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Expanding my forest painting skills :) I had that little idea in my silly head, that deers could be an equestrian equivalent of elves, in which existence no one believes, but then DHX came and destroyed all the head canons. I don't mind though. It's their job to set up the lore and My deers are more sentient variant, like diamond dogs (though less retarded)
Hey, I decided maybe i should do commissions for anyone willing out there ;) 
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the prince of the forest!
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Well, in the IDW MLP Comic "The root of the problem", the deer there are like elves, I guess....
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Have you read the MLP comic "Root of the Problem"?
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Fluttershy looks so cute.
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bambi que haces ahi
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Lovely! There are deer kind of like this in the MLP comics so maybe your headcanon isn't wrecked after all!
love that idea hey would the everfree forest deer be the night elf varient
Truly beautiful.  I too ascribe to the idea of the deer serving as Equestria's version of the High Elves; and I don't consider the comics to be canon, so up theirs!
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That deer better be nice to Fluttershy.
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Massive......Deer...:o (Eek) 
I think the idea of hidden sentience's is right along with the original storyline,if i had any talent i would disregard DHX and totally do my own thing. I mean its fanfic, Right?  
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There are sentient deers in the Everfree Forest (read the comics), just not anywhere else. Lovely art, by the way!
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The Spirit of the Forest..! B-Breathtaking..! I'm loving this so much :D I'm sure Fluttershy will do the right thing to be accepted by the forest ^^ Special mention for the birds nesting on its horns, that's... I love that SO much, I can't even find the words. Well, the power of art is beyond any word anyway... It is truly divine.
Also that fawn to the right is SO cute >.<
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I know once I'm able, I'll be commissioning you, that's for sure!
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Look at FlutterShy's Face shes like "Oh My Celestia"
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     :iconimtoohappyplz:-Wow,this is the sign of a true genius to have created such an incredible scene.
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Wow that's beautiful :)
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