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Wonders in the sky

By Devinian
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Yeey... I finally decided to give Cloudsdale a chance. This weird city is not that easy to paint like one could think though I doubt anyone is thinking that :D It still was fun to do anyway. This was based on some request, but I totally forgot who requested it (yes I forget stuff like that because my inbox is a mess!). Hope you'll enjoy it and won't be annoyed by its huge size
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Suika999Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wonder what happens if ponies accidentally walk under it. Do they just get bombarded by one of the waterfalls? XD Like, does CloudsDale leave a trail of water behind it?
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flipwixHobbyist Digital Artist
hello! would you be alright with me using part of this image on an rp site if i linked back to you & credited you? if not, that's totally okay! just figured i'd ask because this is gorgeous!
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oblivionhighHobbyist General Artist
It's Olympus.
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Incredibly amazing!
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cartoonbondage101Student Digital Artist
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MaggiesHeartLoveProfessional Digital Artist
You have an amazing gift for recreating MLP landscapes and making them look real!
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RainbowSplashMAPHobbyist Digital Artist
i found Spike XD i want a cookie now
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DevinianHobbyist General Artist
Oh someone found him :) Sadly I have no cookies.
RainbowSplashMAP's avatar
RainbowSplashMAPHobbyist Digital Artist
hmm... thats okay ... just keep drwaing ... ill catch you with cookies at hand soon enough
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tawog11Hobbyist Artist
S-So...Beautiful! *cries*
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Miss-dreamerkatHobbyist General Artist
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KrashfaceHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm gonna faint for the next three hours.
Who follow me ?

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ArtNinja101Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
My jaw literally dropped when I saw this xD really awesome work!
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Woah :O
*Brain.exe stopped working*
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HyperDashPony General Artist
I like Dashie's flyby :)
Is this digital or physical? If it's digital, what software do you use?
urzapw2000's avatar
cloudsdale looks amazing!
Makenshi179's avatar
Oh, there's even Canterlot visible in the distance! Amazing!
lol Spike running behind made me laugh XD
Ooooh a squirrel it's so cuuuuute! >.< (I know, I'm such a Fluttershy lol)
I love that traveller's landmark thing next to Rarity, was truly a great idea ^.^
Aww the scene with Rarity and Rainbow is so beautiful! X3
Yay the Moon!
Love how you drew Cloudsdale ^^
And I LOVE those leaves and pine thorns getting caught up in the wind!

(random thoughts arising as I'm gazing to the artwork XD)

None of my words could be enough to express my gratitude, but thank you SO much for your art :3 I'm a big art appreciator and finding out about an artist like you whose art hits me so much is always a delight, and a bliss for the soul ^.^
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KawaiiWonderHobbyist Filmographer
That is soooooo cool! you're a really great artist!
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Very epic.
RukarioTrainer's avatar
wow.. your settings are just amazing
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UrnemandenStudent General Artist
do you happen to have the layered version of this I can play with (for personal use only)? or a version with just the background? it looks amazing ^^
CaldoRosa's avatar
CaldoRosaHobbyist General Artist
Mister-Saugrenu's avatar
That's probably the most beautiful representation of Cloudsdale I've ever seen. Plus, the image as a whole renders very accurately the atmosphere of a summer evening.
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
wow, your landscapes are awsome :D
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