of adventure, exchanging a stay with prides by giving stories. Stopping to rest amongst them before moving on she offers what ever stories or news they wish and one is about some prides that might be open for alliance in the future. Along with many other prides, she mentions encountering a friendly pride only seven days walk from here who might be ones worth contacting. She talks of their strange ways of “ruling” but how they seem happy. But what catches their interest is the description of the two leaders: the aged Khalfani recognizes the black maned, green eyed lion with a solemn nod. But the chill goes down his spine as he hears of the wife. He thinks it a mistake, thinks it a trick, especially as she mentions how deeply in love the pair are. But then Khalfani asks for more about her, for her name to be sure. And when she mentions the diamond shaped mark on the back of her head that likely got her her name, well there can be no doubt. The wandering lioness leaves the next morn and Khalfani asks Zamir to check while they head back. This knowledge changes all they ever thought and there can be no doubts when they give the startling news to the king.

They arrive, rather somber which surprises Mufasa and Sarabi. They think the old territory has become more desolate then before and are ready for that news when they are called for a private audience with Khalfani, thus are unprepared for what follows. They wait as he works up slowly to what he learned from the wandering lioness, seeming to wait from more news to arrive. And arrive it does, Zamir comes in, winded after flying such distance at high pace but he’s eager to get news out. He confirms Khalfani’s suspicions and here he bears the hard news: his mother is alive but most of all well, living in separate kingdom with new husband and children. They are shocked and after confirming everything witnessed by Zahmir and everything learned by Khalfani there cane no doubt. But Mufasa isn’t listening, he’s lost in his thoughts, slowly clicking it into place. His mother is alive, she is in a different kingdom with a new mate and it seems new children. She is not being held against her will, whether kidnapped from the start of or not she remains far from here and clearly chooses to remain such. She is not lost, she is not missing, while they all mourned and suffered her passing, she lives on happy. Happy despite the fact she abandoned them all. She abandoned him.

And with that the last of his resolve, his sanity and solidity in soul, shatters. Everything he knew, everything he thought growing up was a lie and his mother chose this. She chose to let his father become a husk of himself, chose to leave them all wondering in sorrow, and chose to leave him with a gap in his heart that never healed. He feels so betrayed and unsurprisingly angered, he shouts enough and storms off the vent. Sarabi and her father leave him thinking he’ll cool down, thinking he needs time to come to terms. They are very wrong.

Over the next few weeks, Mufasa grows angrier, more paranoid and quick to wrath. With one aspect of his life found to be a lie, one so close to heart and barely healed, he questions everything and every one. Who else has been dishonest to him? Who else knew about this and never told him? Did anybody really love him or were they only pretending until they eventually abandon him? The pride grow from worried to terrified as the king grows more unhinged, bordering on tyrannical. And as they grow more distant so does his distrust grow, so the vicious cycle continues. Through it all stands a heart broken Sarabi, barely recognizing the lion she loved so and unsure how to proceed. So far she is the only one who he still trusts or doesn’t question but as she tries to steer him back to sanity or bring him under control, she can see that slipping. She realizes its only a matter of time before even his love for her won’t be enough to stop him from turning on her. She needs something to snap him into reality, something to sooth him. Well she has a only one solution she can think of, his mother brought this maybe she can cure it.

Sarabi and her parents had been speaking of traveling to Uru’s pride, to finally learn the truth and maybe reconcile. Uru did break contract but with Ahadi dead there is no reason to uphold it especially with Mufasa on the throne. No they only wanted to contact them to communicate and maybe ally with old family; too many have died for them not to value the little family they have. Now Sarabi sees it as a must, they need to bring Uru to the Pridelands so she can own up and maybe apologize for her actions, maybe seeing his mother and hearing what happened will make mufasa finally see reason. Zamir knows the way and they sound friendly enough it should be fine, they’d be back in about two weeks if their lucky. But they hit another snag.

Mufasa’s paranoia has made him establish a new rule, no more coming and going for any animal, all have stay within the territory period; he will not have anybody leaving him like his mother did. With his eyes so firmly planted on the pride and people, getting anybody out is near impossible without raising some alarm and likely worsening his condition. After much talk and thought, Sarabi realizes with dread he has only one blind spot, one subject he’ll not suspect of “treachery”: herself. With no other way to get Uru there, Sarabi makes the hard choice, plotting behind his back with the most trusted in their pride. Eventually, the plan is set, she goes on a small “walk” with Zamir and Noka as escorts, moving at a light walk until the reach the border. Then Zamir takes the lead while the two lions break at a sprint: they have to move fast if they are to get anywhere without being caught. It breaks Sarabi’s heart but she assures herself that when she brings Uru back he’ll see reason, he’ll realize she was trying to help. But she doesn’t realize that she actually takes the last bit of the good lion Mufasa was with; so trusting of her that he didn’t go looking until it grown dark, assured she’d never abandon him like the others. But when its clear she’s clearly gone and her most loyal only say she went seeking his mother, well he takes it to mean she’s gone the same way as her. Sarabi has abandoned him too and finally does the lion history will paint as Mufasa the Mad finally appear.

For Sarahi’s group, its slower going then expected. The desert is harsh and Sarabi is pregnant, not far enough to be impeded but certainly encumbered. Noka keeps them fed and safe while Zamir guides and watched for danger but Sarabi feels near useless with how careful she has to be. By luck they cross paths with the wandering lioness from before, she offers to help them with the exchange of watching it all unfold; it make a great story for other pride’s in her travels. So they carry on, taking far longer then intended but still they make it the the patch of jungle occupied by Uru and her pride. They are met at the border and ask for a audience with Uru as they are old family. They are allowed and the pride can’t help but speculate the strangers as they settle in waiting for a audience with them. Rehemu comes out first but when Uru arrives and makes eye contact, the recognition is instant and this assures Sarabi they came to the right place.

Uru is tense and silent as she lets her mate talk, addressing and asking why they’ve come. Sarabi says she’s from the Pridelands, Uru’s old home and wants to ask her a favor. Sensing where this is going, she motions for her cubs save Hiari (who listens from a shadowed vantage), to be taken else where. Uru confirms that she is indeed who they expect and Sarabi goes into why she’s here and what happened. Sarabi watches as the tension drain from her eyes to be replaced by sorrow, Sarabi takes some satisfaction in seeing the guilt there in, hoping that will convince her of her plight. When finished she finally has the nerve to ask why: why did she do all this? This time Uru goes into her own tale and its Sarabi’s turn to feel sorrow. To have be forced into union without love and have no out, she comes to understand her plight and why she left even if she doesn’t like or respect it. Seeing the strong bond she has with her new husband and children and even the pride who clearly respect her makes her rethink it all. But still she wants her to acknowledge her past wrongs and make them right, to face her eldest child to help him heal from her choice. Uru is about to answer but it’s her second born who responds, slithering down from his vantage point.

He makes it clear this won’t work, that if Mufasa is this paranoid and unhinged seeing Uru will worsen it. He’s beyond reasonable and with Sarabi gone is likely unreachable. Sarabi tries to deny it but Hiari is smart and puts out the evidence so blatantly it clear he really is right. Sarabi doesn’t like it and refuses to see reason. Finally Uru agrees to return back, to at least try. No one much likes it and hopes to keep her safe from a unhinged and very massive male. Rehemu in particular is worried, he doesn’t want to loose his love but also see their younger children don’t loose a mother like Mufasa did. Sarabi is set that if Uru is with her together they can talk down Mufasa. And even states that with Sarabi’s prompt they’ll protect Uru against any of his actions. Again, knowing her past Uru’s pride aren’t convinced Sarabi’s people won’t have a grudge against her and follow any vengeance Mufasa might reap. To everybody’s surprise, Hiari steps forward again, but this time to offer his assistance; he’ll come on the journey to help protect his mother.

Everybody is pretty astounded but Uru is the most worried at her beloved son being put in danger. But she needs some one on her side, some one to keep her safe and some one who is clever enough see they make it out safely. The pride trusts him and they know he can take care of himself and others, in the end though resistant, they agree and go along with it. Sarabi is fine with it, finally getting what she set out and even if she must take the snarky lion with so be it. She does tell him though to not show himself to Mufasa, with how resentful the king is, seeing his half brother, the cub that his mother had with the family she chose to be with, it could set him off. Hiari agrees to not interfere unless necessary and they settle. After a night of rest they set out the next morning; Sarabi, Noka, Zamir, Hiari, Uru and the wandering lioness set off with the Pride wishing them well and hoping it will end alright and not in tragedy. They find out there answer weeks later, but till then its a tense wait to hear the tales end.

It takes far less time to reach The pride lands with them having good guides and now knowing the way. But Sarabi is now very far along and Uru will not have her risk her cubs life for this expedition, especially as its Mufasa’s only heir and Uru’s own grandchild. Sarabi is irked at Uru for caring now but realizes reason, saving Mufasa won’t be worth the life of her child. Along the way Uru explains more about her feelings regarding Mufasa, that though she doesn’t regret becoming Rehemu mate and having a family with him, she never stopped missing mufasa. She adored him and never stopped thinking about him after leaving. She is sad she never got to see him grow up and wished she could have let him know none of this was his fault. She even speaks of going against the betrothal as she didn’t want Mufasa to go through what she did though happy that the union was of love and not just political. Sarabi and her grow close over the journey. Enough even that Sarabi speaks that after this all done, of visiting Uru and including her in the raising of their next child. Too long was Uru away from her family its time they brought it together. This also means Sarabi decided to give Hiari a chance, he’s now part of the family and he seems to care for his family to go to all this trouble so why not extend the chance. She just hopes he proves worthy of that chance.

Finally the Pridelands appear a happy sight for Sarabi but bitter sweet for Uru; its good to see home but is mixed with bad memories. But still Sarabi strolls forward eagerly announcing to all the pride who’s stop her that her mission is a success, Uru has been brought home. The pride a tense at first but hearing Sarabi talk of what she plans, hearing the hope in her voice, it becomes contagious. They truly think Sarabi, the steady stone that kept Mufasa rooted really has gone and found their salvation, the one to bring back the wise, good king hat has been lost to madness. They file in around her and head to pride rock the wandering lioness though hangs back, she’ll learn the story later on but she’s not risking her hide for it. They pay her little mind which let’s a green eyed shadow trail behind at a distance, letting the wandering lioness only grin at the drama to unfold.

They arrive, but Mufasa was ready, seeing them at a distance and readying himself as he stands on Priderock. Sarabi sees her husband, going to greet him gladly but stopping short when she sees the anger in his eyes. The pride sense this and duck into hiding niches around the monument. Listening and peeking glances. But it looks as if they’ve left Sarabi alone with her husband with only Uru standing off to the side to let Sarabi introduce her, for the final fate of all to be decided in this meeting. What follows shows that in her departure and absence has driven Mufasa over the edge as Hiari predicted. He now sees her as a traitor, never mind the reason she disobeyed him, all while carrying their first child. Sarabi is heartbroken even as she tries to speak reason over her roaring husband. Finally not able to watch silently any more, Uru steps froward, surprising Mufasa who didn’t even notice. In quiet time Mufasa is too shocked to speak, she confirms his suspicions of being his mother and goes into why she left in short breaths. She also abashes him, saying he can blame his mother but not to blame his mate who did all this for him. But Mufasa shock doesn’t last long and its as if Uru has broken the last of his patience and resolve. He screams at her, at both them, a maniac beyond reason. Finally he ready’s himself to pounce, to launch himself at the “treacherous wenches that taint his home.” But as he leaps forward a shape launches from the shadows, sending both spinning and rolling into the ground away from Uru and Sarabi. A voice shouts run, and Uru, having enough sense urges Sarabi away, leaving the king to face a new face. The face of a dark lion with darker mane with gleaming green eyes, a stranger to him but for the other he is well aware this is his half brother: stepping up to defend their mother and the queen when his elder is too mad for reason.

Mufasa is maddened but moves to follow in which Hiari interjects, taunting him. Mufasa’s focus is on Hiara, the younger intent on giving time for his mother and Sarabi to get away, blatantly points out all the flaws Mufasa has enacted. Mufasa attacks, but Hiari weaves with efficiency out of the way, all his father’s training keeping him out of harm’s reach. But he ramps it up, pointing out all the things he’s done wrong, of his ancestors and the mire he reaps upon their legacy. Mufasa grows madder, less himself as he launches attack after attack and Taka stays narrowly ahead. Meanwhile the pride and some of the people listen on, hidden near enough as the stranger brings up valid points, weaving away from the mad king so set. Finally Mufasa stops panting and demands to know why a rogue like him has such knowledge. And here, with the faces of the pride listening well and Mufasa’s eyes clear enough to understand does he introduce himself: he is Hiari, first born of Prince Rehemu who is of distant relation of Khalfani. And more importantly second son of Uru, born and raised in her loving embrace in a way his half brother mufasa never was. Mufasa looses it and becomes a mad beast and Hiari moves to meet him.

The fight is not long, they are nearly evenly matched: Mufasa is massive and strong but insane and less then fit while Hiari is small and slender but sharp of mind o use what is available to his advantage. But still the shouts and roars echo across the land all know that this battle will decide everything. This fight will decide the fate of all the land and they fear if it ill be a tyrant that rules or peace will finally reign after the silence falls. They tear into each other, not caring for wounds or such only set on winning until finally Mufasa lands a blow to the eye that sends Hiari reeling. Seeing a path heading further up the monument, Hiari takes it, stumbling with his vision impaired by the blood. Mufasa is hot on his trail and the spectators can only watch wondering who will come down for they know that shall be the victor. Hiari makes it to the top and quickly realizes he’s trapped, with no exit. But not letting himself panic he realizes he has once last ace: to use Mufasa’s blind rage in hi favor. He plants himself in near the rim with enough room on either side and waits for hims to arrive. It takes seconds but in those moments its suffocatingly terrifying as he waits for Mufasa to arrive. Then he’s up, spotting him and charging, mouth frothing, eyes focused on him only and only able to comprehend the want for one thing: his death. Hiari nearly buckles, nearly falters but in he keeps his wits and in the last moment as Mufasa launches himself forward, He ducks and leaps to the side. For a split second Mufasa’s gaze follows him, reaching out with his front paws to grab the ground to twist around and attack him. But he finds no stone under foot and he finally looks down just intimate to see the empty space and ground rushing towards him. There is a moment of realization, of fear before he his head makes impact with the first ledge, cracking sickeningly before sending him flailing lifeless to the remaining ledges before finally landing on the ground. All is quiet, no one can stir and Hiari can do little more then stare at the imboble golden lion between great gasps. Finally assured, he heads down, picking the route carefully as all his new wounds make themselves known. Finally on the bottom, when he glances over the edge to see for sure he is indeed gone, its now he’s made aware of the hidden spectators moving into the open.

He’s now even more afraid, he killed their king and is too weakened to make a run for it. He doubts he could with how many are gathering around him. But to his surprise the first steps forward and makes a great bow, calling him King Hiari, the others following. Then its strikes him all at once the old rules of inheriting the crown and now Hiari truly is breathless. Hiari is technically king now, the one to topple a crazed tyrant and to liberate the people. He could easily rule, easily hold this crown and command it. He beholds the prosperous, beautiful land, a land that even at a glance enthralled him. In that moment he reflects on how the moment he entered this land he felt at home, that he knew he was meant to live here iuntil the end of his days if possible. And he looks upon the pride, see some of the people, who made their slow way to pride rock during he fight, glance his way, its enthralling see so many faces look to him in expectation, so many more then the small pride he lived in amongst the confined jungle. The power and potential are delicious upon his tongue and he almost swallows it down. But then he realizes there are faces missing, two in fact, one that is of greatest importance to him.

He walks past the pride and tries to descend but before he can get anywhere the pride surround him again hoping for a proper greeting form their new king. Realizing he’ll get nowhere he orders them to lead him to Uru. Most of them don’t know but a few of the pride do and are hesitant. Sarabi went into labor from the stress and was taken to a distant cave to give birth with Uru helping as the shaman was fetched. Its clear to everybody that if he seeks Uru out he’ll encounter Sarabi either in the process of or following birthing Mufasa’s child, his heir. And as is in keeping with old traditions, he could easily end the cub’s life to prevent a threat and securing his lineage for ruling. Not showing the nauseous feeling that over comes him as this thought plays out, he steadies himself and asks to take him to Sarabi and Uru, he now more then ever must discuss business with them.

He finds the cave and two lions (who’d he come to know as Noka and Sarafina later) stop him wanting to protect their friend. But Uru hears him talking and comes to meet him. She looks strangely joyful but as Hiari relays what happened, her face turns to sorrow. But as Hiari apologizes Uru tells him there is no need, Mufasa was lost in mind long ago and Hiari was simply ending the life so the soul could finally find peace he could no longer in life. But still he offers to mourn with her but she tells him for now he needs to meet some one important. Muscling her way through she takes Hiari in to meet a tired Sarabi holding a single golden fuzz ball. Sarabi face contorts in pain as she realizes what his presence means but again won’t ket him apologize: as guru said Mufasa was lost leg ago and he did what needed to be done. He asks to see her child and she says it Mufasa’s and threat to the throne, his throne now. Well Hiari says that has yet to be proven and wishes to see his niece or nephew. Sarabi tells him he has a nephew, a little golden boy so much like Mufasa it brings her pain and joy. Hiari falls immediately in love with the little “fur ball” and claims he’ll not end up like his father. He’ll help make sure he becomes a better king with a family who will be part of his life not separate. Sarabi is delighted and glad to have the assitance and Uru says the pain of the past ends here. With that, some time later, they walk together back to Priderock, announcing the new heir, Hiari agreeing o be his regent until he’s ready. The pride and people are relieved that Hiari shows mercy along with intelligence and are more assured the new prince will become something better the his father. And sometime later, with Uru’s family brought to attend along with people of the Pridelands, the newly dubbed Simba is presented with Sarabi and Hiari watching on.

The rest is a happier time. Simba grows up under the loving but diligent teachings of his uncle and mother, who might but heads but at their core care for him. He may know and even wonder over his father but with Hiari acting as his father its enough to not make a gap in his heart form the same way. His grandparents visit often, Khalfani’s pride delighted by the adventurous cub and Uru takes her family to visit now and again along with sending birds to keep in touch. Rehemu and Uru step down within the next year, wishing to enjoy retirement with trips to visit their grandchild and catch up with old friends. Thus this allows Hiari's siblings rule as "Chiefs" of their pride with a new governing council that Hiari pushes to implement. And after everything else that happened, Sarabi agrees that Simba will have no betrothal, this forced marriage ends here or else risk repeating history. Hiari never becomes king but he finds joy in the land and acting as Regent, much beloved for his clever solutions and charisma. He is correct in his initial assumption for he comes to love the land and people and finds true joy in his more modest role. And when the time comes, far too quickly for his liking, he gladly steps aside to his now grown nephew and his beloved Nala to become new rulers. And great rulers they became at last.

Well that about does it. Really had to speculate heavily as her comics and stories are not done. I avoided giving him a mate or such cause I can’t say for sure on that one. I do like the little twists and turns that came up as ai wrote it, those are nice surprises when I work on it.

Art wise a little tricky had to mess with it a BUNCH. Strange the cave painting image wasn’t that hard, had plenty of references so that’s good.

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Feel free to politely point out grammatical/spelling errors that you catch in the story, such comments are welcome for me to keep improving.
Thank you.
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The Betrothed comic is really a good one but no matter what happens in Alternate Universe it will include sad things . The Best AU is what's if they were never betrothed . But by the way both betrothed comic and this AU were interesting
Devinital-TLK's avatar

Yeah. But the truth is I don't know HOW you could get around the betrothal. it was set by their parents and its clear they were all for it. They really thought it was the best option and couldn't imagine why you wouldn't be okay with it (sense why Uru felt so trapped).

But yeah, its fun to explore none-the-less.

You know I mean did they had to follow the tradition ? Couldn't Mohato just let them to come to pridelands because of what his father did to them ? He really had to Betroth uru to ahadi to let them in ? If we look at it from another view Mohato HAD to let them in pridelands because his father destroyed their pride but now not only they destroyed their pride but also they forced their young member to Mary someone she dies not love . I know Mohato didn't mean to make any one sad but he HAD to think about it . If he let them to stay in prideland without any betrothal all of them would live happily and probably Ahadi would never fall in love with Uru . Uru would Mary Rehema and Ahadi would Mary with another lioness that he would fall in love .
Devinital-TLK's avatar

Your getting into speculative territory there and would have to confirm with Nala15. My guess is they DIDN'T think this was wrong because for generations you had betrothals in which everybody didn't mind or liked the set up. So the idea of neither party not loving the other didn't cross their mind. But again you'd have to check with the author for that, I can only guess.

Cianna200's avatar

This was all so good to read and I love it! To think, Uru's finally with her true love and it creates a negative chain reaction that ultimately ends in the death of the son she left behind. That's pretty deep and sad at the same time. I'm going to need a box of tissues

Devinital-TLK's avatar
Thank you. Yeah I'd thought it be fun considering most of the people who did the AU kind of seemed to go along the same thought pattern. Usually when Uru goes with Rehemu but the break up or loosing Rehemu in some way and forced back to like a miserable life in the Pridelands with everybody hating her and Taka and eventually Taka ends up king in some way. I thought that's interesting once or twice but not with every AU (no hate or dissing meant). I wanted a ending were Uru does indeed get her happily ever after but as with everything there is a price. I always felt that one of her sons would end up corrupt based on her choice, that it was fate, and in this case its Mufasa.

But yes, hope you get those sniffles under control, "allergies" are rough this time of year. ;P
asstrollogy's avatar
Omg your story is unbelievably amazing, makes me wish tlk would have been like this ;-;
It just makes a lot more sense because unlike in the original tlk,we actually see what made Mufasa, the one who turns here into something like a villain, turn bad and trying to kill his brother, in tlk we don't exactly see what makes Scar turn fully evil and deciding to kill both his brother and nephew, I mean of course it's mostly because they were the king and the future king but I honestly feel like there must have been more than this that led Scar to become evil, maybe it's just me but i prefer to believe that villains are made, not born that way, so there must always be something pretty bad that happened to them that made them turn evil and it most likely doesn't happen over night orrr without serious reflecting about whether or not they should do a certain evil action, like killing someone, hurting someone, etc.In your story everything seems to fit in perfectly with no plot holes or someone to take revenge on someone else like in tlk2, in fact if your story would have been the original tlk plot it would have never needed a tlk2, because as I said, everything seems to be solved in a fair manner.
Also, I'm pretty curious what might have happened to the hyenas from tlk in this story?Do they not exist here in this au?
Devinital-TLK's avatar
Thank you ver much I appreciate it.

Personally (and keep in mind I only respect Scar as a character but don't like him personally) I think there wasn't suppose to be a reason only he was just horrible. Its sort of like the mystery actually adds more and by giving a reason the character in question looses some of that magic. I mean maybe there was a reason related to his past like abuse or tragedy. Or maybe he was already a bad egg that got worse. Who knows. But I can understand your feelings. There have been one or two villains that got better with more of his or her story being revealed (my thoughts go to Zuko or Azula from Avatar for a good example). But this was the things I thought about when I read your comment, guess my brain wanted to play devils advocate.

As for the hyenas, I deliberately left them out as we haven't gotten far enough with them in Nala15's stories for me to include them one way or another. I felt its was too uncharted territory for me to make a prediction. But if I had to make a call I'd say that because Take/Hiari wasn't there to meddle in the meeting and as I bet Ahadi wouldn't be a s patient with some invading force coming in harming his subjects, I'd think Ahadi try and reason with them and when that failed he'd resolve to drive them out with the herds (I mean we saw the buffalo try to take them out and were pretty successful, imagine if you had all the other animals helping too). So no hyenas save the friendly, mind mannered ones we meet who were being framed for the crime. But that's just a guess.

Thanks again for commenting, gave me some real things to process.
Ethan-Avail's avatar
Damn that was a good read. Poor Mufasa.
Really glad to see Simba raised with love and being given the throne <3 Such a good, touching ending that this story needed.
Devinital-TLK's avatar
Glad you like it. :3
Kaveirya's avatar
That's a very interesting rewriting of Nala15's story!! Fascinating and delightful to read!
Poor Mufasa...he was a tragic victim in this story, to the point his death comes as a delivery for everyone :(...
Good thing the rest decides to learn from this and try not to repeat the past ^^
Devinital-TLK's avatar

Yeah, with how many make Ahadi the angry one and Uru the one to suffer, I thought it be interesting to make Mufasa the one who takes the blow.
dacostpa's avatar
REALLY nice! 😀
Little-leopard's avatar
It's interesting. No matter what Uru did one of her sons became a tyrant 
Devinital-TLK's avatar
I felt it appropriate. like its fate or something, there has to be a tyrant or a dark times and Simba must bring it out of it. But that's just me.
Little-leopard's avatar
It's very interesting :) I want more stories like this.
Devinital-TLK's avatar
Well I hope to provide more so cross your fingers.
Nala15's avatar
I loved ALL of this SO much! :wow: What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful tribute to Betrothed and my little TLK universe. :happycry: Thank you, Dev! :tighthug: 
To show my appreciation, I present to you this (using one of your beautiful backgrounds because it felt right for the occassion): 
Running Wild and Free - Betrothed AU [Collab] by Nala15
Thank you again! :heart:
Devinital-TLK's avatar
Glad you like it dear. You deserve it. :hug: :heart:
Nala15's avatar
Awww! Thanks again! :hug:
I found the way Mufasa turned out vs. Taka/Hiari very well done in particular. And the story flowed so well (there were a few spelling errors/typos but I can let that slide). I could imagine in my mind's eye everything that was happening.
Like a few others have pointed out, I also like the "fate" that Uru has tied to Mufasa. That no matter what she chooses (presuming her choices lead to Taka/Hiari being born), Mufasa ultimately meets a doom of a destiny. (And is killed by his half brother to boot).
I also loved the little details and the overarching elements that were in Betrothed that you wove so well into here. Like Sarabi visiting her family's old kingdom they needed to abandon. The use of multiple birds as messengers. Rehema's influence on Taka (thanks to his jungle lion origins). I just love it! Once again, great job!
Devinital-TLK's avatar
Welcome darling. :hug:

And keep an eye on your note box, I have one last surprise. ;p
CougarHearted's avatar
In some ways, an evil and corrupt Mufasa scares me more than Scar because just one swipe from that muscle bound behemoth could EASILY cripple and/or kill! :fear: But man, poor Uru and Sarabi, especially Uru since a son of hers died before she died. that's something no parent should ever have to go through and the fact that that very same son was maniacal beyond all hope is just extra salt in the wound too! =(
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